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Coach Anjana Chandra

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Emotional and physical wellness, stress-management, time-management, relationships, family coaching, career coaching, communication coaching

About Coach Anjana Chandra

My career has been in journalism and writing and I have spent over 15 years working for a variety of media organisations from news agencies, to newspapers, magazines and publishing houses. I have also written two non-fiction books which were published in Singapore where I lived for a number of years with my husband and two children. My work in communication is founded on a deep interest in human behaviour and the workings of the human mind which was fostered during my undergraduate years as a Psychology major. It was this deep passion that led me to become a life coach and support individuals in living their very best lives. I am a Results trained coach and I like to take an intuitive approach to coaching, helping clients uncover their authentic selves, transform their thinking and open up their minds to new and limitless possibilities. I work well with both professionals and non-professionals supporting them in achieving visionary goals which they wouldnt be able to achieve on their own. My speciality is life coaching and with my background as a diplomats daughter and an expatriate wife having travelled widely and having lived in a number of different countries, I can make a significant contribution in areas such as relationships, emotional and physical wellness, change related to constant travel and transferable jobs, and expatriate lifestyle issues. I want to inspire, challenge, and motivate as I move clients forward in achieving their fullest potential.

Licenses & Certifications

BA Psychology Hons - Delhi University, India Certificate of Coaching Skills from Results Coaching Systems (now part of the Neuroleadership Institute) (June 2010)

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

Client Reviews for Anjana Chandra

The coaching sessions in the last six months took me on a quest to look inward and helped me gain on my strengths as well as recognize my limitations in building consistency which has resulted in effective time management. It has not only been rewarding personally and professionally but also filled me with joy as I learnt the art of accepting and loving myself first in order to achieve greater heights.
― Wasi Alam, CARE India
"Anjana is an effective coach. She brings a lot of authenticity in a coaching session along with her calm and grounded approach. I had a great learning experience with her that led me in identification of my goals and eventually with her help I am proud to say I achieved my desired ideal outcome. In her I found a coach, a friend and a partner."
― Bhavna Awasthy

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