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Coach John Moore

Portland  ·  Maine
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Life coaching, spiritual life coaching, transformational coaching, self-esteem, relationships, motivation, stress management, mindfulness, mind / body / spirit development.

About Coach John Moore

Hi, I'm John. I am a trained life coach who's been practicing for a couple of years. I most love watching my clients transform in front of my eyes into happier, more satisfied versions of their true selves - living life on their own terms. I have trained in coaching with Erickson International, Robbins-Madanes, and Dax Moy. I have over 20 years of corporate experience and hold two masters degrees. I am a husband and dad with twin daughters who light up my life. I hold a 3rd-degree black belt in jujutsu (a Japanese Martial Art). I am a trained shamanic practitioner. I like to combine mind, body, and spiritual techniques to help clients change their lives.


Self-esteem, confidence, goal setting, professional development, spiritual development, personal transformation, business, relationships.

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

Client Reviews for John Moore

I wasn’t fully sure what to expect when I sat down for my coaching session, butut after a few minutes I found myself working with John on defining my objective and exploring the best options for obtaining it. John was incredibly effective in extracting the right information from me so that I could layout a comprehensive timeline and actionable plan. After our meeting I felt excited about my next steps and more confident that I would reach my goal. I would encourage anyone to sit down with John and benefit from his techniques
John Moore has a keen insight and deep understanding of human nature and how to bring one's full potential to bear in all areas of life. I was very impressed by his ability to process the details of my personal situation and incorporate my own style and comfort level in creating wonderful, achievable, and extremely beneficial next steps, in all the areas of my life that I really care about! John is a natural, yet extremely professional. I found him a joy to meet with and gained real, lasting positive results.
I felt at ease about exploring the inner landscape of my aspirations with John as he asked great motivating, open ended questions.
Going into my meeting with John, I wasn't sure what to expect from a life coaching session. John was wonderful and he really challenged me to set some concrete goals for myself and he also gave me some great tools that I can implement to help make those goals a reality. My session was casual and relaxed and I left there with a clear vision of what I want to do with my life. I highly recommend it!!

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