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About Coach Christine Cristiano

|| Certified Career Strategist || Career Coach || Certified Life Coach || Award of Excellence Nominee Technical Resume || My journey into career coaching started 16 years ago as a freelance writer penning career related articles for a major newspaper. From that opportunity, my resume writing expertise evolved through professional training and working within the resume writing sector in Canada and US This experience fueled my desire to help others define their career path and find fulfilling job opportunities and morphed into honing my skills as a Career Coach and Job Search Specialist. To enhance my abilities to assist job seekers, my journey continued with successful completion of the Career Development Foundations Program (Honors) and Career Coaching Certificate (Honors), designation of Certified Career Strategist, and Certified Life Coach (CLC). To compliment my academic training, skills and satisfy my passion to support the unemployed and jobseeker in transition to connect with the jobs matched to their interests, qualifications and skills sets, I enriched my professional experience through work within a non-profit organization supporting aspiring entrepreneurs to start their small business. This experience further supported my interest to help individuals to find meaningful work and financial independence through self-employment. I am passionate about supporting jobseekers of all ages specializing in new immigrants and mid-career professionals in a career transition to uncover suitable employment and explore a new career direction through my personalized coaching program. My services include: -> 1-1 Career Coaching (In-Person, Phone, Skype, Email) -> Career Exploration & Assessment -> Job Search Strategies -> Transferable Skills Analysis -> Network Acceleration _> Interview Preparation -> Resume Creation -> LinkedIn Profile Creation -> Entrepreneurship/Self Employment -> Business Start-Up & Coaching -> Goal Action Plans || Let me help you to get the career you want! ||


I empower clients of ages and career levels to jumpstart the job search process to effectively navigate the job market through customized 1-1 coaching sessions. As a mid-career professional myself who successfully transitioned into another profession, I work with all jobseekers of all experience levels and specialize in working with other mid-career professionals in a career transition to lead clients through the exploration of available options including career change, assessments, academic upgrading, job market navigation, traditional employment vs self employment, entrepreneurship and small business start-up.

Licenses & Certifications

Certified Career Strategist (CCS) Career Professionals of Canada Career Development Foundations Graduate (CDP) Conestoga College Certified Life Coach (CLC) Life Coach Institute

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

Case Studies for Christine Cristiano

I have had great success coaching clients of all ages, occupations and experience levels throughout a career change. I coached a client who was facing barriers to re-entry the job market after he had been out of the country for 15 years. Although he had the necessary experience in his field, he did not have the academic training qualification that many of the jobs he was applying to required. I worked with this client to discover low cost/free academic training and personal development courses that he could complete and include under the education section on his resume. Additionally. I helped the client to effectively navigate the job market through instruction on job search strategies and techniques. I also guided the client on the benefits of Networking and connecting with his industry colleagues through local networking groups and being proactive on LinkedIn. The client was able to connect with a peer and secure a short term government contract and then move forward to a permanent position within a non-profit organization.

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