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Coach Kate Lynn

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Finding your life's purpose, spiritual seeking, deepening your self-confidence / self-esteem / self-love, holistic health & wellbeing, rediscovering joy, passion and meaning.

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About Coach Kate Lynn

I believe we all have the power to DISCOVER and BE the best version of ourselves. This journey isn't voluntary, in fact, it's the ultimate purpose in life. Discovering your highest self takes commitment and hard work, but it doesn't have to cause suffering. Through my coaching I help clients move through stress, anxiety, sadness and pain, and reshape their relationship with these unavoidable aspects of life. I am here to support you, to create a sacred, accepting, non-judgmental space, and also to CHALLENGE you to question your beliefs and take meaningful action to create the life you love. As a survivor of trauma, I love supporting other survivors through their healing and transformation. I believe Post-Traumatic Growth (the benevolent cousin to PTSD) is possible with the right sort of support. Quite often pain is the greatest teacher. I LOVE to support clients in: - detangling your identity from who others have told you to be - usurping the power of your "Inner Critic", and decreasing mental ruminations - rekindling self-love, self-worth, and releasing self-judgement/doubt - moving through fear to push yourself beyond your "edge" (of your comfort zone) My approach draws from: - positive psychology - mindfulness - yogic philosophy - the non-dogmatic side of various spiritual traditions, including Buddhism, Christian mysticism, Kabbalah I believe the most effective and efficient way to create change is by focusing on the internal and external in tandem. Lasting external change is dependent on making internal changes. . . No matter how peachy your external circumstances, if you haven't addressed your inner demons your problems will eventually manifest again. Are you yearning for more peace, clarity and fulfillment in your life, but feel stuck in mental and emotional patterns that are keeping you from living with ease and joy? It would be my pleasure and privilege to support you on your journey. CONTACT ME to set up a free discovery call and explore how I might be able to help you create the life you love! <3


> Mindfulness > Meditation techniques > Breathing practices (pranayama) > Discovering your life's purpose > Deprogramming limiting beliefs > Reducing the power of the "Inner Critic" or mental ruminations > Deepening self-compassion, self-love, self-acceptance > Rediscovering joy, passion, fulfillment > Letting go of control and opening yourself up to what is

Licenses & Certifications

> Psychology Degree (B.A.) from Northwestern University > Extensive studies in yogic philosophy, asana, and pranayama training > Varied Mindfulness & Meditation trainings > Certified Domancic Bio-Energy Practitioner (energy healing modality) > Designed and built the first online trauma-informed sexual assault reporting platform I also have experience facilitating numerous groups, including: - peer support groups around healing from trauma - monthly women's meditation group and sharing circle

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

Client Reviews for Kate Lynn

She is so patient and kind and sometimes eerily intuitive! I love how she sends me notes from the sessions so I can really focus on being present in the moment. She helped me improve my self-compassion and self-love - something that's always been very hard for me.
― Molly G.
I am so grateful for the chance to work with and get to know Kate. She supported me through a crazy terrible period of depression after a major traumatic event. . . I don't know where I would be today without her love and support. Her love for her coaching clients really shines through in every interaction. I would highly recommend working with her.
― Meg M.
Kate is wise beyond her years! Her compassion and non-judgmental approach helped me to work through my fears of taking the plunge into grad school and build up the courage to pursue my dream job. In our work together I was able to identify my "inner critic" and stop being so hard on myself, as well as deepen my self care and daily rituals that help me be my best self day-to-day. Thank you Kate!
― Kelly K.

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