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About Coach Cadell Last

Hello! My name is Cadell Last. I am an infinitely curious and passionate becoming with a desire to understand how my knowledge and truth can help others.. Throughout my young adult life I have been on a quest for higher knowledge about the world and truth about my self. This search for knowledge has been structured around understanding how evolutionary theory can be applied to human beings and civilization; and this search for truth has been structured around deeper analytical focus on the basic motivations of my own psyche. Over the course of this searching I have acquired many vital skills and perspectives that are transferable within academia (science, philosophy), entrepreneurship, psychoanalysis, relationships, spiritual practice and general creativity. If you are interested in what I can offer please reach out. I am an extremely open and transparent person who is excited to learn more about how I can positively impact your life so that we can make this world a better place from the inside out via self transformation.


Brussels  ·  Belgium


Special skills: I am an exceptional thinker, speaker and writer. I have developed these skills over the past 15 years through a constant drive to know and to express my self. I have the ability to take many disconnected ideas, theories and worldviews and to put them into a higher connection or integration. I have the ability to see patterns and discern phenomena that may at first seem fuzzy, incoherent or difficult to grasp. I have the ability to communicate clearly and effectively in a way that can help you to gain your own inner coherence and self understanding. I have the ability to communicate simple common sense principles as well as complex abstract theories in a way that is directly relevant to day to day existence. I have the ability to write in many different formats and styles. I have the ability organize my thoughts and the thoughts of others in articles, essays or novels. Knowledge: I have a expansive knowledge of scientific, philosophical and psychoanalytic theory, as well as a deep truth of embodying these theories into my day-to-day life. Throughout my career I have been driven by questions of human uniqueness and difference. These questions can be formulated as questions about our mysterious origins as a species and our mysterious future as a species. I try to live in these eternal mysteries perpetually in order to grow in my self knowledge and truth. To be specific I have an extensive knowledge of cosmic history, biocultural evolution, technological speculation, scientific philosophy, phenomenological traditions, and psychoanalysis. All of this knowledge has been essential for my development in academia as a theorist, and also an essential dimension of what I want to bring to you as a live coach. Experience: I have a rich experience in academia, building research projects, connecting with other researchers, publishing high level theoretical works, and presenting complex ideas to diverse audiences. I also have a rich experience creating online, from blogging to YouTube. Finally, I have a rich experience exploring spiritual traditions, from traditional religious groups to esoteric new age groups. What connects all of these experiences is a desire for knowledge and truth which can bring inner coherence and unity. I love learning new theories, I love creating new projects, and I love discovering new dimensions of my self. I hope that this experiential background can also inform your path.

Licenses & Certifications

Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) (specialization in biological anthropology and history) (McMaster University) Masters of Science (M. Sc.) (specialization in biological anthropology) (University of Toronto) Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D) (specialization in interdisciplinarity and complex systems) (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)


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