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Life Coach Sorana Costache - Montreal, Québec, Canada

Coach Sorana Costache

Montreal  ·  Québec  ·  Canada
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About Coach Sorana Costache

10 years plus experience in 8 to 5 corporate jobs with jobs from customer service to recruiting and people management. I have dealt with lack of motivation, lack of professional guidance and job frustration both in myself and my team members and I have learnt how to face and solve them. There is an information overload out there and a lot of people promise "secrets" and "magic potions" so I got lost in the sea of easy fixes. After few failures, I have learnt that the fist thing you need before any major career change is CLARITY. You will not miss motivation, once you nailed your "why". As a coach I can "hold the mirror" so you can see yourself clearly, pinpoint your work values, identify the lessons learnt from your past successes and failures and build an action plan towards your dream job. I am fluent in English, Spanish and Romanian, so you can pick which one is more familiar to you.


Montreal  ·  Québec  ·  Canada


Experience in corporate and multinational environment Communication Active listening Career counselling Focus on results Understand and relate to people from different cultures Analyze limiting beliefs and how they can be changed into opportunities for growth Identify and focus on the individual zone of genius Fluent in English, Spanish and Romanian

Licenses & Certifications

CCF - Certified Coaches Federation


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