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Coach Beverly Wixon

Lakeland  ·  Florida
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General happiness, motivation, college/work/life balance, higher education

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About Coach Beverly Wixon

For many years, I worked as a secondary English teacher, helping teenagers become productive citizens. As the years passed, I used more and more coaching strategies with my students and soon discovered I loved coaching my students to improve their situations even more than I did teaching grammar and literature. In my free time I enjoy going to the beach, traveling, riding amusement park rides, and dancing - I actually still take classes once, sometimes twice, a week. I organized and led my local Shimmy Mob, which raises awareness and funds for our local domestic violence shelter, for a few years, too. I keep myself busy with by constantly learning new information and skills as well as by helping other people to grow into and beyond the potential they were born with. I earned both my master's my doctorate while teaching full-time, which is why I know the difficulties and obstacles involved in acquiring one's higher education degrees.


Board Certified Coach; 30 years of teaching and mentoring; weight loss counselor; academic mentor and coach

Licenses & Certifications

Doctor of Education Board Certified Coach

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

Client Reviews for Beverly Wixon

I attended Dr. Wixy's "Defeating Your Nemesis" session a couple of weeks after the last school year ended. It was so wonderful to put my worst student of the year out of my head. I was able to forget about him, enjoy my summer, and not carry him with me into this school year.
Dr. Wixy is a skilled coach! I am eager to accomplish my goals because Dr. Wixy focused on my strengths. She is funny, kind, direct and uses comfortable accountability to keep me involved in my own progress. I would highly recommend Dr. Wixy. When you are ready to explore your next growth step, involve Dr. Wixy!
Dr. Wixy is an amazing person and incredible life coach with the skills, talent, and patience to help effect real transformation with great and sustainable results. Her experience and knowledge in the education field along with other skills she has make her a truly well rounded individual that has a wide array talents to help you. I highly recommend her coaching services and will be forever grateful to her for the times we work together.

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