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Entrepreneur/Business Development and Internet Marketing (SEO)

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About Coach Dr. Ty Belknap

Are you ready to take action and start creating Your Amazing Tomorrow? Dr. Ty Belknap, author of Leadership for Introverts and Timeless SEO Secrets, believes in taking action, and that is exactly what will happen from the very first session. So get your running shoes on. If you are tired of being stuck where you are, fret no more. Dr. Ty is the person to hire if you are looking for coaching on business development or internet marketing (SEO). --- Dr. Ty worked his way from entry level to managerial and executive levels in both the retail and I.T. industries before becoming an entrepreneur and business owner on his own. He is now a professional success coach, certified with the International Coach Federation and is a Doctor of Strategic Leadership in Life Coaching. He has been consulting and coaching both businesses and individuals since 2011. Dr. Belknap's credentials include: Doctor of Strategic Leadership in Life Coaching. M.A., Global Leadership. B.A., Leadership. Associate Certified Coach through the ICF (International Coach Federation). ACTP Certificate through the ICF (200+ certified training hours in life, business, career, executive and entrepreneur coaching) When he is not coaching, Dr. Ty speaks in front of live audiences, creates YouTube videos to help people get unstuck, or rides his motorcycle around the Pacific Northwest.


Entrepreneur/Business Development and Internet Marketing (SEO)

Licenses & Certifications

Doctor of Strategic Leadership in Life Coaching Author - Leadership for Introverts Author - Timeless SEO Secrets International Coach Federation ACTP International Coach Federation ACC

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Client Reviews for Dr. Ty Belknap

he coaching was incredible. I found it to be very insightful. My business moved ahead at least 6-12 months!
Ty is great at unlocking ones potential by helping to get at what is blocking you to get to that next level in the area of life you desire growth.
Ty is truly a remarkable Life coach! His dedication to helping others, listening, and caring about people is evident. He has helped me work through some life issues with very insightful questions. He is always on time and reliable. Trust me, it is worth your time!!
Ty is a passionate and professional life coach. I appreciate the simple tools he offers for real change.
I have a more positive feeling about what I am doing and going to do in the future.
I had reservations about hiring a professional career coach and wasn't really sure what it was all about. I thought my time and money would be better spent having my resume professionally done and job hunting. After only three sessions, Ty helped me see that I was just job hunting, not looking for a career. He really listened to what I said, and his approach fit my situation very well. He took the time to learn about who I am, my skills and my interests. Then we explored many career options that would be a good match for me, including some that I would never have looked at. I highly recommend Ty to anyone who wants to stop job hunting and find a good career, or change careers but doesn't know the options for them.
"I appreciate Ty's calm, open and welcoming style and his ability to listen and allow the coaching interaction to evolve. Ty allowed me to process what was happening for me at a time of great change and transition. I liked that he checked in with me about how the coach conversation was going and what I needed. I appreciated the questions he asked me and also his willingness to go "off script" and share personal insight after checking in that this was okay. These were some of the most important moments of our coaching. I was able to work through a very difficult work situation and it helped to have a safe place to process what was happening."

Case Studies for Dr. Ty Belknap

I do not limit my coaching to a specific practice because I never know where a session will take us. For instance: A lady came to me because she was tired of her job. She had been in the same position for about 10 years without a raise. Her financial situation was difficult, and she felt like she was worth more than she was making so she wanted to explore moving to another company. After four coaching sessions, she came to the conclusion that her current employer treated her very well. Although she hadn’t had a raise, she got cost of living incentives every year and was being paid more than most people in her position make at other companies. She had a lot of vacation time available, and the company she worked for cared about the employees. She also figured out that she actually made good money; she just didn’t manage it well. So, instead of career coaching, we ended up doing financial coaching for several sessions. However, she still felt unfulfilled at her current job, so she decided to go back to college and learn a new trade. But coaching is about unlocking all sorts of potential. During our last two sessions, she decided to actually talk to her supervisor. She found out that her current employer offered to pay half of college tuition if the person wanted to advance within the company. She is now half way through her college degree and has already been promoted to a new position. And, the amount of her raise was enough to pay for her coaching within 3 months.

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