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Scientific studies show that coaching is a great investment. It increases life satisfaction and professional success and improves relationships.

The Journal of Positive Psychology found that coaching has positive effects on the outcomes of performance/skills, well-being, coping, work attitudes and goal-directed self-regulation.

Also, ongoing coaching is more effective than a one-time intervention. A study showed that while group training with managers increased their productivity by 22%, including a one-on-one, eight-week coaching session for the managers pushed up productivity by 88%.

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?" Prior to working with Morgan, I was unable to sleep through most nights and my lack of energy and positive mindset was negatively impacting all other areas of my life. In just four sessions, I gained perspective and clarity around what was preventing or hindering my sleep and was able to start implementing some small changes right away that had a positive effect on my overall well-being. Although it's still a work in progress, I am now sleeping more soundly and have regained some balance in my life as a result. ?Morgan's holistic coaching approach allowed me to find my own solutions and her keen ability to ask the right questions helped me to gain some real insight around my health and wellness issues."
― Annick, Canada
“Sophia is BY FAR the best coach I have ever had. Before I met her I had spent thousands and thousands on diet coaches, fitness trainers, and products…and every single one failed miserably. With her help I started eating right instantly, and for the very first time actually loved the healthy food I was eating. After two weeks of her coaching I ran my very first mile since I was in grade school. . One of the proudest moments of my life A couple weeks later I ran my first 5k, a couple after that my first 1/2 marathon. I cant convey how grateful I am for my new found health, wellness and happiness!"
― Jack J.
I am so grateful to have met Sherry and worked with her over the past few months. She helped me to look at many things from a different perspective that were keeping me stuck in a pattern that was not healthy, nor reality. My overall experience was 10++. I was very suspect going into this process as I have never done anything like this before. But it is quite incredible how much more at peace I am with so many things in my life; not just the passing of my mother, which is what brought me to Sherry. I have applied what we worked on to reframe how I have viewed my relationship with my sister and this has allowed us to continue to have a dialogue after many years of estrangement. Sherry also helped me find my voice and understand my values which is enriching my relationship with my husband. I also have now been able to forgive myself and others as I realized through this process that I was holding onto much anger over the years for past events. The letting go was so freeing and has made such a positive impact on me. The tools that Sherry gave me to use are ones that I will definitely be able to apply as I go forward. Sherry and I just clicked. She was a great listener, which is something that I needed as I was grieving for the loss of my mother. Her relatable stories made me laugh, cry and not feel like I was in this all by myself. I never felt rushed while working the process and always felt re-energized at the end of each session. I believe that many would benefit from working with Sherry and I have recommended her to family and friends during the process and after. Family and friends have commented on how “lighter” I seem since working with Sherry and I feel like I’m back to my old self but even better having put many things in my life in perspective. I can’t express how important it is to be heard when dealing with grief and other difficulties in life and Sherry provided a safe and open environment for me to do that. I can’t thank her enough for helping me.
― Debbie H.
I had such a profound experience with the Healing Vortex hypnotherapy session. I had been noticing for some time that my energy was very low, and on my daily hike, my legs were feeling like lead, and it was all I could do to get through it. I have been dealing with some insomnia for some time and I thought that the only way my fatigue would end was by solving my sleeping issue. So, last Sunday, I listened to the Healing Vortex for the first time, and on Monday, I noticed on my hike that my legs and my entire body felt much better. And it continued every day. Ordinarily, I would get up in the morning still being tired, but this whole week has been different. My energy has increased dramatically, and the only source must be the Healing Vortex session. THANK YOU Carina, for your work. I was getting so exasperated, wondering if I was ever going to feel fully rested and alive again, and it happened literally OVERNIGHT!
― Constance Fryer
"Before I met Alena, I was struggling to achieve my full potential. I knew I had it in me to be successful and happy, I just needed a little help to make it a reality. After only a couple of months of working with her, the confidence I had in myself was unlike any I have ever experienced. I felt a renewed sense of energy and excitement and now have no doubt in my ability to achieve the results I desire."
― Karen L.
In the summer of 2016, a happy lot brought me to Alexandra Arkhangelskaya. Alexandra proved to be a very sensitive and deep partner in solving important tasks of my time. All our meetings were accompanied by high energy of included attention, high competence and an experienced coach - Alexandra. You are a successful man and you have both the desire and strength for a whole new round of your self-realization, your relationships and surroundings, use this opportunity with Alexandra.
― Vadim, a medical entrepreneur, doctor
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Health and Fitness Coaching

Some people attribute good health to genetics. Others claim fitness is all about a person’s attitude and their lifestyle. People from all walks of life desire to improve their level of physical fitness. Sometimes, this involves more than gaining or losing weight – it can involve reducing cholesterol, boosting energy levels, and increasing mobility.

Health and fitness coaching can be helpful for anyone who has struggled in the past. Many people find their habits and environment impede their health goals. Coaching is key for overcoming these obstacles and discovering effective long-term strategies for achieving wellness.

People who have better levels of health and fitness can increase their ability to fight diseases, reduce stress on their joints and organs, and even increase their outlook on life.

Health is something that everyone needs, but everyone also faces their own challenges. This is why individualized coaching can help a person pursue solutions designed for their own body and needs. The benefit of pursuing these options over one-size-fits-all solutions is that there’s less of a chance that unforeseen problems will arise with the program.

Getting healthier requires a commitment to lifestyle changes and long-term progress. With skilled coaching from pros who have a history of helping people get fit, anyone can pursue better health more effectively.



What I most appreciated about working with Lynn Saboe was her ability to listen and effectively challenge me to develop executable plans that fit my style and experience, and to implement these plans in just two months. Thanks to her support, the quality and speed of my transition was substantially enhanced.

― Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Space, Strategic and Intelligence Systems

Zsofia Juhasz is an accomplished coach, who uses powerful questions to help her client move forward. She is empathetic without being soft, she is strong without being tough. She is also adept at listening for changes in energy levels, and celebrating when she hears a positive change. Adept at using imagery to help reframe perspectives, and visualisation to create positive goals, she skillfully guides her client to the end goal. I highly recommend her services.

― Director, Merrill Lynch

Working with Caroline Stokes is like having your own board of directors in leadership, first 100 days and career transition.

― Principal Program Manager, Microsoft



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