Life coach Sabrina Guedes - Brusque, Santa Catarina, Brazil - Weight Loss Management and
Life Coach Sabrina Guedes - Brusque, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Sabrina Guedes

Brusque  ·  Santa Catarina  ·  Brazil
Personal  ·  Health  ·  Stress

Weight Loss Management and habit change


Losing weight and getting healthy might seem easy, but when you realize it involves time management, relationships, stress, and almost every single field of your life, it might feel overwhelming. You don't have to go through all this by yourself! As a Weight Loss Management Coach I can help you change your mind, and then your life!


Brusque  ·  Santa Catarina  ·  Brazil

Licenses & Certifications

Udemy - Life Coaching Certification Expert Rating - Weight Loss Management Coaching Certification Health Coaching Institute - Weight Loss Coaching Certification


Unlimited Messaging:   $29 / week
30-minute Phone/Video Consultation:   $100

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