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About Coach April Tyrrell

I have been happily married for 27 years and am the mother of two young-adult sons. My coaching practice is a blend of my professional knowledge and my personal experiences as a wife, mother, and coach. I absolutely love the opportunity to work with individuals, couples, and families to help them realize the benefit of positive communication and its power to strengthen their closest relationships. My husband and I have built a coaching practice together of which we are both passionate and extremely proud. When I'm not coaching, I am either spoiling our two pugs, Cross-fitting, shopping, or reading.


As a relationship coach, I have worked with couples and families for over 10 years, helping them navigate communication challenges and strengthen their relationships. I provide premarital coaching, as well as coaching for couples in all stages of their relationships, including couples who want to proactively strengthen their relationship, who may need a "tune-up" to reconnect, or couples who find themselves in a crisis situation. The common thread that exists in all relationships is the desire to be heard, understood, validated, nurtured, and loved unconditionally. The same needs exist in family relationships. In addition to my work with couples, I also have worked extensively with families to help them build trust, strengthen communication, establish boundaries, and set consistent, healthy routines. My work with families has included adult parent-child conflicts; challenges related to divorce; various parenting struggles; issues unique to blended families, as well as helping parents and teens navigate the challenges that are unique to this age. Additionally, I have also worked in education for over 10 years with adolescents and their families to help them make educational decisions and deal with the unique personal/social issues of this age. In addition to my coaching practice, I am also a high school counselor.

Licenses & Certifications

M.Ed. Certified NLP Practitioner

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

Client Reviews for April Tyrrell

April Tyrrell is a fantastic listener and offers me helpful insight in various challenges that I may have as a mother, wife and professional. She helps me to identify areas that I can work on but also helps me to recognize things that I am doing well. I can always count on April to actively listen to me and make me feel like what I am going through is valid and important. She has a very genuine and caring nature.
April's advice, listening skills, understanding nature, and calm demeanor make her a fantastic coach/consultant for any and all situations life may throw at an individual, family, or couple. I cannot recommend her highly enough!
April has been absolutely fantastic! She is flexible and extremely caring and helpful. We are very glad we found her!
My boyfriend and I have been working with April for over a month and she is a professional in every sense of the word. She is easy to communicate with, extremely flexible with our schedule and comes prepared with ideas to take us to the next level in our relationship. She adds a very personal touch with her willingness to be contacted throughout the coaching process. She has a forward thinking approach, has us complete creative activities and assigns homework so we are held accountable. As a goal oriented person, she has been a great fit for us. I would definitely recommend her to anyone needing coaching or consulting.
After 1 phone call & 1 meeting I feel comfortable as this was my first time with a counselor. She listens (and remembers!) and follows up/thru
April has been an incredible source of positive energy in my life. I was at a point where I felt very stuck and unsure of how to move forward, and within just a few months, I already have friends commenting to me about how much stronger and more positive I seem. I feel like I am myself again for the first time in years. April is a true asset to have in life.

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