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Life Coach Sharon Joe - Carson, California, United States

Sharon Joe

Carson  ·  California  ·  United States
Personal  ·  Relationships  ·  Career  ·  Spiritual  ·  Stress

Personal Coaching (Life and Spiritual Coach)

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I am an observer. Being the youngest, the last of 5, I could do nothing but watch my sibling. As I grow up, I observed people out of the house. As I grow even older, I moved my observation to the people of the world. In my time living and observing, I began to understand people; the whats, whys and the hows. I understand people and am sensitive to where they are. This is helpful when assisting them to where they want to go.


Carson  ·  California  ·  United States


Expert Listener

Licenses & Certifications

Spiritual Coach Certification ACSTH from Life Purpose Institute Life Coach Certification from Life Purpose Institute


Unlimited Messaging:   $29 / week
30-minute Phone/Video Consultation:   $50

Client Reviews

Thank you for the lessons and advice you shared during our consultations. During difficult and challenging moments, I continue to use the tools you taught me in our sessions. My life has taken a very positive turn over the past 2 years and the principles your lessons help me to build, continue to serve me well. H. Louis M.

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