Life Coach Lamya Gazzaz - Jeddah / Istanbul, Turkey

Coach Lamya Gazzaz

Jeddah / Istanbul  ·  Turkey
Personal Coaching  ·  Family Coaching  ·  Career Coaching  ·  Communication Coaching  ·  Academic Coaching  ·  Stress Coaching

Life Coaching: achieving life's purpose and desired goals particularly in relation to career choices, work-life balance and dealing with personal/professional challenges

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About Coach Lamya Gazzaz

I am Saudi National, completed my post graduate education in the U.K & living in Istanbul for the last 4 years.


PhD Nursing Msc. Health Education/Promotion 25 years experience in areas of speciality in addition to management, leadership, team building, conflict resolution, mentoring, career guidance & goals setting/achievement

Licenses & Certifications

Practititioner Coach Diploma Awarded by Noble Manhattan Accredited by iLm, IIC & M, DANUBIUS

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

Client Reviews for Lamya Gazzaz

As head of mentor training this is a first to have received a request for a testimonial prior to a student finishing the course. However, as Lamya is one of my own students, I know her well enough to provide one. Plus, I applaud her initiative and determination to succeed. Therefore, I have pleasure in supplying the following in the hope it helps her achieve her aims and objectives of securing more pro-bone clients for her practice. As Lamya's Mentor Coach assigned to me by Noble Manhattan, Europe's leading training provider, it is my responsibility to support her with the practical element of her coaching course. Therefore, I can confirm that Lamya has coached me on three separate scenarios over a three month period. Challenging subjects included: ¥ Improving my time management skills ¥ A range of health issues ¥ Achieving more focus and success at work. Lamya is a dedicated student with high standards. She is also a focused and challenging coach. Consequently, I happily recommend her to anyone who also wants to improve their personal or business life. I wish her the very best with her ongoing self-development and feel confident that her clients will benefit from her results orientated approach.
Lamya Gazzaz has been coaching me for several weeks now. As a coach she is both insightful and intuitive, she listens at a level that most people never achieve, and demonstrates true empathy. Also she is a strong motivator and is very generous with her vast knowledge and skills. I strongly commend her to youÓ.
I am pleased to endorse Lamya Gazzaz for her outstanding coaching skills. We started coaching sessions as students practicing for our Noble Manhattan Practitioner Diploma. I was initially impressed by Lamya's professionalism, rapport building and in-depth knowledge of human nature. During the past year, we had sessions on weekly basis and Lamya provided me with great support and understanding. Thanks to her authentic coaching approach I have positively changed a lot. She has been my mirror, my catalyst, bearing with me in the process of getting the best out of myself, setting up my goals, priorities, creating plans, and taking one step at the time in the direction of achieving them. I have never been judged even in the times, when my closest people did judge me. I have never been told what to do even when I have asked for it. Lamya focused on developing my personal potentials and my personal skills making me independent and confident. Lamya is positive and straightforward while still being encouraging as a magnificent coach does. Her ability to navigate complicated issues, to communicate and to feed the essence back creates a great added value for the clientÓ.
Lamya is a very warm, practical minded and expansive thinking coach. When she is coaching me Lamya challenges my mind to think of the bigger picture of how far I have come and where I want to go. She brings with her coaching experience a wealth of worldly knowledge having travelled extensively and with over 25 years of being in the caring profession of nursing she understands and empathises with people and their varied characters. Lamya has coached me on a variety of subjects and each time I learn a little bit more about myself whilst carrying out the action steps required to achieve my goals. If you are fortunate enough to have her as a coach you will feel at ease in her company knowing that she will facilitate you to achieve whatever you set out to or what you need for yourselfÓ.
An excellent session from Lamya who displayed superior intuition, maturity of judgement, high levels of rapport and client understanding plus the ability to recap with clarity and a level of enthusiasm that matched and mirrored her clientÕs prior to asking relevant questions that drove the session forward by following his agenda and thereby enabling him to achieve his goals. Rapport, as mentioned, was excellent throughout with a wide variety of open questions that enabled the session to develop into a progressive flowing conversation with the clientÕs goal (agenda) always kept a both the client and the coaches mind. The client felt fully at ease and LamyaÕs skilful questions confirmed within him a genuine enthusiasm for the outcome as internal barriers to identity change dissolved in a positive, towards and enabling wayÓ

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