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Women's Life & Empowerment Coaching "Do not lose hold of your dreams or aspirations. For if you do, you may still exist but you have ceased to live. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined." -Henry David Thoreau

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About Coach Angela Johnson

As a Women's Life & Empowerment Coach, my mission is to empower, inspire, encourage, uplift, and support women in discovering their Life's Purpose, fulfilling their deepest desires in ALL areas of their life, and living the life of their dreams!! I help career and business women who feel stuck, unfulfilled, or unhappy in their current work situations, gain clarity on their passions, unique gifts, and discover their Life's Purpose, so they can make a positive impact doing what they love AND have a joyful, profitable, and fulfilling career or business, while living a freedom-based life!!


I have over 15 years of combined professional and coaching experience empowering my clients and helping them to successfully achieve both their career AND personal goals. I have extensive knowledge assessing clients needs and helping them release obstacles (including fears, doubts, and self-sabotaging beliefs). I am a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach and hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. I coach from a holistic perspective (mind, body, and spirit). I am also knowledgeable about Universal laws, particularly the Law of Attraction, and show women how to deliberately and effectively work with them, therefore creating and living a life that they love!

Licenses & Certifications

I am a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach and have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology.

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HELPING CAREER & BUSINESS WOMEN DISCOVER THEIR PASSIONS & PURPOSE! Are you a career or business woman who feels stuck, unfulfilled, or unhappy in your current work situation? Does your work leave you feeling anxious, bored, or mentally and emotionally drained? Are you tired of simply existing and living a life of mediocrity? Do you want to do meaningful and exciting work that you love AND that's profitable and fulfilling, but aren’t quite sure what your dream career or business is, or what next steps to take? If you answered yes to any of these questions, I’ve got great news for you! My elite 3-month 1:1 “FROM PASSIONS TO PURPOSE” program is for heart-centered, feminine, and spiritual career and business women who feel stuck, unfulfilled, or unhappy in their work situations, yet desire to make a positive impact doing what they love AND have a joyful, profitable, and fulfilling career or business, while living a freedom-based life!! IN THIS PROGRAM, YOU'LL: * Learn how to connect to your Inner Guidance and develop spiritual practices that will support you in fulfilling your desires * Create a crystal clear VISION on what your ideal career/business (that you truly love and is meaningful and exciting) looks like to YOU! ​ * Gain clarity on your passions, strengths, unique gifts, core values, and Life's Purpose! * Create an effective plan of action that’s in spiritual alignment with your desires * Develop strategies to overcome challenges (such as fears, doubts, and beliefs) that have been sabotaging you from doing work that you love * Receive on-going guidance, support, encouragement, and accountability In addition to the on-going coaching, encouragement, support, accountability, and resources received in this program, you will also receive UNLIMITED messaging support in between each call, two weeks of messaging support after the program ends, and one 60 minutes Q&A call. ​

Client Reviews for Angela Johnson

I have had the great pleasure of receiving ongoing coaching from Angela for the past year now. I can honestly say that she has changed my life! Prior to obtaining Angela’s services, I was a wreck! (Though I had no idea of this at the time.) I was merely existing as opposed to living, let alone, living on purpose. Angela helped me gain clarity on my true passions, and what I wanted out of life. She helped me set goals for myself to begin utilizing my unique gifts, strengths, and talents. Angela encouraged me to visualize my ideal life. A life full of purpose aligned with my core values. I have since discovered my life’s purpose, and have started my own business! Angela encouraged and empowered me to think outside of the box. She helped me believe that in life, we can absolutely have the meaningful, fulfilling careers we love. We don’t have to settle for anything less! I am now enjoying a freedom-based life where I set my own hours around my children’s schedules. I am doing the work I was created to do, making a difference in the lives of those I was called to serve, all while creating my own schedule! Angela also taught me the importance of taking care of myself, which was something I’d previously never done. I was always too busy taking care of everyone else! I cannot speak highly enough about Angela’s services. She is a passionate, dedicated, and experienced coach who is living her ideal life, while encouraging others to do the same. I am forever grateful for her and the positive impact she has had on our lives.
― Tiffany Hill
I had the absolute pleasure of being able to work with Angela as my life coach for over a year. She is so insightful and has the unique ability to be able to listen and ask the questions that let you find the answers you have had within but are not able to find on your own. She is able to utilize the right tools and strategies that bring out the very best in you. As a result of our coaching time I am now living a freedom based life and looking forward to setting new goals and using the techniques and tools we have worked on. I would definitely recommend Angela to anyone looking for a life coach that will help them gain clarity and live the life they desire. It will change your life. Angela’s caring and compassion made my time with her such a beautiful experience! -Karen Lyons
― Karen L.
Working with Angela catapulted me into a different realm of thinking. I had never participated in any type of coaching session before, so I wasn't sure how effective it would be for me. I didn't realize how powerful positive thinking and journaling can be. During our sessions, I began to see changes in my life. Things that I desired were starting to come to fruition. I learned that the energy that I put out has a direct correlation to the energy that I will receive. My experience with Angela's coaching was a strong foundation for the healthy mental habits that I now practice. I have learned that everything is connected to our minds, and that the mind has the power to unleash anything that you desire. I have continued to incorporate positive readings and affirmations in my life, and it's been explosive! I am truly grateful for the opportunity to work with Angela. The experience has been and will continue to be instrumental in the trajectory of my life's aspirations. Thank you, Lakita Head
― Lakita H.
Angela is a very passionate, dedicated, competent, and professional Life Coach. I learned a lot during our sessions, and was equipped with knowledge and resources that I've since used and shared with others. I am very grateful for her. She is a true change agent.
This was a wonderful experience. It not only met, but exceeded my expectations. At first I was apprehensive about the group coaching and sharing my story with others; however I quickly became comfortable and discovered an encouraging support group. What I liked best about the program were the various exercises given. Each exercise has become a tool that I not only used for the program, but I can still use today and in the future. The weekly coaching sessions offered support as well as a means of accountability. I wasn't able to hide and not do the work. And in doing the work I believe I have grown and am moving forward in the pursuit of my goals and dreams!

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