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About Coach Smriti Goel

I am a passionate people's person. As a coach I inspire people to push the boundaries of self concept and to live life on their own terms, in their private and professional lives. I combine my skill as a trained coach and international business experience to help clients connect to their deep seated beliefs and create sustainable change.


Executive Coaching, Life Coaching, 20+ years of International Experience in UK, Africa, Asia & Middle East Learning & Development expert Worked as Senior Manager in KPMG in Nigeria Worked as Senior Manager in Genpact South Africa Retained Consultant for Citibank in Chennai

Licenses & Certifications

ACC (Associated Certified coach) Coaching Development, UK Level A & B British Psychological Society Hogan Assessments MBTI Step I & II Baron EQi 2.0

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

Client Reviews for Smriti Goel

Smriti Goel is a fantastic coach with a range of tools at her disposal that she uses to help you understand and make discoveries about yourself, your vision and purpose, life and career choices and where you want to be. What I liked best about Smriti was how she made me feel completely at ease during our time together, so that I was able to relax and share my concerns, and also be open to receiving answers leading to understanding and clarity. I cannot recommend Smriti highly enough as a Life and Career Coach.
― Naheed H
With a new coach you never really know how it's going to turn out. There are so many professionals now involved in coaching, with such variety, it is difficult to find your way to a great coach. I was lucky in finding Smriti; someone with such flair for this work it was an absolute delight! Smriti understands issues so fast and is also able to hear tension and frustration intuitively. It is so rare to have a coaching conversation which is at the same time so in-depth, makes you feel so heard and so clearly understood. She is terrific at creating awareness. Her intuition and her language coupled with her direct communication as a way of inducing questions into the conversation is as good as anything I have experienced in the last 10 years or more with a coach. I would recommend her unequivocally to anyone as a coach in any business context.
― Simon N

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