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Life Coach Olivia Ricker - Seattle, WA

Coach Olivia Ricker

Seattle  ·  Washington
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My areas of expertise come from my life experiences. Since I could talk I have been sought for advice. I have been giving financial and life advice since I was 6. I have delt with the operations of small businesses since I was a very young child. This experience doesn't come from innate capability but, demand. My unique insight/ upbringing has provided me with numerous perspectives. My father was a narcissist on the autistic spectrum. Consistent conflict taught me to be calm in the middle of chaos. Since entering the foster system my goal has been self-actualization. When I initially left my father's care I had agoraphobia, general anxiety, social phobia, and borderline personality disorder. Since then I have been working to catch my self up to the general population. Within a years span I went from being too terrified to go outside to having the ability to go to college classes without fear. I am dedicated and adaptive, and have a genuine desire to help people.

About Coach Olivia Ricker

I aspire to be a humanitarian. With this in mind I happy to help you succeed in your desires.


Seattle  ·  Washington


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