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Calls: $50
Jodi was a great support to me. She helped me to build a plan for my future. I learned about the kind of work I want to do and we laid out steps for me to make it happen. She gave me coaching on everything, my relationship, my situation at work, planning for my future, budgeting, and communication. Anybody out there who is feeling lost and overwhelmed, take the first step and call Jodi. We met on Zoom but I always felt like we were in the same room and that was key. I am moving to start my new dream job, something I never thought would happen, but thanks to video conferencing I can still work with Jodi. It really helps to have her by my side.
Calls: $39
My career was on fire and I was moving up the ladder. I put everything into my jobs and felt I was neglecting my wife and my children. After all that I had done, the VCs sold the company and the new owners eliminated the management team, including myself. I had a hard time getting interview and my confidence plummeted. Dr. Rob helped my with my perspective. He helped me to identify what I was doing that was sabotaging my efforts and helped me clarify my real goals. It resulted in a career change that offered work/life balance and doing something I had passion for.
Calls: $50
Career Coach ( to Mid-Career Professionals) and Business Coach (to Small Business Owners)
Certified Professional Coach Certified Business Coach
I am a Certified Professional Coach and a Professional Resume Writer. I am a Qualified Accountant and a Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development UK. I have a Master's Degree in Human Resource Management from the Buckinghamshire New University UK and an MBA from the Warwick Business School, University of Warwick, United Kingdom. I have worked as a professional across various industries and countries, working with different types of organisations. As a Human Resource Professional and Business Manager with almost two decades of Industry experience, I offer my clients quality personalised service. I support my clients in a way that they are enabled to work with more focus and clarity. My aim is that they arrive at a positive result regarding their business and career decisions. Conversations with my clients are always collaborative and I work within an ethical code.
Calls: $175
Leadership, Confidence, Personal and Professional growth
Myers Brigg Certified Practitioner Leadership Coach LinkedIn Coach
Nora is a professional Leadership Coach, passionate, Intuitive and confident to inspire and empower people to unlock their full potential. Nora draws on her past experiences and successes in leading high-performance teams and working with all levels of management teams, from the President and CEO to the new hire. With over 20 years of experience in corporate and technology. Nora brings out the strengths and leadership skills of the people she works with. ------------------------------- The experience you have is a result of how you see...and how you see is a result of the experience you have. Your mindset, beliefs, and body all work together. I became interested in coaching as a direct result of leading high-performance teams over my 20-years professional career. I became particularly interested in helping men with their personal challenges and how it impacted their confidence. Over the past 10 years, I refined my coaching abilities to successfully improve their mindset in their professional, and ultimately, in their personal lives. I help MEN find confidence, clarity, and purpose, through a structure coaching approach. There are 3 key elements in my coaching process: 1- (WHO) Help my clients to discover and understand who they are 2- (WHAT) Help my clients identify and clarify what they most want 3- (HOW) Help my clients to create and develop strategies for how they will achieve their goals. What I have found with many years of practice that makes coaching so powerful, is the WHO element. Goals (WHAT) and strategies are great, but unless integrated with the person (WHO), they will take longer to accomplish, probably not be what the person really wants and not cause the level of happiness and fulfillment that are possible. My coaching style is perceptive, supportive and challenging. If you are seeking more clarity, happiness & success in your life and career, and you are willing to invest in yourself, you have come to the right place. My preference is to work with men who truly desire to make a change in their lives;
Calls: $60
Career Coaching; leadership Coaching; Talent Development & Selection
Certified Leadership Coach by Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching Certified Practitioner for Hogan Assessment System
My professional experience includes working with Hewlett-Packard, Agilent Technologies, and Philips, in sales & marketing, PR & branding. And then, I extended my areas to include inter-cultural communication and higher education since 2001. My expat life allows me to adapt to different personalities, cultures, religions, and beliefs. I absolutely enjoy working with people that insist on a passionate lifestyle. I want to inspire you to explore deeper into your own needs that may exist in your personal and professional lives.
Calls: $50
Career Coaching, Entrepreneurial Coaching, Business Coaching, Life Coaching
Certified Career Strategist (CCS) Career Professionals of Canada Career Development Foundations Graduate (CDP) Conestoga College Certified Life Coach (CLC) Life Coach Institute
|| Certified Career Strategist || Career Coach || Certified Life Coach || Award of Excellence Nominee Technical Resume || My journey into career coaching started 16 years ago as a freelance writer penning career related articles for a major newspaper. From that opportunity, my resume writing expertise evolved through professional training and working within the resume writing sector in Canada and US This experience fueled my desire to help others define their career path and find fulfilling job opportunities and morphed into honing my skills as a Career Coach and Job Search Specialist. To enhance my abilities to assist job seekers, my journey continued with successful completion of the Career Development Foundations Program (Honors) and Career Coaching Certificate (Honors), designation of Certified Career Strategist, and Certified Life Coach (CLC). To compliment my academic training, skills and satisfy my passion to support the unemployed and jobseeker in transition to connect with the jobs matched to their interests, qualifications and skills sets, I enriched my professional experience through work within a non-profit organization supporting aspiring entrepreneurs to start their small business. This experience further supported my interest to help individuals to find meaningful work and financial independence through self-employment. I am passionate about supporting jobseekers of all ages specializing in new immigrants and mid-career professionals in a career transition to uncover suitable employment and explore a new career direction through my personalized coaching program. My services include: -> 1-1 Career Coaching (In-Person, Phone, Skype, Email) -> Career Exploration & Assessment -> Job Search Strategies -> Transferable Skills Analysis -> Network Acceleration _> Interview Preparation -> Resume Creation -> LinkedIn Profile Creation -> Entrepreneurship/Self Employment -> Business Start-Up & Coaching -> Goal Action Plans || Let me help you to get the career you want! ||
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Dealing with Feeling Overwhelmed at Work

Whether it’s a demanding boss, a questionable co-worker, or a massive workload, there are many factors that can lead to a professional feeling burdened down. Anyone dealing with feeling overwhelmed at work may find the problem is worsening, as the stress can cause even the most focused employee to lose concentration and morale. Feelings of stress and anxiety can also carry over into a worker’s personal life, affecting their mood even when they’re off the clock. Coaches understand that workers sometimes get bogged down with all the demands of their job. By examining these feelings and discovering how they manifest, coaches can help them find some relief.

Part of the process involves discovering why the person is feeling overwhelmed. We all have different trigger points, and sometimes these are harder to discover especially in a professional environment. Workers often go into “autopilot mode,” ignoring stressors for the sake of getting the job done.

Coaches can help workers examine their job thoroughly and objectively, picking out the factors which contribute to them feeling overwhelmed. The next part of the process involves discovering strategies to deal with these issues in a strategic manner. The solution sometimes involves switching things up at work. Other times, it can be as easy as taking a different mental approach to the demands of the job.

With qualified coaches helping them, overwhelming feelings can be eliminated, or at least mitigated, so they’re always excited to come to work.

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