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Corporate/Executive Coaching, Personal/Family and Life Coaching, Education/Career Design and Academic Coaching, Gender/Sexuality/Fertility Coaching, Dating/Divorce/Marriage Coaching, Coaching in Anxiety/Stress Management/Perfectionism, Coaching in Loss/Grief/Spiritual Direction, Adults with ADD/ADHD, Millenial/Boomer Life Transition Coaching, Coaching in Human/Pet Relationships, Technology Addiction Coaching, Coaching in general issues related to distraction, loss of motivation/creativity, social isolation and feeling overwhelmed with the state of the planet.

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About Coach Jan Hill Ph.D

I believe that every moment presents an opportunity for change and for emotional, spiritual and physical growth. New skills and perspectives help us see these opportunities and move beyond our hesitation to become the best version of ourself. If you feel the urge to change, its time to listen to yourself, and embrace the mischief of life!!! I am founder and principle at the Canadian Institute for Positive Living where clients learn to achieve their goals through holistic integration of self, spirit, intellect and body. I remain President of LifeWorks Coaching, Counseling and Consulting, which was a coaching startup in 1998 - long before coaching became 'a thing'. I have trained hundreds of coaches in multiple modalities and continue to teach coaching related skills and /human behaviour as a University faculty member in Toronto. I love animals of all sorts and enjoy an active, outdoor-oriented lifestyle with my furry family of rescue dogs and cats.


Ph.D. in human relations with a specialization in helping people (re)discover their deepest passions, and bring those passions into all aspects of their daily life and their relationships. Small changes help break down procrastination and inertia. Consistent, easy shifts in consciousness generate great change. I am a professionally trained coach with nearly 20 years experience working with clients to make changes in their personal and work life. I have coached in personal, corporate, executive and not for profit arenas. I have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs in their business start up. With 25 years of experience as a university professor teaching in the field of human behaviour, I have coached many students in academic direction and academic success. I have a strong background in evidence-based research on human behaviour, and formal training in spiritual psychotherapy. I have trained coaches for over a decade in various certified modalities. I take your feelings/dreams/fears and experiences seriously, and have specific training in addictions and trauma, specifically sexual violence and violence against women and children. I am trained in a wide arena of modalities, from traditional solution-focused cognitive approaches to Hypnotherapy, Meditation, Yoga, Expressive Arts and Body Psychotherapy techniques. I utilize Neuro-linguistic programming techniques if required. Past life regression, time line therapy, jungian analysis available upon request. How we work together depends upon your life experiences, your preferences/circumstances and your learning style.

Licenses & Certifications

Ph.D. (Sociology: Identity Studies/Social Relations) Master Certified Coach (ICF and ABNLP) Certified MentorCoach Instructor and Certified Life Skills Coach Trainer Master Certified Practitioner: NeuroLinguistic Programming Master Practitioner: Time Line Therapy Instructor and Master Certified Hypnotherapist (AHA, AHPT) Certified Yoga Instructor Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) Certificate in Human Resources Management Certificate in Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Coaching Rates

Have a 60-minute phone or video call with your coach.

Are you looking for a coach who 'gets' you - a coach who listens to you and understands your perspective? Are you wondering if I might be that coach? It's important to find the coach you are looking for, and to be sure we are 'a good fit' before investing in a monthly package, I offer a one-time discovery session at a reduced price. Let's discuss the changes you wish to make, and what working together might look like.

3- 55 minute sessions consistently scheduled throughout 1 month. Work on specific skills and/or explore deeper issues. 'Homework' between sessions for those who wish it. Do you have 'personal issues' related to intimate relationships, family and parenting? Do you have burn out or suffer from anxiety and stress related issues? Do you frequently feel misunderstood or never have time for yourself? Are you longing for a sense of purpose that makes you want to leap out of bed in the morning and begin your day? Do you have unresolved issues that keep you awake at night wondering what went wrong and what you might have done differently? These are just a few of the challenges you might wish to overcome in regular weekly sessions.

Do you have 'personal issues' related to intimate relationships, family and parenting? Do you have burn out or suffer from anxiety and stress related issues? Do you frequently feel misunderstood or never have time for yourself? Are you longing for a sense of purpose that makes you want to leap out of bed in the morning and begin your day? Do you have unresolved issues that keep you awake at night wondering what went wrong and what you might have done differently? 3 55 minute session in a month paid in advance

3 - 55 minute sessions scheduled at a consistent time throughout a month. You leave with detailed tasks to accomplish between sessions. Build your business infrastructure.

55 minute session scheduled within 5 days of request.

Client Reviews for Jan Hill Ph.D

I'm a person who feels really overwhelmed by the destruction of the earth and I try to do my best to live kindly and value all the life on this planet. I often feel negative about people and angry, and this makes it hard to achieve my goals to be an activist for change. Dr. Jan has taught me how to regulate my emotion and work for change in a peaceful way. I feel lots more effective in my job and calmer in my relationships with others. I now realize that there are a lot of us, mostly under the age of 30, who feel like this and either are completely debilitated by sadness or walking around feeling really angry. Dr. Jan can help you understand these feelings and how to use them to come to together to do the important work of saving the planet. I met her when she came to my organization to talk about vicarious trauma in front line workers and social activists. Thanks so much for helping me understand my self better and my place in this world too.
― Aaron M.
I suffered from extreme anxiety that would overtake me while driving to work, and last for most of the day. Jan taught me several techniques that enabled me to manage this anxiety in the morning, and alleviate the stress during the day. She also helped me build relaxing moments into my daily life, on an ongoing basis throughout my day. Now I can sit at my desk, or in a meeting and instead of feeling my blood pressure rise, I can breathe deeply and run a few of the protocols in my head and feel ready to be part of the team. Jan helped me keep my job and keep my mind!!!!
― Gerry R.
It's like Dr. Jan can read my mind! She knows exactly what the issue is and what options I have to change the situation. I have coached with her for 3 years and have left every session with an 'omg moment' about my relationship, my business or my family issues.
― Aaron A.
I am a coach - I'm a very good coach. I needed coach supervision for credentialing purposes. Jan was recommended to me by several different people who had met Jan or worked with her at some point in time. Jan is an amazing coach! I learned more from her over the last 2 years than I learned in my 500 hours of formal coach training. If you are a coach who wants to up their game significantly and learn from the best, then you need to work with Jan.
― Kirsten B.
Jan is the most brilliant person I have ever met. And because she has been a university professor for years, she knows the ins and outs of the educational system. This helped me a lot when trying to get into university and through university! Now I am in law school, thanks to Dr. Jan's coaching.
― Sally D.
Dr. Hill helped me explore my feelings around purposely having a child later in life and being a single mother. It seemed like an overwhelming undertaking, yet I didn't want to miss out on having a child just because I hadn't found my life partner yet. Dr. Hill helped me separate the real issues from the imagined ones, and move forward on my dream to have a child. I have found my courage, and have put my dreams in motion.
I met Dr. Hill at student services where she spoke to us about how to organize our student life, and manage our student experience more effectively. I didn't have the marks to get into grad school, so I was back to upgrade some courses. Over the next few months, Dr. Hill helped me organize my student work and develop my many skills that I didn't even know that I needed in order to succeed at University. I finished my year with much better marks then ever before and have applied to grad school. I wish I had done this in first year. My life would have been much easier, and my achievements would have been much higher.
I was at a crossroads in my undergrad education - I just wasn't sure what my next steps would be and how to end up in the kind of career where I could thrive and meet my life goals. Jan helped me figure all that out. She knows alot about what you need to get to where you want to go. And she can also help you figure out where you want to go.
Jan made it easy to achieve greater success at work and in my personal life - these were 2 areas where I had wanted to make changes for some time now. Now things are going great.
Jan Hill is a 'coaches coach'. She brought my business and my coaching skills to a greater level of mastery.
She rocks! I was in rehab 3 years ago. Now I'm in med school. I worked hard but Jan's wisdom and support lead the way. Without her coaching, I am sure my dreams would not be coming true right now.
I met Jan years ago when she was my professor. She taught me a lot about myself in those classes - something that was valuable to me outside the classroom. And now I am working with her to help me identify and achieve my career goals. She is not afraid to give me the push I need, when I need it. And yet, I always feel comfortable and inspired. She really believes in me. And that makes me believe in me.
Talk to her - she will blow your mind! Your life with change, and you will become who you always knew you were.
I needed help with business startup - sound advice about strategies that would work in my industry, as well as a solid business plan. Jan helped me create that. She knows her stuff.
Until I worked with Jan I would have described myself as chronically single. That's because I spent so many years not happy in relationships and had just given up. I learned how to make better choices when meeting potential 'dates', so that I could develop a relationship where I could truly be happy. Now I have a great partner with marriage on the horizon.
I was in a horrible marriage with a young child and no job. Jan helped me focus and get out of that place in my life. Now I am in a much better place with no chaos, making a decent living for myself and my child.
Dr. Jan is a great speaker and very knowledgeable about relationships. I was headed for a messy divorce and hired Jan to help me navigate through the emotional upheaval and the practical logistics of breaking up my family. Within 4 months, we were back together, feeling stronger in our relationship than ever. Jan identified the key areas for change and taught me the skills I needed to change the way my husband and I interacted. I highly recommend Dr. Jan. She got results beyond what I, as her client, dreamed possible.
At first I was a bit intimidated because Jan seemed like a super-expert. So I didn't call her, and just kept wanting to call her. Then I took the chance and she changed my life with her great insights and helpful ideas. We worked on so many things together. She is kind and patient and always understands what I am saying.
Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant. She showed me how to communicate better with my family and in the workplace. It works! Within 4 months I got a promotion - people noticed my new management skills. Dr. Jan was the key to my personal and professional success.
Under Jan's leadership I personally have grown as a woman and as a person in so many ways. Because of Jan's coaching and mentoring I am now committed to continue to evolve and change.
Jan has a way of connecting with people from all walks of life. Her sweet heart and caring nature shine through into all aspects of her life. It is this natural energy and sincerity that she directs appropriately to all arenas in which she is involved.
The powerful coaching relationship that Jan and I developed has yielded the publication of two books and the creation of an effective public platform and a professional self-confidence that is strong and unshakable.
Jan has a unique ability to brighten any room that she walks into.
I was not convinced that someone else could really 'get me', but Jan did! Each week we worked together to identify those deepest held beliefs that were holding me back. We worked consistently on this for 6 months, and the hard work paid off. Coaching with Jan was worth the investment. Plus, she is really funny - which made it easier to really look at myself and accept the things I needed to change.
Best coach ever! Jan helped me identify key places to tweak my approach/perspective and things suddenly really shifted for me. My relationship improved and I finally went after, and got, my dream job. Big things come from small shifts - I see that now thanks to Jan.
Jan has made a difference in my life, both in academics and in my professional career. [...] As well, Jan has also collaborated with my company, Pemco, in the role of consultant, working with troubled employees and assisting management in establishing and transforming our culture to meet the demands and realities of the new global economy.
Dr. Jan Hill changed my life and I am forever grateful for this.
Jan has a unique ability to inspire personal growth and change. Her own commitment to life long learning is something I as her student and menthe work to emulate everyday. She has helped me to focus on my unique career path, and has inspired me to live my authentic self. She has worked with me to become self-aware, and I appreciate her guidance and wisdom daily.
Jan has impacted my life, both personally and professionally, in a very positive and dynamic way and I can recommend her warmly.
Jan has the ability to make you feel connected, heard and cared about. She taught me to step out of my comfort zone, in the quest for learning and for researching goals.
Jan is always upbeat and has a quick sense of humour that makes her very enjoyable to work with. She is creative and artful in the way she finds positive solutions to problems at hand.
Time and time again, Jan has helped me by understanding my problem or situation, giving it context and adding specific insights, theories, practices or suggestions. In this way I have learned significantly from Jan and found great success in her coaching services.
Jan has strong skills of discernment, and is able to integrate many areas of knowledge quickly. She is highly creative, driven, committed, curious, and cares passionately about clients. Jan has high energy.
Jan has a great presence and listens with intellect, and intuition, to identify the real needs of the individual with whom she is working, and coach them to find their own answers. She is equally adept however, in the consulting role, when someone needs clear direction from an advisor. Jan promotes problem solving through dialogue, and crucial conversation, even when others may not be totally comfortable with the process. She is a successful and skillful moderator in these situations. Jan adapts her teaching/coaching as appropriate to a given and/or changing situation - conjoint, humouring, leading and/or challenging individuals as indicated, to achieve results.
Dr. Hill brings to any space her own special brand of leadership that draws not only upon her academic achievements and knowledge but also upon her external successes in the realms of business, group facilitation, coaching, therapy, writing and editing and curriculum design. Dr. Hill approaches any person with respect, compassion and curiosity. She is prepared to meet people where they are at in their unique locations in life and to act as a conduit to their successes. With her generosity of spirit, Dr. Hill thrives upon being a catalyst for others as they move toward realizing their potentials, whether they are in understanding academic concepts or overcoming internal or external barriers to personal achievement.
You don't want to miss a word she has to say. The tenderness in her choice of words brings your own sense of accomplishments to the forefront and leaves you wanting more and more.
She is not just an insightful coach but a brilliant and creative thinker, a wide and compassionate teacher, and a generous and thoughtful team player.
I found Dr. Hill to be a highly skilled, empathic coach who understands the unique requirements of busy adult clients. Her material was thoroughly prepared and delivered in a relaxed, efficient & enjoyable manner.
Not only is her experience and knowledge impressive and expansive - she also has a natural talent for interacting with people - and is both introverted and extroverted when needed.
If you're considering to train as a professional coach or just to better your own life, attending a course with Jan is an investment with great potential return. She is a person who knows the power of dialogue, the value of responsiveness in teacher-discipline relationships, and the relaxing and healing power of laughter.
Two things I most appreciated about Jan were her matter-of-factness and her non-judgemental demeanour - so much so that many times it made perfect sense to simply take what she said verbatim. She also equally appreciated and passionately considered alternative viewpoints.
I began talking with Dr. Jan Hill because of a friend, who thought I could benefit from her coaching. At the time I was at a crossroads as far as my career. With much hesitation I agreed to speak with Dr. Hill ... within a very short time I was able to see why my very insightful friend suggested Dr. Hill. Not only did I get back to work, but I gained clarity in my everyday life. Thank you Dr. Hill for your soft and very effective way of coaching ... You made a sceptic into a believer.
She seems to intuitively know when to challenge me, when to push me and when to leave me on my own. With the perfect mix, she causes me to grow and improve.

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