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We want to liberate coaches from being tied down to a specific schedule or physical location. On LiveCoach, you can work with clients across the globe using chat messaging, phone calls, and video calls, all directly on the platform.

Our platform eliminates much of the overhead involved with traditional coaching sessions. This lets you earn more per hour than you might in your private practice.

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Joining the platform is easy and free. You get paid when you engage with our clients. If you choose not to engage, it doesn't cost you a penny.

We Do The Marketing

Hundreds of new clients are joining every day. Our algorithm will show your profile to clients who need help in your areas of expertise. If you want to engage with clients, you are encouraged to do so ‑ at no cost to you. Or you can wait for clients to reach out to you.

Keep 80%-100% of Client Fees

Keep 80% of your fee when working with clients you meet on the platform. Keep 100% of your fee if you choose to use LiveCoach to work with your own clients.

No Overhead

Working with clients online means you have no additional expenses associated with running an office. If you want to schedule 1:1 live sessions, you can do them over the phone from the privacy of your own home.

Gain Reputation

Gain experience and build your reputation by getting access to hundreds of potential clients and learning from their feedback. LiveCoach is the perfect platform to refine new techniques. You can also use your LiveCoach ratings and reviews to boost your private practice.

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