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Coach Tracy Jenkins

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I am a break-through coach with a passion for helping my clients improve their lives physically, emotionally and spiritually so that they can gain the strength, confidence and drive to go after and achieve anything they desire.

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About Coach Tracy Jenkins

Hi I'm Tracy! I'm a break-through coach and a free-spirit to the core! I believe strongly that each of us has the ability to create a life that we truly desire, but most have lost sight of how to do that. I work with free-spirited clients that are ready to break-through their fears, self-doubts and old patterns so that they can tap into their inner badass and create the life they have always envisioned. Are you feeling tired, stuck and unfulfilled even though you know you have so much potential that you have not even begun to tap into? Is playing it safe and sticking to the traditional guidelines of life keeping you from living your life inspired and with intention? As a result have you lost your creativity, motivation and drive in certain areas of your life. Are you bored, feeling defeated and yearning for something more, even though your not sure what that even looks like? Have you noticed your health beginning to go south - emotionally, physically and spiritually? I know exactly how you feel because this was me for a long time. I realized that the life I was leading, even though I was taught it would bring me happiness, was doing just the opposite. I realized that I had to make some major change in my life if I were to find true and genuine happiness and excitement again. Making changes in our lives can be scary, hard overwhelming but not impossible with the right support!! I would love to support you on your journey to your best life yet!! Are you ready to feel healthy, happy, inspired, excited and energized about what lies ahead each day?? Are you ready to get out of that rut and feel so healthy; physically, emotionally and spiritually, that you can then choose to do absolutely anything you desire?? I would absolutely love to hear from you if anything hear resonated with you and you'd like to hear more about how I can help you!


Autoimmune & Gut health, Meal Planning, Mindset, Self-Care, Self-love, Identifying & Achieving new goals - career, relationships, money mindset, lifestyle choices.

Licenses & Certifications

I am a certified health and wellness coach through Health Coach Institute. I am a bio individuality chef with a strong focus in gut health and autoimmune conditions

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

Client Reviews for Tracy Jenkins

"During my time with Tracy, I went through an intense phase of self-realization. Going through her “Where Soul Meets Body” program has illuminated the importance of having someone who can help support you in achieving your goals. I genuinely felt that what was important to me, was important to Tracy. She has provided me with incredible tools to tackle my mental, emotional, and physical roadblocks! Essentially, she gave me a mirror for my mind, which allowed me to analyze and understand my thought processes and overcome my own blockages. She helped me to reorganize my fears and overcome my negative perceptions around challenging situations and helped me to shed a different light on them. One of the most impactful experiences I had with her was with the process of food preparation. While this task seems so simple now, it was a huge piece of my health and wellness that I struggled with. I started taking one day to prepare nearly all my meals for the week. Now, when it comes time eat, it’s so easy and fast to prepare a healthy, nutritious meal that I feel great about. Preparation and planning of my meals led to higher rates of success in eating clean, healthy, and nutritious meals. I effectively have a healthy meal planned for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for my entire work week. This new habit has positively impacted my day to day life in such a big way. I now have so much more valuable time to spend on my own self-care and personal goals. Tracy also helped me to find the confidence to apply for a dream job as a Community Manager for a business incubator in Salt Lake City, Utah – and I got it! Working with Tracy helped me to identify and successfully cut out toxic relationships, resulting in a significant reduction in stress. Working through “Where Soul Meets Body” with Tracy was truly life changing and eye opening, I am thankful every day for the tools and knowledge that I gained."
"Finding Tracy was one of the best blessings I have received in a long time. I didn’t even know that Health Coaching was something that existed and it happen to fall in my lap in a critical point in my life. I have been suffering with an auto-immune condition for over 10 years now with little hope or explanation for why it happened. After moving to Portland, I found a team of specialists including 2 naturopathic doctors who finally gave me a beacon of hope into helping to manage my disease in a very comprehensive way. Unfortunately, at the root of my issues was still diet, stress and lifestyle. No doctor really had the time to sit down with me and work through these very complex details of daily life. Then I met Tracy and she was able to pick up where the doctors left off. From our first session I appreciated her ability to listen and ask objective and thought provoking questions. She was able to get at deeper insights that I hadn’t even begun to face yet. With her extensive knowledge of food as medicine, she was able to help me transition into a new way of eating and cooking for myself that wasn’t too overwhelming. The diet was just the first part of it, Tracy was able to help me go deeper into what the continuous stress triggers were in my life and began to give me the confidence to have these hard conversations with the people in my life. She helped me to realize that I had to fight for the life I wanted and I had to put myself and my health first, it was the only way to live. The weekly sessions were both a great check in for me, but also held an accountability piece that was crucial for my success. When you have someone holding you accountable, you realize the power that you have over your own life, what you eat, the thoughts you have and the routines of your daily life. Almost a year later, my daily outlook and life has shifted from giving up or succumbing to the couch and giving up on life: to looking forward and feeling like I accomplished something in the right direction. Tracy can be credited for helping me take charge of my health instead of leaving it in the hands of health practitioners. I still have work to do in making a total transition in my professional life and I plan on working with Tracy again to enter the next phase of my life. I am eternally grateful for her and the work that she does. Her passion is undeniable and contagious. I would recommend her to anyone!"

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