Life coach Scott Golden - fort wayne, in, United States - life coaching, stress management,
Life Coach Scott Golden - fort wayne, in, United States

Scott Golden

fort wayne  ·  Indiana  ·  United States
Personal  ·  Relationships  ·  Family  ·  Romantic  ·  Career  ·  Business  ·  Communication  ·  Spiritual  ·  Stress

life coaching, stress management, career coaching, relationship and dating coaching communication coaching

Response Rate: Within 4 Hours


28,000 completed coaching sessions in the last 10 years. Have a basis in the science of change.


fort wayne  ·  Indiana  ·  United States

Licenses & Certifications

strategic intervention coach from rmt.


Unlimited Messaging:   $29 / week
30-minute Phone/Video Consultation:   $50

Client Reviews

Sometimes we just need a downpour of a rainstorm to clear the air. He is a professional motivational speaker and coach with a heart of gold. His session have also helped me remember the interconnectedness of all Life. Miracles happen everyday if we are paying attention enough to recognize them, and if we love ourselves enough to receive them. Thank You Scott.
I feel that this service is going to help my situation significantly. I never thought coaching would help me but after my conversation with Scott I am questioning why I didn't try this sooner.
My first (and second) experience with this company/Scott Golden has been fantastic! He paid very close attention to my goals, and was extremely informative about his work and how he could help. 2 thumbs up!
Very encouraged by first conversation. Insightful and innovative with his approach.
I've had one session thus far with Scott and I really enjoy working with him. He's been helpful, introspective, and has challenged me on some of my thinking (which is exactly what I've wanted). Excited to see what the future holds.
Scott understands and listens using a non traditional approach. I have spoken to psychologists that follow text book methods but Scott's approach to Life Coaching is applying real life! Thank You

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