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Life Coach Harlan Snyder - Boulder, CO

Coach Harlan Snyder

Boulder  ·  Colorado
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Mindfulness, Stress Management, Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem, Goal Ecology, Overcoming Fears, Spirituality, Finding Purpose and Meaning, Meditation

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About Coach Harlan Snyder

Harlan Snyder is a professional Stress Management & Life Coach in Boulder, Colorado, uplifting people from all walks of life from those who are dealing with stress, dissatisfaction, and lack of direction, to those who want to reconnect to their dreams and need to upgrade their confidence and skills. Harlan works with people from around the United States helping them create their dreams and live with authenticity. His thoughtfulness lifts the spirit and feeds the appetite of hunger for originality in the hearts of his allies. His coaching and guided visualizations have led his allies to experience positive, productive transformation in their personal growth. Harlans' sense of humor, his outlook on life, and his expertise in overcoming adversity have made him one of the most energetically tuned-in new coaches in Colorado.


Boulder  ·  Colorado


After completing a BS in Business Management in 2011, Harlan achieved certifications as a Stress Management Coach, Elite Life Coach, and a third level Reiki Master/Teacher. Feeling dissatisfied with his path in the business world, and desiring to make a greater impact with people, Harlan left his corporate position to start his own coaching practice. Previous to the launch of his coaching practice, Harlan acquired over 25 years of sales, coaching, and management experience, along with previous micro-business success. From early in his youth, Harlan has had a gift for inspiring others to feel amazing from the inside-out. Through his own journey of transformation and personal development, Ohm Energetics is the genesis of Harlan's life work. Through Ohm Energetics, Harlan has developed a proven system that guarantees results, eliminates the risk of partnering with the wrong coach, and insures exceptional coaching packages at a cost that will always hit the sweet spot.

Licenses & Certifications

Certified Stress Management Coach Certified Elite Life Coach


Unlimited Messaging:   $29 / week
30-minute Phone/Video Consultation:   $60

Client Reviews for Harlan Snyder

When I started working with Harlan, it was to assist me in the progression of starting a new business.I didn't realize that my behavior patterns were affecting both my professional life as well as my personal life. While exploring and committing to make the best of one, I was gifted with improvement in all aspects of my life. I finally feel I am who, and where I should be. It is such an overwhelming and liberating feeling. Harlan provided the tools, support and encouragement necessary to unblock my negative perceptions and energy and eliminate my limiting beliefs. He also provided a safe, non-judging, compassionate, and insightful environment that allowed me to explore, experiment, and discover who I was truly meant to be, and I cannot thank him enough!
― Tanya H.
When I hired Harlan I wasn't sure what to expect I just needed a radical change in my life... after being only half through the sessions I can't believe how much more aware of my beliefs, values, patterns, emotions. Harlan helps me change my life step by step and I'm so grateful!
― Audrie H.
After a couple counselors, a psychiatrist and a ton of webinars over at least a 3-year period, I still felt like there was something I just wasn’t getting from myself, about myself. I found Harlan by doing an online search. Met for his free 2 hour offer and couldn’t wait to get started! Every week I learned new things about myself. I kept thinking how could there be more? But I always finished each week inspired to learn more and amazed at the changes going on in my life in all areas. I now have the tools he taught me to continue to grow & evolve into my best version of me! Harlan is open minded and free of judgment. I felt I could say anything and could talk for hours. He coached me through my blocks in a way that now allows me to recognize them before they become problems. I am forever grateful!
― Deena S.
Harlan makes an excellent life coach. He helped me understand myself better. He has great creative activities that helped me discover myself. I got expected outcome from this coaching and highly recommend Harlan as an excellent Life Coach for anyone looking to take personal development to the next level.
― Sheetal G.
I can't imagine (and I don't want to) the path I would be on right now if it wasn't for Harlan. I'm guessing broken and unfulfilled would come to mind most quickly. The lessons that I have learned with him have been life changing in a way I wouldn't have imagined. I am so thankful to him for the guidance and patience I have received over our sessions. I refer him to anyone looking for more direction or purpose from their life. I couldn't be happier with all of the work and energy he has put into my process!!
― Jessica D.
Amazing person to talk with and be coached by. In a moment in my life when I was tired of self-sabotaging my relationship and my happiness, I looked for help because I couldn't see and find the solution by myself. After our first session, Harlan started to give me so many tools and helped me to build a plan where I could reconnect with my values, learn to live from them and find peace within myself. I will keep him like a friend and a mentor. If you're looking to reconnect with your real self and create the best version of your life, Harlan will help you get there.
― Carlos S.
Harlan and his style and techniques were exactly what I needed. I was nervous going in, knowing I would have to expose some of my deepest fears along with some of my most outrageous ambitions, but Harlan quickly made me feel comfortable to open up. He is very relatable and I quickly realized how passionate he was to help me. Over the course of our sessions he made me dig deep, think critically, and address things I had never even thought about. He provides a perfect mixture of compassion and leadership, listening to me and understanding me on my deepest levels and then providing techniques and guidance to address my situation.
― Jordan C.
The best choice I made was to schedule the two hour coaching session with Harlan at He really made me feel comfortable and I was able to open up and really take a good look at myself without feeling judged.
― Mandy B.
Harlan Snyder's M.I.N.D.F.U.L. process has greatly enriched my daily life. His professional caring approach has helped me unlock the tools to live authentically and deliberately. I highly recommend this program for anyone who wishes to take control of their life and realize their fullest potential.
― Sarah L.

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