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Adhd/Anxiety and mentoring school age children that are not sure what direction to go. Communication/ Public Speaking, Marketing/Sales. Introverts/ Extraverts learning how to work more efficiently with others.
3 Certificate (Child Abuse) OnCourse Learning 100 03-Dec-2016 4 ADHD and Everyday Strategies for Elementary Students University of NewYork 100 15-Aug-2016 5 Certificate ( Sorting Out Mood Disorders in Children and Adolescents) OnCourse Learning 100 08-Jul-2016 6 Certificate (Oppositional Defiant Disorder) OnCourse Learning 100 24-Jun-2016 7 Certificate (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) On course Learning 92 22-Jun-2016 8 Certificate (Anxiety Disorders ) OnCourse Learning 100 16-Jun-2016 9 Certificate (Intergrating Care for Patients With CoOccuring Psychiatric and Substance Use Disorders) OnCourse Learning 100 16-Jun-2016 10 Certificate (Adolescent Drinking The Sobering facts about Teen Alcohol Use and Abuse) OnCourse Learning 100 16-Jun-2016 11 Certificate (Autism Spectrum Disorders Present and Future ) OnCourse Learning 100 15-Jun-2016 12 Mental Health and Illness Certificate Alison Online 100 15-Jun-2016 13 Certificate (Psychoanalysis :Theory and Practice ) OnCourse Learning 100 31-May-2016 Experience Details: 14 Certificate (Clinical Assessment Tools for Mental health Evaluation ) OnCourse Learning 100 31-May-2016 15 Certificate (Social Anxiety Disorder In Adolescent and Children ) OnCourse Learning 100 28-May-2016 16 Certificate (Bipolar /Related Disorders and Depressive Disorders In Adolescent ) OnCourse Learning 100 24-May-2016 17 Certificate (Understanding Solution Focused Brief Theory Achieve Positive Goals ) OnCourse Learning 100 09-Dec-2015 18 Certificate (Psychotic Disorders :Symptom Assessment ) OnCourse Learning 100 09-Dec-2015 19 Certification Medical Assistant Apollo College 3.52 30-Apr-2004 Coaching and Developing Employees Feb/2018 Conflict Resolution Foundations Jan/2018 Finding your Introvert/Extrovert Balance in the workplace. Feb/2018 Human Resources: Diversity Recruiting, Handeling work place Bullying and Leadership and Strategic Impact. Feb/2018 Mentoring Others: Jan/2018 Interviewing Techniques Feb/2018 Managing a Customer Service Team. Jan/2018
I have been mentoring children and adult for about 8 yrs. now I am a professional mentor on CareerVilliage. online. I not only love helping others especially children dealing with ADHD/Anxiety but I love knowing that guiding someone in the right direction and listening is extremely important A little about myself I also have ADHD and so does my son which is why I wanted to get all the information I could . I know how hard it is to be able to try to explain how you feel when that other person has no idea. Only what we learn in school. I also went through a bad relationship and gained over 300 lbs and I lost the weight and I feel great about who I am and I love helping others. I just want you to know that I have the experience, knowledge and life experience. I have been in the medical field all my life and I am also A model/ actor and yes I am on the IMDB site. I am here to tell you that in life you can do anything of course nothing is easy but you have to want it. Mentoring in schooling, careers, weightloss, relationships, dating.
Calls: $80
Career, Relationship, Reinvention, ADD/ADHD, Personal, Health, Family, Romantic, Career, Business, Finance, Communication
Certified Life, Leadership (Business, Career, Finance) and Wellness at NYU, NYC, NY Certified ADD/ADHD Coach at Addca Academy, Albany, NY
Lee Harbison has long had a deep desire to help people and an innate ability to inspire success. She previously built start-up businesses for Fortune 500 companies, and today is a passionate Life and ADHD Coach who facilitates positive change in the lives of others. Lee finds nothing more rewarding than helping people shift to a great sense of motivation and awareness to overcome, excel and make significant transformations. Originally, from Manhattan, New York, Lee was educated in private school and attended Bard College where she studied Psychology, Art History and Film. Lee followed a successful career path in the publishing, music and computer industries where she rose to director positions. She ultimately realized her calling: to make a meaningful impact in peoples lives. The coaching field is a progressive science that is action-oriented, practical minded and results-driven. Its intellectual nature spoke to my values. A graduate of New York Universitys Coaching Program, while working as a Life Coach Lee discovered the prevalence of ADHD and lack of awareness that was hindering peoples progress. Coaching draws people who have ADHD because it is a quicker, empowering process. Lee completed training at Addca Academy where she studied with the best educators in the field. Her expertise, intuitiveness, attentiveness, sense of humor and laser-focused approach make her clients feel better just knowing someone gets them, as people with ADHD often feel misunderstood. Lee offers the tools and insight to help put clients both with and without ADD/ADHD on a positive path of growth, self-empowerment and personal success. My overall coaching goal is to help each client seek what it is they need and desire based on who they are, not what others say they should be. People need to feel genuinely inspired and free from pressure they already experience. With this new found freedom all clients discover their personal success and soar with clarity, purpose and confidence. Lees diverse clientele is comprised of business executives, entrepreneurs, celebrities, parents, innovators, students and partners and parents.
Calls: $90
Health and Wellness, ADD/ADHD, Autism, Sensory Disorders, Intellectual Disorders, Weight Loss, and Pediatric Consulting.
B.S. Biology M.S. Preventative Health Management Ph.D. Integrative Medicine
Everyday we meet obstacles, some we can hop right over, others take time to hurdle, and there are those we need a boost. Robert Frost said, In three words I can sum up everything Ive learned about life: It goes on. My passion is giving that boost to others, we can work together to make goals a true reality. My expertise is broad yet precise, from heavy research in intellectual disabilities, extensive time spent in health and wellness, or just the everyday roadblock. About me? I am married to the woman of my dreams, I have three boys, Ryan, Luke, and Levi; whom never cease to amaze me. In addition I have 2 furbabies, Rylie, and Cadence.
Business Entrepreneurship Anxiety Social Anxiety ADHD Phobia Procrastination Time Management Dating Communication Skills Charisma Enhancement Relationship
Are you looking to make a change in your life? The one that you may have been putting off for a while? My name is Nick Arkesteyn and I can help you. I have been a coach for over 13 years and have worked with people from all walks of life...in many different situations. Most people feel like there is some invisible wall between them and the things they want. They know what they want but when they try to get it...something stops them. I have helped people get past PTSD, Phobias, Anxiety, Time Management Issues, Procrastination, Guilt, Grief, Regret, and many others. I have also helped people start their own businesses, build their social circles, find love, get dates, be more assertive, become confident, and most importantly...find the courage to go after the things they want. I have a way of making things easy for you. We find the steps..and we take them together. This means that you will always have me right by your side every step of the way. Everyone needs a coach. I even have a few coaches of my own. This is because I am always moving forward in my life. I can't do it alone. No one can. Over the years I have learned that it is much better for everyone involved to only work with people who are ready to make a change in your life. If you are ready to finally take that next step in your life...get in contact with me right now. I know from experience that the first time you contact me can be a little nerve wracking. This is because you are finally about to go after what you have wanted now for a while. And it's normal...because this is important to you. That's just how we are made. So send me a message so we can set up our first call. Remember...you don't actually need to hire me right off the bat... You may just want to see what it's all about. This is how everyone wins. Talk to you soon. Nick Arkesteyn's websites Socialcirclemaker Anxietyreliefwithoutmeds
Calls: $50
Addiction, Recovery, Dealing with Depression and Anxiety, Living with ADHD, Confidence Building, Personal Development, Achieving Goals, Quitting Smoking, Eliminating Bad Habits, Weight Loss & Fitness, Spiritual Mentorship
Certified Life Coach, Certification in CBT, Certified Professional Coach (CPC) with International Coach Academy./
Thank you for considering me as your new coach. My name is Chris, and I'm passionate about working with others to overcome addictions, adjust to clean, sober living, and stop issues like depression, anxiety, and ADHD getting in the way of living the best life possible. Why do I coach today? Because I know first hand how hard it can be out there. I grew up in a small, low-income family to parents who tried their best but -like all parents- occasionally got things wrong. Bullied right through school, several traumatic experiences left me with low self-esteem, body/weight issues, and social anxiety. When I left school, I also became a heavy smoker, added depression and more anxiety to the list of things I had to deal with, and became an alcoholic. Overweight, addicted to nicotine and alcohol, and dirt broke, I decided I had to make a change. So I did. Today, I am five years sober, one year without a cigarette, and a healthy weight. I launched and made a success of, my own business, spending four years doing what I love to do for a living. I travelled the world, met some of my heroes, ran marathons, and achieved many of my biggest dreams. In 2016, I began to realise that what I really loved the most was working with other people and seeing them make the most of their lives. So I began to retrain, and in 2017 became a certified life coach. Now, I pride myself on going all-out to help my clients achieve what matters the most to them, whether that's: *Self-confidence and self-esteem *Freedom from addiction *Quitting smoking *Reducing stress, anxiety, depression *Living life as a sober/clean recovering addict/alcoholic. Don't see the issue you're facing listed above? Get in touch with me and let's talk - I may still be able to help.
Calls: $50
Purposeful Life Coaching Crisis Coaching Trauma Coaching Addiction Recovery Coaching ADHD Coaching Grief & Loss Coaching Chronic Illness & Caregiver Coaching Wellness & Stress Management Coaching
Credentials: Life Coaching Certification (CPC) ADHD Coaching Certification (CAC) Education/Training: BA, cum laude, Human Relations, Pace University, New York, NY Impact Coaching Academy - Professional Life Coach Training Impact Coaching Academy - ADHD Foundational Coach Training Inspir3 Online Life Coach Training PARfessionals LLC - Addiction Recovery Coach Training SMART Recovery Training Institute for Wellness Education - Wellness Coach Training
Hello and welcome! My name is Hope and prior to becoming a coach I worked with individuals and families for over 20 years helping to improve the lives of people faced with adverse circumstances including chronic and terminal illness, disabilities and a number of life-altering issues. My mission and calling in life is to help people overcome obstacles and adversity and move from a place of basic survival to a state of self- fulfillment and purpose where physical, spiritual and emotional well-being are strengthened and increased. I not only work with people going through difficulties, I am a walking, breathing example of what it's like to live through challenging situations and overcome them successfully. No matter what your current crisis of struggle is, together we can embrace those challenges that are keeping stuck, help you become stronger and more resilient in the process and teach you to develop the skills you need to handle future crises with skill, courage and confidence. My practice offers support for adults (18 and over) in several areas including: Purposeful Life Coaching Crisis Coaching Trauma Coaching Addiction Recovery Coaching ADHD Coaching Grief & Loss Coaching Chronic Illness & Caregiver Coaching Wellness & Stress Management Coaching Professional Affiliations International Membership of Professional Advisors, Coaches, & Trainers (IMPACT) Founding Member Psi Chi (International Honor Society in Psychology) Lifetime Member
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