Frequently Asked Questions about online coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

For Clients: What types of challenges or goals can a coach help with?

A professional coach can help you with many types of goals and challenges.

Each one of our coaches offers a unique area of expertise. We have coaches who specialize in a variety of personal and professional topics, such as stress management, personal motivation, improving your relationships, career goals, starting a business, executive coaching, and many others.

How can LiveCoach help me find a coach that’s right for me?

When you sign up, you fill out your goals and tell us which areas you want to work on, then we match you up with a selection of coaches who specialize in those fields. You can reach out to as many coaches as you want, and some coaches may reach out to you, and all of it is free during your free trial. Use this time to interview coaches and find the coach who's perfect for you. Check out our blog for more advice on choosing the right coach.

How do I hire a coach?

After your free trial, you can continue working with a coach by hiring them. Each coach offers their own set of coaching packages, which you can find on their profile page. Most packages offer a combination of phone/video calls and/or unlimited messaging. When you're ready to hire, visit the chat screen with your coach and click on the package you wish to purchase.

How and when can I expect to communicate with my coach?

You can schedule phone/video calls with your coach, or you can subscribe to unlimited messaging. With unlimited messaging, you can send messages to your coach any time, at your convenience, and your coach will respond promptly. You can usually expect a reply within a few hours.

Can I switch coaches?

Yes, you can switch coaches at any time and you can hire as many coaches as you want.

Can I use LiveCoach on my phone or tablet?

Yes, we have apps for both iOS and Android. You can find a link to our apps on our homepage, or you can search for "" in Google Play or the iOS AppStore.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Your active subscriptions are listed on your billing page and you can cancel them from there. You may cancel a subscription at any time.

For Coaches: How do I engage with clients during their free trial?

The free trial is a 7-day period when a client can message any coach before deciding whom to hire.

You do not get paid for interactions with clients who are in free trial. During that time period, feel free to give as much (or as little) advice as you want. You can keep it very general or ask questions and propose your approach.

Many coaches prepare a standard set of questions and an ’About Me’ to send to prospective clients. This way it's easy to see whether the new client may be a good fit for you.

Another best practice is to be specific about your experience relative to what the client needs help with. Some coaches add experience to their profile after every successful interaction with a client. This increases the chance a new prospective client will find your profile appealing and reach out.

The algorithm that matches coaches with clients takes into account the number of messages you send to clients (prospective and ongoing), and how the text on your profile relates to the clients’ needs, including any certifications and reviews.

If a client decides to hire you, you will receive a notification and see the earnings under "my earnings". At that point, you should start coaching the client. As long as the client doesn't switch coaches or leave the system, you will get paid every 7 days for the message-based coaching. You get paid for the 1:1 sessions as soon as they are scheduled.

For Coaches: How does the 1:1 phone system work?

A 1:1 phone session is different from the message-based coaching because you set your own rates for the session.

When a client requests a 1:1 phone session with you, you will receive a notification and need to accept it. Once you accept, the client will receive a confirmation with a phone number to call.

You get paid ahead of time, as soon as the session has been scheduled (you will see the amount under the "my earnings" part of your profile).

If a client wants to schedule a specific time to talk via the message-based coaching, you can suggest to schedule a 1:1 phone session instead. Clients shouldn't expect you to be available at any specific time on the message-based system. That's why the cost is lower - you choose when to respond to the client's messages. Of course, you’re free to schedule a live chat session if you so choose.

For Coaches: A Step by Step Guide

As a coach on the platform, you can set your own rates for 1:1 phone consultations, or work with clients through our chat system where you get $23.20 per week per client. We’ve found most of our coaches prefer to use a combination of both methods.

How it works:

1. Complete your profile! By adding all relevant experience, skills, certifications, etc. you increase your chance of being matched with new clients when they sign up.
2. Our algorithm matches new clients with coaches based on the client’s needs/goals and your experience. When you are matched with a client, you’ll receive a notification in your inbox. At the end of each day you’ll also receive a daily digest of all new clients you were matched with. We encourage you to reach out and start a conversation with these clients!
3. New clients have 7 days to message as many coaches as they want and try to find the right one for them. New clients can also request phone consultations during this free trial period. Keep in mind that coaches don’t get paid during the 7-day free trial, so use your best judgement when choosing how to engage clients during this time. The purpose of the free trial is for the client to find the right coach for them, and for you to find new clients to engage on an ongoing basis!
4. After their trial period, the client chooses one coach to work with on an ongoing basis. They may choose to only use message-based coaching, or also schedule 1:1 phone sessions as needed.

You (the coach) get paid 80% of what the client is charged. You decide how much time you need to spend messaging each client per week. We currently see an average of 20-30 minutes per client per week, which results in earning $46-70/hr, with the ability to support many more clients than you might normally have. You can set your own rates for 1:1 phone sessions and when a client schedules a 1:1 phone session you receive 80% of whatever rate you set. You can view your payouts under your profile and request a payout through Paypal or a check at any time.

For Coaches: Best practices for getting and retaining clients

- Send additional questions, reflection exercises, or past similar experiences you’ve coached on, so the client can get a sense of your style and approach.

- Be available periodically throughout the day, or at least once a day, to connect with prospective new clients and answer questions. More back and forth gives clients a greater ability to tell if you’re the right coach for them.

- Be clear with expectations for each new client. Once they choose you as their coach, they may message you once a day, once a week, or multiple times a day. It can be good to set clear expectations about when you will answer, such as “I can respond every 24-48 hours” or “Feel free to send multiple messages each day and I’ll respond to them all each evening." etc.

- Be patient. We truly want to connect all our clients with coaches that will be a good fit for them, so sometimes a client may decide it’s not working out and choose to work with another coach. This is completely normal! This is why there’s no fee or membership for coaches to be on LiveCoach, and you can spend as much, or as little time as you want fostering new client relationships through our site.

Good luck, and please let us know if you have any questions.
The LiveCoach team

For Coaches: Seamless calling and custom invoicing

2 changes were made to the platform on 8/15/2017 custom invoicing and seamless calling. You can now talk to a client at any time without the need to schedule the call through the system, and invoice them for any amount.

Here's how it works:

On both your chat screens there's a section titled "Call This Coach/Client." It shows the LiveCoach phone number (1-855-525-7645) and your unique conference number. This allows both you and the client to call into that conference line at any time without the need to schedule the call ahead of time, and connect.

Pre-Booked calls work like before: if the client books the call first, they are billed automatically when you accept the booking.

Non-Booked calls is a new feature allowing the client and you to call into the line at any time. If you want the client to pay you for this call without booking it first (whether they are on their trial period or not), you can send them a separate invoice.

You can use this feature if you want to sell any item that's not the weekly chat package, or the 30 minute call. For example, you could invoice for a package of 10 sessions, sessions longer than 30 minutes, a breakthrough session that's more expensive or cheaper than average, or any other item you can think of.

Also, several coaches have asked whether the client has to pay the $29/week messaging fee if they are also paying for phone and video sessions. The answer is: it's entirely up to you. There is nothing preventing you from chatting with a client while they are not paying for it, so you can request payment whenever it's convenient for you. You can choose to chat with clients for free if they pay for a certain amount of calls per week/month, or you can charge them for the calls on top of the weekly charge for chat.

For Coaches: How does custom invoicing work

The custom invoicing feature allows you to send an invoice to any client for any amount. Coaches use this to sell packages that are different from the ones offered on the site.

Popular packages include voice/video sessions that are longer than 30 minutes, packages of several voice/video calls at a discount, packages including several voice/video sessions per month and chat, and many more.

As soon as you send the invoice, you will see it as "pending" and as soon as the client pays it, you will see it as "paid". Please make sure that the invoice is paid before providing the service to the client - we cannot guarantee payment of outstanding invoices. However, once an invoice is paid, you can request the funds from the "my earnings" section.

For Coaches: Do I have to participate in the $29/week text-based coaching program?

While many coaches are happy to coach clients on an unlimited basis for $29/week, some want to use different packages, and are free to do so, and not participate in the $29/week text-based coaching.

Here are your options:

- Work through unlimited chat.
The coaches that do work through chat usually take 30 mins every day to answer all the messages from clients. If you have 10 clients you get $232 per week (after the LiveCoach commission rate) and spend 30 mins per day, you will make ~$92.80 per hour.

- Work through phone/video coaching.
We have many coaches that don't work through chat, and only offer the phone/video sessions. You can set your own rates for those.

- Combine the 2 approaches. Many coaches offer packages to students - for example, for $500 per month for 1 phone session per week and unlimited messaging. Or any other combination you can think of. You can sell these packages by using our custom invoicing option.

For Coaches: Submitting a Blog

Blogs can be submitted for approval through the "Your Account" feature on our platform.

Once you have reached the "Your Account" page, you will see a tab that says, "Testimonials and Blogs."

This will be where you can upload your blog submission.

For Coaches: What was the money back guarantee?

In 2018 we piloted a new program where we offered a money back guarantee for clients.

Clients could get their money back if they had paid up to $120 for services or up to 1 month of service.

If coaches chose not to participate in this program they had the ability to opt out by messaging our support staff.

This program was cancelled in November of 2018.

For Coaches: Can I charge a client for services during their free trial?

It's really up to you. Most coaches offer a discovery session for free, but we definitely have coaches who charge full price for the initial session, even if the client is in their free trial.

Some coaches charge $1 for the discovery session, just to make sure clients have a credit card.

Others charge a refundable deposit that goes back to the client once they show up on the call to prevent clients not showing up.

The only limitation is that if you want to charge a client during their free trial, you have to send them a manual invoice. A client cannot buy any of your packages during their free trial.

For Coaches: How do I set up a group session?

1. Login to your profile.
2. Go to the "Your Account" section of your page.
3. Click on the tab that says, "Rates & Packages."
4. Scroll down to where you see "Group Coaching Sessions."
5. Click "Create Group Coaching Session."
6. Complete the form provided and invite your clients to participate.

For Coaches: Is there a tutorial for coaches?

Yes there is - you can find it here:

For Coaches: Setting Your Availability For Appointments

1. Log in to your account.
2. Click on "Preferences" in the top right hand corner.
3. Scroll down to the "Time Range" section. (It will be on the middle-left.)
4. Update your date and time availability.

For Coaches: How can I cash out?

To cash out payments received, you will want to follow these steps:

1. Sign in to your LiveCoach profile.
2. Click on your name in the top right-hand corner of your screen.
3. Select the "Invoices" option.
4. Click on the "Cash Out" tab.
-From here you will follow the instructions listed.
-Payouts can be received via PayPal or through a direct check.

For Coaches: What do I need to do to make myself accessible to clients using the new TalkNow feature on LiveCoach?

-Login to your LiveCoach account.

-Go to the "Your Account" page which can be found by clicking on your profile picture in the top right corner of your screen.

-At the top of the "Your Account" screen you will see a section titled "TalkNow(beta)"

-To take part, select "Available for live coaching alerts"