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Scientific studies show that coaching is a great investment. It increases life satisfaction and professional success and improves relationships.

The Journal of Positive Psychology found that coaching has positive effects on the outcomes of performance/skills, well-being, coping, work attitudes and goal-directed self-regulation.

Also, ongoing coaching is more effective than a one-time intervention. A study showed that while group training with managers increased their productivity by 22%, including a one-on-one, eight-week coaching session for the managers pushed up productivity by 88%.

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Because of Zanetta's guidance, I've landed a great opportunity as an Information Officer. I relied on Zanetta Siciliano's advice, guidance, and counsel. She was a tremendous help in my job search and I would highly recommend her to anyone still looking for that next great opportunity Zanetta has an amazingly positive attitude that helped keep me sane through this process.
― Scott Thompson - Communications Information Officer
I met Jan years ago when she was my professor. She taught me a lot about myself in those classes - something that was valuable to me outside the classroom. And now I am working with her to help me identify and achieve my career goals. She is not afraid to give me the push I need, when I need it. And yet, I always feel comfortable and inspired. She really believes in me. And that makes me believe in me.
Julia is a professional and effective Career Coach and Life Counselor. We met at Hack Reactor where she coached me through my career change into Software Engineering. There are 3 particular traits that make Julia outstanding at her job: She is dependable, compassionate and disciplined. The day I got my first offer, I wanted to immediately inform another company who hadn't yet made a final decision. On the same day, Julia had personal engagements that rendered her offline and she still returned my call within an hour. She responded to me on weeknights or weekends when the matter was time sensitive. She encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone on many occasions and always had my best interests in mind. She pointed out opportunities where I could strategically ask for a better offer and gave me the confidence to finish my job search strong (when I considered settling). She relentlessly checks in with every one to ensure they remain on track. She treats each and every one of her clients with this level of attention, respect and discipline. I would jump at the opportunity to work with Julia again.
― Sally Eng
Mark is an outstanding leader and gifted advisor, and I emphatically recommend him for his exceptional work. His attention to detail, thorough knowledge of the Los Angeles technology market, and upbeat attitude have made him a true joy to work with.”
Allan met with me to prepare for a call back interview. I really wanted the job, and he helped me think through a strategy for how to communicate that. I went into the interview with confidence. And it was a success! I got a job offer the next morning. Allan knows his stuff when it comes to job searching! Plus, he's personable and really took the time to get to know me as a client. Meeting with him was a great investment in my future.
― Sabrina M, Ph.D., 2016
"Michelle spent an extraordinary amount of time getting to know me and my work history before putting together a polished, professional resume on my behalf. She made sure to highlight things I didn't even see on my own that contributed to my skillset. She made revisions and adjustments immediately and was incredibly attentive to any tweaks that were needed prior to interviews. I hired her additionally to craft custom cover letters because of the quality of her work. Not only do I have my most impressive resume to date, but I also have gotten double the responses to my job applications, multiple interviews and now a handful of offers to choose from thanks to her help. I highly recommend Michelle for her detailed work and her kind, helpful manner in which she handles her clients. Thank you!"
― Sarah L.
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Getting a First Job Offer

The job field can seem paradoxical for the person who is just starting out. While it takes a job to gain work history, many hiring managers expect anyone applying for a job to have experience. This can make the first job the hardest to get in some cases. Getting a first job offer requires knowing where to look, and having some type of credentials that can appeal to the person making the decision.

Coaches understand the hiring market, and they know how hard it can be to get a foot in the door when first starting out. Instead of struggling to land their first job without help, many people are turning to coaches for valuable assistance.

Sometimes, a person has problems landing their first job because they’re looking in the wrong places. Finding the right industry or even area is important for breaking into the job scene, and coaches know all about the complexities of this process.

A person may also need to gain more credentials prior to getting hired. This can be as simple as getting more knowledge about a position or company in order to sway the person making the decision.

No matter what needs to change, coaches can help job-seekers make the necessary adjustments so they can begin working.



What I most appreciated about working with Lynn Saboe was her ability to listen and effectively challenge me to develop executable plans that fit my style and experience, and to implement these plans in just two months. Thanks to her support, the quality and speed of my transition was substantially enhanced.

― Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Space, Strategic and Intelligence Systems

Zsofia Juhasz is an accomplished coach, who uses powerful questions to help her client move forward. She is empathetic without being soft, she is strong without being tough. She is also adept at listening for changes in energy levels, and celebrating when she hears a positive change. Adept at using imagery to help reframe perspectives, and visualisation to create positive goals, she skillfully guides her client to the end goal. I highly recommend her services.

― Director, Merrill Lynch

Working with Caroline Stokes is like having your own board of directors in leadership, first 100 days and career transition.

― Principal Program Manager, Microsoft



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