Group Classes

Work with others who want to achieve the same goals as you. Save money and keep each other accountable.

Confronting Your Fears

What would it take for you to release worry, doubt, and concern from your body and mind? The agonizing tension and anxiety our fears create keep us from living freely in the changing landscape of our lives. In this session, we will learn: - the many faces of fear - where fear comes from - how to befriend our fear Say WHAT??! Friends... with FEAR? This group session is for you if: - the thought of befriending fear feels *icky* - you experience anxiety or social anxiety - having a deeper relationship with your spirituality is important to you

The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth

Reach Your Goals! It's time to put yourself on a path of intentional growth and development! $25.00 per Session. BOOK IS NEEDED TO PARTICIPATE!!! Sign-up for this 8-week course and start your personal growth journey!!! Once signed up and attending you will be invited to the follow-on sessions. We start on September 24, 2018 and run thru November 12, 2018. Sessions will be at 7:00 p.m. CST each Monday..

Master Your Money Mindset: Revolutionize Your Money Mindset With These Easy-peasy Tips

Do you feel like there is something keeping your financial success slightly out of reach? Do you want to do what you love but believe you can’t make enough money doing it? Do you want to discover if in fact there is a money sabotaging behaviors and how to get rid o them? Have you ever heard "You need to get out of your own way"? But how do you even know if you are the reason money is not flowing into your life with ease? Let's get to the bottom of whats really keeping your financial abundance at bay. If you are facing these: -Don’t believe you deserve to be paid abundantly for what you do -Feel fear around charging or asking for money -Don’t understand your real reasons for wanting tons of money -Question what you should charge, or keep changing your prices from a place of fear -Inconsistent results -Freaked out when checking bank account or paying for things This class will empower you to: -Develop powerful millionaire habits -Get an abundance mindset -Identify and overcome your money blocks -Get clear on your desires -Develop trust that process is working -Learn that the results are inevitable, guaranteed and DONE Whether you’re starting over, wanting to invite more money into your life, starting a business, or looking for ways to grow your current business, the tips and tools here will help you develop the mental toughness that will get you into the correct mindset to achieve your goals and master your money mindset!

Eliminating Your Body's #1 Source of Stress

Cutting out the silent dietary drain on your energy and mood. So many of life’s stressors are tough to predict or avoid. But there's one major source of stress each of us gets to control every day: our diet. Sugar, in particular, hides in most of our meals and wreaks havoc on the same organs we depend on to handle true crises like work and relationship stress. Learn the truth about how sugar exhausts your coping mechanisms and how to kick the habit - to regain your energy, vitality, and happiness. Presentation will last 45 minutes, plus a 5 minute Q&A. Attendees will be credited the $10 class fee towards their first private consultation.

Group Coaching Session

Come experience coaching in a group! And if only you sign up, you will receive an individual coaching session focused on your goals. Each participant will bring a coaching topic/priority (something relevant and important to the individual to make progress on) to the coaching session. Each member will get an equal amount of time to focus on his/her priority while being coached. Through this process, realistic actions can be identified. This session can last from 1 to 1.5 hours depending on the number of participants.

Purpose your Pain: Open Coaching Session for Domestic Violence Survivors

Join me (Coach B) Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018 from 6 pm – 7 pm EST for an open coaching session focused on surviving and overcoming the effects of domestic violence. The following topics will be discussed: * Acceptance - Learning how to define your story, instead of letting it define you. * Forgiveness - The true act of forgiveness and how it leads to healing. * Healing - While your physical body knows how to heal itself; it's the mental and emotional healing we will focus on. * Forward Movement - Letting go of the past so you can step powerfully into your future. As an overcomer of domestic violence, this is a subject matter close to my heart. My goal for this webinar is to create a safe space for healing, uplift the fog, and open you to the possibility of life after domestic violence. Please share this session with anyone whom you feel may benefit. I look forward to serving you all soon. Coach B :o)

Unleash a Better You Resiliency Workshop

This workshop will last between 1.5-2 hours depending on the number of participants and their questions. Learning Objectives: • Explore the 5 common resiliency challenges: Being Present, Self-Acceptance, Boundaries & Expectations, Balance, and Celebration & Appreciation • Understand the stories/beliefs and the importance of the 5 challenges • Understand and brainstorm many ways to overcome the 5 challenges • Reflect and apply learnings to your life

Caregiver Support Workshop

In this 2 hour workshop, you will learn how to deal with the stress and life changes that come with caring for a family member, while building a network of people to turn to for outside support! In this workshop we will cover: -Caregiver stress/burnout support and prevention -Dealing difficult patients -Navigating the elder care system -Respite options -Financial options


Do you feel that fear overtakes your life at times or all the time, fear can manifest in all sorts of ways, anxiety, depression and physical manifestation. What are some tools you could use to help thoughts fears subside? Let me give some to help you overcome your fears.

Embracing a Happiness Mindset: Happiness Workshop

This session is focused on expanding and transforming the participants' mindsets. When your mindset is expanded or changed, your behaviors will change and your results will also change. With different learning styles in mind, this session focuses on embracing a happiness mindset, building its resiliency, and applying it to various situations. Participants will be able to better align their efforts, reduce their frustrations, and manage their expectations. Be prepared to reframe and apply a strengths-based mindset to multiple situations. This session is designed to expand and transform participants' mindsets with a majority of the time used for group discussion. If you are looking for new tools and ideas to expand your own mindset or the mindsets of those around you, this session can help! You will leave with: Visualization practice that helps create a reminder in your mind to reference during challenging situations Strengths-based mindset tool that help participants see multiple situations from different perspectives Reframing tool to put a positive spin on situations Participants will decide which tool/idea to apply to a personal challenging situation The information is from part of my book The Happiness Workbook: Rise Up, Happiness Soldiers. This session can last from 1 to 1.5 hours depending on the number of participants and the questions they have.

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