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Leaving a corporate job to start your own business, Creating your brand strategy, Setting and achieving meaningful goals, Developing your personal leadership, Balancing your professional and personal priorities, Managing your time and energy effectively

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About Coach Anna Lundberg

I am the good girl who always did the right thing, always kept her head down and followed the expected path. I was top of my class at school (valedictorian for you Americans out there), I went to Oxford, I did my masters degree at the university where Kofi Annan studied, and I got a great job at top multi-national Procter & Gamble. And yet. Something was missing. On many levels I loved my job; I had fantastic opportunities for someone who was so junior in their career, I learned so much (at least in the beginning), and I worked with some amazing people. At the same time I felt that I had ended up there accidentally; I was on some kind of conveyor belt and deep down I just didnt want to be there and after a while that became soul destroying. So in 2013, I left the apparent security of a full-time job to work independently, pursue my passions, and make sure that I dont have any big regrets when Im sitting in that rocking chair in the retirement home in years to come. Everything youve ever wanted is one step outside your comfort zone. Today, I am re-defining what success looks like for me, and helping others do the same. Now I am not here to persuade you to follow the same path as me. The point is that you have a choice, its up to you to define and then create the life that you want and Im here to support you in doing so.


I am a success coach and business strategist who writes, coaches and leads workshops to help highly motivated employees, freelancers and entrepreneurs reimagine what success means to them and achieve their full potential in their professional and personal lives. Having built my career in beauty and luxury marketing, I initially left my role at multinational Procter & Gamble to start up my own company, providing digital marketing consulting to brands like Burberry and Vertu. I have since continued to write, consult and train businesses to help integrate digital in their strategies and toolkits, from large corporations down to startups and solopreneurs. Today, I help people reach their fullest potential and maximise their personal and professional impact by setting clear objectives, balancing their ambitions at work with their personal priorities, and managing their time and energy effectively. Ultimately, I want people to achieve their wildest dreams and their most audacious goals!
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Licenses & Certifications

*Certified Professional Coach (CPC) with International Coach Academy *Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential and member with International Coach Federation (ICF) *P&G "40 under 40" Alumni Network Recognition List *Co-author of 'How to Succeed in Your First Job' *Published in Business Insider, Inc. Magazine, The Muse, #BeSomebody

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Client Reviews for Anna Lundberg

"Anna’s depth of knowledge about the realities of building and sustaining a profitable business is invaluable as the practical context for her effective brand of professional coaching. Anna’s keen listening and insightful questions allowed me to discover the specific actions I could take to achieve my goals. I recommend Anna to all business professionals who have an interest in elevating their performance.”
"Anna's help has been fundamental in the way I look at life and how I redefined success. She is smart, genuinely cares about people and is never judgemental. I would recommend to have a first session with her, and you'll get hooked."
"Getting coached by Anna was a great experience and gave me a stirring motivation. Anna taught me how to improve myself personally, become clear about my goals and showed me how to implement them step by step. A path always starts with one first step and with the coaching of Anna you'll stay at the right path for the further steps."

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