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Transform yourself to FLOURISH. Expertise: Business coaching, Spiritual & Life Coaching, Applied Creativity to Problem Solving (Design Thinking), Building Community & Culture

About Coach Denise Dziwak

Transformation to FLOURISH - Connecting us to peace, love and joy Denise Dziwak works as a transformational coach, business consultant, author and speaker. Her strengths include high levels of intuition, empathy, creativity that enables organizations and teams to achieve exceptional RESULTS; discipline, with which nothing seems impossible; she is a visionary woman, helping others create their own vision and making it happen. She works independently and also for highly prestigious organizations such as Vistage, the largest CEOs organization in the world, Axialent, the consulting firm funded by Fred Kofman and pioneer in the use of Conscious Business.


Industrial engineer graduated with honors 10 years of corporate experience in marketing Trained thousands of executives in South America Consulted billion dollar businesses using creativity for problem Solving Meditation teacher Spiritual coaching Conscious Business coaching Executive coaching Life coaching Recognized by Fred Kofman, Silicon Valley coaching guru, as valuabel for any leader looking to grow as they learn and develop themselves

Licenses & Certifications

Industrial engineer 2001 -instituto tecnolgico de Buenos Aires ICC 2010 member coaching and NLP Ontological Coaching degree from ICP argentina 2011 Touch for health therapist 2012 conscious business coach by conscious business center Fred Kofman 2016 Inner bonding facilitator in traIning

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

Client Reviews for Denise Dziwak

I learnt what forgiveness means for me.. How our imagination of our future, separates us from the attraction of what is available to us NOW. And how nothing material or technical can connect us to our hearts or soul! The value of being real and learning to accept and love myself and others, means we can let go of expectations and be free from judgements. A beautiful place to be. Xx
― Nicola Potter - Counsellor/Psychotherapist - UK
Working with Denise was a deep and gentle process which allowed me to reconnect and care for my Inner Child. Learning to be more loving, compassionate and forgiving to my Inner Child led to being a more gentle, compassionate and forgiving mother towards my sons, especially towards my second son who suffers from severe dyslexia, dyscalculia and Asperger. This gentle energy which grew from working with Denise got Louis to open up to love and transform our relationship. Thank you Denise for being this loving and gentle facilitator of this beautiful transformation. Steph XXX
― Stephane Burton

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