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Unveil Your Core Identity ~ An Introduction to YOUR Authentic Self!

“Who am I?” is a question as old as time and we all struggle with at some point in life. Getting to your core identity can be a difficult journey because we tend to stifle our authentic selves to fit in with people or situations without even realizing it. Doing so suppresses our creativity, ingenuity, and self-awareness. This is why it is so very important to understand your core identity and finally be your true authentic self. Work your way through the e-Course at your own pace and schedule your One Hour Live Video Coaching Session upon completion. Your Journey On this Journey of self discovery you will be introduced to your authentic self through a variety of different introspective assignments. We will start by reviewing your current choices of maturity and character then quickly learn the framework of how we choose to view life and our minds 3 different states. We will examine our patterns of unhelpful thinking and provide you with a way to police your thoughts. From there we will jump into understanding where your beliefs come from, determine what mistaken or limiting beliefs are holding you back and get to the core of who you really are. We will look at defining your values, priority life areas and figure out what your greatest life vision is. We will wrap it up with The Life Balance Workbook which will help you to figure out what life area(s) you need to focus on. What's Included Over 14,000 written words spread over 21 Sections (web pages). Over 2 Hours of audio/video slide presentation. Over 2 hours of video and audio slide presentations spread out over the sections. Homework Assignments include nearly 200 introspective questions you will submit answers to. The Life Balance Workbook. One Hour Live Video Chat to review your answers and prepare you for the next steps. Lifetime Access. More Information When you take the time to unveil your core identity you will be introduced to your authentic self. Being true to your authentic self is not always easy. It is a never ending process because your identity is constantly evolving. But the payoff is a happier, more creative self. According to some psychologists, authenticity can also lead to better coping strategies, a stronger sense of self-worth, more confidence, and a higher likelihood to follow through on goals. Psychology Today claims “Authenticity is correlated with many aspects of psychological well-being, including vitality, self-esteem, and coping skills. Acting in accordance with one's core self—a trait called self-determination—is ranked by some experts as one of three basic psychological needs, along with competence and a sense of relatedness.” Are you ready to unveil your core identity?

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