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Coach Samin Razzaghi

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About Coach Samin Razzaghi

I am a heart centered, intuitive, compassionate and professionally accredited Life Coach. I have been featured on YourTango, The Good Men Project, Mike Dooley's TUT, and Ravishly. I completed my professional training at MentorCoach an elite community of coaches specializing in the "Science of Happiness." I love to help clients honor their truth, make positive life changes move forward when feeling stuck and unapologetically create a life they want and deserve. I understand that change can be hard, yet change is always promised. Sometimes life happens and we are called on to evolve and to change. other times we crave change and just need to figure out what and how to make change happen. I can help you navigate change, feel more confident, uncover what you actually want and make your goals happen! I work with clients who are struggling with ADHD, addictions, depression, anxiety, postpartum difficulties or physical health challenges. I also specialize in working with couples, singles looking for meaningful relationships, parents, and women with health concerns. I immigrated to Canada at a young age from Iran, and am seasoned in working with clients from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. I can help clients who are dealing with racism, being newcomers to a foreign country, or feeling like they are between two cultures. I love to spend my time with nature and animals, taking afternoon naps, hiking and travelling with my family.. I am a mother of two boys Kiyan who is 7 and River who is a baby..We have two dogs Snoopy and Bowser and two friendly cats Luna and Onyx.


Over 15 years as a professional Coach working with clients facing challenges in mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well being. Being a Certified MentorCoach means I also coach new coaches, or those interested in becoming Life Coaches. I also specialize in culturally competent coaching for clients from diverse ethnic backgrounds.

Licenses & Certifications

Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation Certified MentorCoach Certified Expressive Arts Facilitator Certified Therapeutic Drum Circle Facilitator Reiki Life Skills Coach and Trainer

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Client Reviews for Samin Razzaghi

I went through a divorce 3 years ago. I was in court for 2 years. Samin helped me regain my sanity during family court, but also step up and step forward into my new life as a single woman. I was able to let go of this past relationship and embrace the new found me with excitement!! I went from being anxious, stressed, and sleepless to feeling confident, happy and calm. I now live happier and know that my children are happier as they see me as the loving, caring mom they need. Thank you Samin, I am forever grateful for our time together.
If it wasn't for my decision to hire Samin I would not be in the relationship I am in today. I went from never having a relationship that lasted over a few weeks to marrying the love of my life just this past June!
Samin is awesome!!! Hire her only if you want to stop talking about making changes, and make the changes!! You will be so glad you did!
I found myself dating the same guy - over and over, making the same mistakes. Sam identified a dew areas where I could build self-awareness and grow my relationships into more authentic and intimate connections. I learned how to change patterns of behavior that usually shit me down, and now I am enjoying a much more meaningful relationship than I had imagined. I know that learning is lifelong, and I know that Sam will continue to help me grow
Conscious parenting is hard - everything feels like a challange. Samin has helped me to define my own value structure, so that I can make important decisions about the health and happiness of my children without the usual procrastination and fear of the past. Now I really know how to focus on the kind of people I would like my children to become, rather than simply saying yes or no to certain behaviors. Things have become so much more enjoyable around the house.
I was looking for a new career but not sure what I wanted to do. I have many responsibilities to my family, and I didn't want to go back to school again. With Samin's assistance, I resolved my situation quickly and found work that I am really enjoying. Thanks Samin for helping me and my family.
Samin is a very special person and a very special Coach. I have worked with many Coaches. Unlike these other coaches, Samin is able to acknowledge and care for the emotional side of me, the side that always interferes in the strategic execution of the significant life changes I want to make. She always shows me what the missing piece of the equation is and where I really need to rethink how I do things, and how doing things the old way no longer works for me. Samin can see through my confusion and pull out the most important insights that help me move forward in my journey.
I had specific things that felt like roadblocks my whole life. Samin was able to help me make the shifts I needed to move forward beyond my past, and create the kind of relationship, career and family life I always wanted, but couldn't quite achieve. Hire Sam - you will make the changes you couldn't make without her coaching.
Sam is an amazing Coach. She asks the hard questions to move me forward, and she creates the space for me to really dig deep down and overcome my blocks to success. Sam has a very kind way of calling me out on my stuff. Thanks Sam for being there to help me make things happen.
I was referred to Samin by my supervisor. I work in mental health. In working with Samin I learned more about myself in 10 minutes then I did from my therapist in 2 years.
After a my first month coaching with Samin I was able to be myself in my relationships.
Samin in energizing, curious, motivating, and gave me the heart to fully invest in my goal.
When I approached Samin the first time about coaching, the main objective was to find career help. She not only help in solving the dilemmas of my mind, but also coached me through it in a very efficient and effective way. She aroused the motivation to do something for myself, and boosted confidence in me to meet my goals. She is a great Coach who makes you realize your inner strengths and how to use them to do something amazing in life.

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