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Worthiness Coach | I help women rediscover their sense of self, cultivate their self-love and self-worth, and learn to believe in themselves.

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About Coach Niki Meadows

Life experience + Life Coach training = Self-love & Self-worth Coach In 2013, I embarked on an intense journey of self-love and self-discovery out of sheer desperation. Id lost my sense of self, felt like a complete failure, and had no idea what my purpose was in life. Little did I know how that journey would lead me back to my true self. In the years since, Ive discovered my voice, learned to cultivate a positive mindset, and most importantly found myself. Its a daily practice of being true to who I am at heart. In the process, I learned to let go of perfection and strive for progress. Ive realized failure isnt in falling but choosing not to get up. Ive learned that responsibility and accountability are the keys to locking down the feeling of being hopeless. Ive chosen to live life courageously instead of fearlessly (because theres always a bit of fear and I choose to follow my heart anyway). I now live my life with intention as I cultivate fulfillment and guide other women to learn to do the same. *Currently on London time, so the time zone might impact my response time depending on where you're located.


Designed signature program to help women reconnect with themselves Hosting a women's retreat in May 2018 for women who feel like they've lost themselves or lack fulfillment in their lives

Licenses & Certifications

Transformational Life Coach



Weekly 30-minute call to set and intention and create a plan to get clear on the steps you need to take. Accountability check-in weekly at the beginning of each call.

One-time 20 min phone session to get clear on the steps you need to take and create an accountability plan. Accountability check-in will be done via text.

Client Reviews for Niki Meadows

When I met Niki, I knew she was a generous, positive and creative person. I was also intrigued to hear that she is an intuitive consultant. But, I didn’t really understand what that meant until she put together an amazing project for me. What made it amazing, is that she was able to understand my brand, mission and philosophy just by asking me a few questions! Can you imagine for a minute how amazing it is to have somebody be able to access the thoughts and emotions that you can’t express? And then they create something visual for you that you can share with your clients? Until now, I had been confused and stymied because I didn’t know what direction to take with my digital offerings. But now I understand it’s because I hadn’t met Niki yet! She is a brilliant intuitive business coach, and she is exactly what I needed and didn’t know I needed!
― -Sharon N.| Multicultural Educator & Entrepreneur
I came away from my life coaching session with Niki feeling much more in control than I had felt for a while. She has a lovely way of helping you focus on whatever you’re working on and is very skilled at steering you to solutions that give clarity. Since the session I’ve accomplished everything I set out to do from that (virtual) meeting. All in all it was very productive and good fun. Highly recommended.
Niki is brilliant with her coaching. I walked away with more clarity and peace. Thank you Niki.
Niki, you were very diligent in working with my authenticity and helping me to see how ego was showing up. Though my session with you was powerful, it continued to reveal itself many days afterward. I knew I was ready to move forward and you assisted me in a loving and inquisitive way. Thank you so much, my time with you was perfect.
You exude such a positive aura and make a person feel comfortable with opening up and sharing with you.
Niki, Thank you for your attentiveness during my life coach session. I was drawn to you to pick you as my life coach because of the bright charisma that you portray. You made me feel comfortable from beginning to end and it allowed me to share some personal obstacles that I was facing during my dad's battle with cancer. You were truly present with every word I shared with you and I appreciate the valuable guidance you gave me that helped me immensely. It allowed me to dig deep and cope with my father's passing in a very positive and balanced way. So, thank you Niki for your geniune support and sincere smiles. It was amazing having you as my first Life Coaching experience and simply memorable!

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