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I have struggled with eating healthy and following a solid regime my whole life. I think I always knew what was technically 'healthy' but couldn't follow through because I didn't know how to incorporate healthy habits and recipes into my schedule. Chef Joe helped me fix the problems at their source. I had the goal of losing 15 pounds and, not only did I achieve that goal, but I feel better than ever and finally have the energy to workout everyday! It was a big shift but they seamlessly helped incorporate the meals (which are pretty damn good) into my daily process. Definitely worth my time and money.
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Lowering My Cholesterol

Sometimes good health means more than staying at our recommended weight and exercising regularly. It also involves ensuring our dietary choices don’t lead to hidden (but severe) problems.

High cholesterol is a common health issue that many people deal with. Not everyone is aware they suffer from this condition, and some people only find out when it begins causing them major problems.

Many people have asked themselves a common question: How do I go about lowering my cholesterol? There are plenty of dietary guides, medications, and programs out there that promise to help deliver great results. But for those who prefer a more individualized approach to handling this important health issue, coaching can be a good option.

Coaches understand the impact cholesterol has on a person’s health. They know about the conditions it can lead to, as well as the factors which usually contribute to high cholesterol. By analyzing a person’s condition and lifestyle, they can help create a procedural strategy for lowering this number in a realistic timeframe.

Cholesterol levels are a major health concern. Addressing these issues early on along with professional oversight is key for correcting the problem. No matter a person’s condition or how severe their problem has become, getting help from the professionals can be helpful for getting cholesterol under control.

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