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Relationship Survival Kit

60 minute session Too many people stay in the wrong relationship because they think it's the best they can get; or because they're afraid to be alone; or admit that they're not happy. Our Mission: Whatever is going on with you, I will listen closely and together we'll figure out EXACTLY what is best for you! Is your current partner good for you? Do you feel loved? Our Focus: ~FORGIVE OR GET OUT. (YOU NEVER GET NAGGING RIGHTS.) ~STOP ARGUING AND FIGHT FAIR. ~KEEP YOUR EXPECTATIONS REALISTIC AND EXPRESS THEM PROPERLY. ~STAY EMPOWERED AND CALM YOUR INSECURITIES. ~LEARN HOW AND WHEN TO EXPRESS YOUR FEELINGS. ENFORCE HEALTHY BOUNDARIES. ~REPAIR YOUR RELATIONSHIP AND MAKE AMENDS. ~END YOUR RELATIONSHIP AMICABLY WITH COMPASSION. ~HEAL AND MOVE FORWARD. ~ARGUING, DECEPTION, SECRETS, CHEATING, BETRAYAL, ABUSE — I'VE BEEN THERE AND I UNDERSTAND.

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