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Executive, business, non-profit, conflict resolution, public service, women entrepreneurs and leadership

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About Coach Patty Maples

Associate Certified Coach with International Coaching Federation, specializing in helping leaders and teams discover resiliency and strength using coaching, mediation/conciliation, and physical/emotional/spiritual tools to respond to lifes challenges and transitions. Coaches individuals to see problems as opportunities and resolve differences before becoming disputes. Serve as a business coach to small business owners. Provide one-on-one coaching with clients at leading companies to help them improve their leadership skills, navigate challenges, and find meaning and fulfillment at work. I typically coach emerging leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs who are results-oriented and motivated to achieve goals that serve a higher purpose. I am engaging, authentic, and goal-oriented. I believe in practicing exquisite self-care and spiritual disciplines to achieve big dreams. I maintain that connectedness with others and community and continuous learning sharpens our resilience to rise above our challenges and to ultimately live a life of purpose, passion, and fulfillment. I bring these beliefs and character traits to my coaching practice. I'm married with two adult children, recently moved from a busy suburban area to a small town, and love entertaining, hiking, traveling and participating in church and community activities.


My work and academic experience include over 25 years of human capital experience in the public sector in a variety of Federal agencies, a masters degree in conflict resolution and counseling, certification from the International Coaching Federation as an Associate Certified Coach, and certification from the Booth Company on their 360-degree Life Cycle Assessment tool. People tell me I am honest, authentic, and kind. I love to think of novel and productive ways to conceptualize and do things. I believe human beings are not content until we understand and live out our purpose and calling in this world. I bring these character traits and values into my coaching relationships and am humbled by the opportunity to serve as a coach and honored to be a confidante. I especially love to help clients navigate and soar in their jobs, in their businesses, and in their lives, with less stress, and with enthusiasm, resilience, and joy. I understand the challenges that leaders from non-profits and public sector organizations face which helps me guide leaders in visualizing and persevering in spite of challenging obstacles. I bring zest, sincerity, and authenticity into coaching relationships, encouraging my clients to approach life with excitement, energy, and curiosity. I have a passion for helping individuals resolve disputes and gain self-awareness as a result of dealing constructively with conflict.

Licenses & Certifications

International Coaching Federation Associate Certified Coach Master's of Arts in Conflict Resolution and Counseling Bachelor's of Arts in Human Resources Management

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Client Reviews for Patty Maples

Developer July 2, 2016, Jorge worked with Patty in different groups Patty has and continues to demonstrates just how special she is by sharing her values and helping others through thoughtful professionalism and a genuine caring attitude. Her Coaching skills are second to none. Her formula of value added is easily seen through her preparation, listening skills and the ability to facilitate predictable outcomes. Patty is a great Coach!
― Jorge
Patty has an extensive background in knowledge and skills that support her ability to be a coach who empowers and challenges her clients towards their own levels of success. During a coaching session with Patty, clients know that she is listening and asking the right types of questions that will move them forward with their goals and aspirations. Patty is very conscientious about individualizing coaching sessions and following the agenda identified by the client. I have found her insights to be valuable and her ability to champion my efforts to strengthen my resolve to accomplish my goals.
― Carol
"As my coach Patty kept me focused on the big picture while never letting the details slide. We were able to make headway toward my long-term goals, and determine alternative routes to reach them. Patty's professionalism and attention to detail were critical elements in my making significant progress"
― Hannah H.

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