Whole Food Living

Thu Jan 24 at 10:00 am PST

Whole foods are mostly plant based food, that is closer to its natural form as possible, and are unprocessed and unrefined, like vegetables, fruits, eggs, fish etc. Processed and refined food make body work harder to do its job, while whole food makes it easier. Foods are overly altered during processing and refining, making it difficult for our body to digest it and get nutrients from it. . While you are already suffering with any health issue or any autoimmune condition, processed and refined food wrecks havoc on your body. Processing and refining rips off all the nutrients, fiber and water from the food, while whole food provides you with all the nutrients your body needs for optimal health. This program is perfect for you, if you want to learn to eat healthy and improve your health and live disease free. You will get these really helpful resources when you join my program- 1. whole food guide 2. A template to help you find 6 easy ways to add healthy whole food to your diet. 3. Checklist for types of whole and their rules

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