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Coach Eduard Lopez

Valencia  ·  Valencia  ·  Spain
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Career, Personal Development, Goal Achievement If you are ready to make changes in your live, whatever they are If you are enthusiastic about achieving a step beyond what you see today as 'possible' If you are determined to put in the effort and commitment Coaching can make a huge difference in your life.

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About Coach Eduard Lopez

With a Master Degree in Engineering, I started my career working for IBM, when IBM was the indisputable world leader. My ambition was to carve a career in a multinational environment, learning from the best. The IBM manufacturing outsourcing strategy in the 90s took me to continue working with other world leaders in the electronic manufacturing industry, living in three different countries and working with high-performing multicultural teams. This situation made me see the human part of the business. I became an avid student of the human behaviour what led me to coach and mentor teams and individuals to help them achieve personal goals. WHAT I DO: Clarifying the important things, the ones that really matter regardless the current circumstances, the ones that bring the best out of us and gets our positive energy helping our daily actions. WHY IT WORKS: Focus is everything. Once we realize how simple things really are we are amazed and find our inner strength and resources to make it happen. The personal impact I have observed on individuals I worked with made me decide to dedicate the rest of my life to help as many people as possible to become the best version of themselves.


Valencia  ·  Valencia  ·  Spain


I was once told that I have the ability to transform difficult situations into easy ones. This is maybe due to those many years being involved in stressful environments when pressure for our teams to perform escalated tremendously. Sometimes, giving a different, simpler view help us to digest the problem and find the best solution. I have a friendly approach and I perceive that, in general, Im liked by the people I interact with. Although, sometimes, being straightforward and disciplined may be the only way to help somebody to reconsider a wrong perception. Coaching teams and individuals for more than 15 years gave me a priceless experience on career development, team performance and personal growth. I want to put that experience to the service of the people who will benefit from it.
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Licenses & Certifications

MSc in Engineering ACC by the International Coach Federation Certified Instructor by the Napoleon Hill Foundation


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