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About Coach Jill Robertson Kibbey

As an expat, film business creative, mom of three and certified life and creativity coach...helping others come up with creative solutions that best support their intentions is second nature to me. I've overcome relationship issues, "started over" several times, adapted to new cultures, morphed from actress to writer, to set decorator, to teacher, to mom, to coach and back again. My strengths as a coach have been described as "dancing in the moment", "resourcefulness", "intuition", and "connection". An avid Desire Mapper, I seek to experience life and actively create through my Core Desired Feelings: Creative Abundance, Shakti and Freedom. I'm a licensed Desire Map Coach and Fire Starter and KaizenMuze Creativity Coach.




25 years of experience in international film and television as a creative project manager and team player...I have learned to communicate efficiently, listen actively and take action effectively in this business. Project Management 101... Acting training and ongoing activity has given me tools and insight into the art of being human. Without empathy and the ability to understand another's world, what is a coach? Being a mom. I've always listened with my heart (well, almost always) and learned how to take people as they are, trust their process and believe in and seek their good intentions. No oversteering with these kids... they wouldn't have it. Watching them unfold as the beautiful, capable, very individual humans they are, is a joy I take. That joy carries into my reasons for wanting to facilitate the journey for others as a coach. School of Life. It's a wonderful thing. Especially when you learn to step back, reframe, recognize lessons and opportunities and create from what you really want to experience in your heart.

Licenses & Certifications

Certified KaizenMuze Creativity Coach Certified Life Coach, Coaching Ways Licensed Desire Map Coach Licensed Fire Starter Coach


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Monthly Unlimited Messaging: $99/month

Client Reviews for Jill Robertson Kibbey

Jill coached my son through his final year at school. Having failed at the first attempt, I felt he would soon become bored and demoralised without more encouragement than the school or we parents would give him. Jill has a naturally bubbly personality, her glass is always half full, and her energy and enthusiasm infectious. If anyone could motivate him it would be Jill! And she did. He had 10 sessions with her over several weeks in which she led him in identifying his short and longer term goals and focus on how to achieve them. The result was that he worked hard, passed with credit and has moved on along the path Jill helped him map out. I am sure he couldn't have done it without her and that, in addition, she has provided him with tools he can use throughout his life.
Jill is a creative herself and therefore has good insight into creative practice, that she applies well to her role as a coach.

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