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About Coach Elena Carlotta Manavis

After being a Marketer living between Greece and Italy she evolved as a Location Independent Entrepreneur developing a Career in Business Development, launching a company focused on bringing Smart Working in Corporates to optimise their Business Ecosystem. Passionate in contribution setting businesses based on values not on profit, creative and innovative with a strong call in new technologies and services simplifying people's life. Activist in the cause of Equality between sexes she founded the Up to Me project to provide tools to Women all over the world to emancipate theirselves and beat the prejudice to build the dream life. In her free time enjoying travelling, learning new languages and meeting new cultures, writing and photograph.


Problem Solving, Work flow organisation, Time Management, Resources Optimisation, Work life balance, Finding new revenue streams, Setting up businesses with low budget, fixing unhealthy business situations.

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

No matter if is about Business, Life, Growth Hack or Organise: with this plan I can assure you will start GETTING THINGS DONE NOW! With a 12 sessions commitment you will have a kick off program that will allow you to set your goals, create a game-plan and start achieving them in short time! The sessions can be used in an intensive mode, 1 per week at a fix time-date or with a smooth approach, biweekly, and a work with relationship for not less than 3 months. Are you ready to rock?

Looking for a Business Growth? Financial Improvement? Marketing Strategy? Better Work-life balance or a Business Optimisation? A person is not enough, except if this person is coming with a whole package of A class experts! Starting this program guarantees you the services of a team, with the fee of a consultant. The minimum required commitment is three months, to achieve the first consistent results and see your Business taking the shift you weren't thinking about. Yes, three months only and you will get the first outcomes! With this program you will have guaranteed a working model on delivery: there's no limit in time, follow up and contact. However the efficiency of results and the set up will make you spending less time and grow faster than ever before. Feel free to contact me for any question or book your first strategy session with no commitments.

Client Reviews for Elena Carlotta Manavis

Working with Elena is a great opportunity to grow my business! Organization, planning and precision in work make Elena the best Business Coach I've ever worked with. With her supervision , my business, in addition to growing, also favored my growth as a person. Worldwide experience makes her a complete business coach, prepared for every situation! Highly recommended for anyone wishing to order their own business, seeing it grow day by day!
― Vincenzo P.
Elena Carlotta is intuitive, great strategic planner and seeing the bigger picture of your business and especially your skills and talents. I would recommend Elena to anyone that wants to efficiently optimize their small business and their teams productivity.
― Lisette S.
Elena Carlotta is an inspiring coach and a real treasure box of tools that will organize your workflow, balance your life in all aspects, boost your sales, strategize marketing and PR activities etc. etc. Cooperation with her brings satisfaction that can be measured in your revenue and profit figures and amount of unleashed energy that you feel thanks to the optimization in work. Strongly recommend!
― Agnieszka K.
I am what the Career coach Emilie Wapnick calls "multipotentialite", someone with many interests, many jobs over a lifetime, and many interlocking potentials. But there was a moment in my life where I was stuck and lost into too many dream, opportunities and options and I was unable to choose my direction. Luckily I met Elena. I will never forget what she said during our very first session. "You are not your business but your business is you". It was true, it is true. Thank to her experience she immediately recognise that I needed firstly to work on my balance, my time schedule, my ability of say "no" and my attitude of working inefficiently too much. She guided me, she gave me all the tools I needed to bring my multi-potentiality into a creative, tangible and rewording project. A project that reflects the best version of me. I highly recommend to work with her. I hope you will be so lucky to have her on your team.
― Claudia M.

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