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"I look forward to making these (clean eating recipes) for my family. So far I've lost about six pounds following all this advice! I feel the greatest I've been in a long time and even got to lower my insulin intake by four units!"
Calls: $65
Messaging: $29/wk
Chef Joe switched me to a modified paleo diet that helped to incorporate all the foods I love and sent me a a great set of recipes made just FOR ME! I have lost three dress sizes and am feel amazing it's like I'm forty all over again (even tough I just turned sixty!). Thanks Joe!
Calls: $100
Messaging: $29/wk
Mike takes time to know each person, for me I was 325 pounds and lost 34 pounds by myself. Mike introduced the Beachbody fitness routines and the Ultimate Reset. I have lost 40 pounds in the last year and just begin TurboFire. Mike has been an asset in my road to fitness and its so important to have such positive, supportive, trained people to help.
― Barbara D.
Calls: $50
Messaging: $29/wk
Leanne is dependable, hard-working, and a compassionate person. She is very knowledgeable in health and wellness. I enjoy my sessions with Leanne as she keeps me motivated and is so positive! Leanne is compassionate about what she does and provides valuable information on health and wellness. Every weekly session, she motivates me to do my best and discover which foods and lifestyle habits are bringing my body down and what I can do about it. I highly recommend Leanne as a Health & Wellness Coach!
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Improving Strength and Endurance

Everyone’s life is demanding in some regards. Family obligations, work schedules, and other commitments all require a certain degree of vitality to complete.

When a person feels weaker or less capable than they’d like to, it can be very frustrating. Improving strength and endurance is a goal many people have, but knowing where to start can be difficult.

Gaining endurance and strength without help is hard because the problem can exacerbate itself. The more bogged down and exhausted a person feels, the more difficult it becomes to break out of this pattern.

Professional coaches understand how important it is to feel strong and capable in our lives. By helping decipher the cause of a person’s problems, coaches can be useful for discovering strategies to boost endurance and strength. There are a few things people can do to feel the way they’d like. Dietary switches, a new exercise regimen, lifestyle changes, or a combination of these can be useful in developing stamina and strength.

When we feel stronger and have more energy, handling the demands of day-to-day life become much easier. These things can also help people enjoy a more positive outlook on life, and lead to a more holistic level of wellness. No matter the scope of the problem, trained coaches can be a great asset in these situations.

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