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For 25 years as a community relationship coach I have helped amazing clients from all walks of life overcome relationship conflict and pain; while respecting their unique struggles, cultures, faiths and non-faith perspectives. WHAT OTHERS SAY I love Mitchs coaching ideas and principles. Mitch is an honest, caring, warm and up lifting person. He is very experienced and has a great personality an awesome sense of humor and is very accommodating. I always feel renewed and inspired after our sessions. Randi A. I am someone who meets you where you are! Then I guide, encourage, instruct and keep you accountable with clear and practical solutions until you are victorious in achieving the goal that you desire. Let's talk and I will show you how!


Relationships Professional - 25 year experience Financial Professional- 25 year CFO Career Professional - HR Executive Health and Wellness Professional - 20 Year Meditation, Yoga Instructor, Tai Chi Instructor, Martial Arts Instructor Married 35 Years has 5 adult children and 6 Grandchildren

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

Client Reviews for MITCHELL FREISTAT

I enjoyed my talk with Mitch very much. He made me look at my situation differently and I felt happy and warm inside after talking with him. He is great. I highly recommend him.
― Paniz K.
A true inspiration! A superb teacher and very patient! Great with kids and adults alike! Recommend over and over again! Also a great mentor!
― Jason C.
Mitchell is very knowledgeable of his craft and very professional, while at the same time very personable. I would recommend him to all my friends.
― Yvonne I.
Mr. Mitch is amazing, I can't thank him enough for what he has done to help us to get back on the right path and have a happy marriage. We are very fortunate to have found him. We highly recommend him to whoever in need of help to save or improve their marriage.
― Gisele L.
Mitch is very warm, caring and uplifting. My husband and I found our session with him very helpful. Mitch communicated his thoughts and experiences with us very clearly and after our session, we felt renewed and inspired. It was more of a coaching session than counseling, however it was just what we needed. We are looking forward to seeing Mitch again.
― Randi A.
Mr. Mitch Solutions really got the ball rolling with helping us to restore our marriage. We hit our 1st dry spell and didn't have a clue how to rise above it, but after one session with Mitch we now have the skills to get this love train back on track. We thank you. Money well spent. Very affordable too!
― Kanisha L.
I can't say enough good things about Mitch! He helped my husband and I so much when I felt like there might not be much hope. I would recommend him to anyone looking for marriage counseling. If we ever need more counseling we will for sure use him.
― Kayley M.
Mitch came with a positive attitude and was so hopeful. He gave the tools to work on our marriage. I must say I was skeptical but my husband is trying and coming around and I'm also doing better with things. Thank you so much Mitch
― Daphne D.
Mitch is very uplifting! He gets you thinking about what's important in life and how to connect with your spouse.
― Renee B
Very helpful, insightful and uplifting! Not your traditional counseling style and he makes you feel very comfortable. You lose track of time and it's like conversing with an old friend!
― Zekeia W.
We could not have asked for anyone better to guide us through the beginning of our lives as a married couple. Mitch was superb both as a marriage officiant, counselor, and a friend. He was available and guided us by communicating via Skype, phone, and text to ensure everything went our way. He was there on time and ready to go and thus put his best efforts to make our lives beyond memorable! We highly recommend Mitch as he is someone who is really going to cater to your needs. Regardless of our faith or beliefs, Mitch will definitely meet and surpass your expectations, just as he did on ours. Thanks again Mitch, You are Awesome!!! Sincerely Alejandro & Michele
― Alejandro C.
So far Mitch has been awesome and helping to get me through a very rough time in my life.
― Traci B.
Mitch was knowledgeable and eager to help. His insights allowed me to come to a better understanding which was exactly what I needed.
― Brian N.
Mr. Mitch has an amazing spirit. my husband and I were very impressed with the information he provided us and are excited about continuing counseling with him.
― Traci S.
Mitch is clearly an honest and caring person. He clearly states his beliefs and his mission for you without rushing you or making you feel like a number. My situation is so complicated but believe that there's still hope with his help.
― James A.
Our discussion helped me immensely speaking with Mitchell gave me so much clarity regarding my relationship and now my wife and I are on the right path.
― David B.
Mr. Mitch did a wonderful job of explaining things to me that I didn't fully realize. He helped me understand and see things from a point of view that I was missing. He broke things down to a more simple level and made sense of some of the feelings that I was having and helped me set a new course for a happier relationship.
― Carl W.
Excellent service and feed back, makes you see your situation from a different perspective. Very helpful
― Ramiro A.
Loved you’re coaching ideas and principles. I have received a great deal of benefit from being on the phone for just that hour so thank you for the help and assistance in getting my life on track that I would otherwise have never connected with. I appreciate it! Keep up the good work!
― Christina W
He’s everything I been needing when it comes to dealing all kinds of situations, mainly helping me become a better person for a better future.
― Jonathan W.
Good, sound advice with a nice personal touch. Also good value
― Duncan I.
He is beyond amazing. Incredibly understanding and it always there for us.
― Kiara C.
He really knows what he’s talking about when it comes to couples counseling!! Hit every single nail on the head with our struggles. Unfortunately, my significant other wasn’t interested in following through, but now i will be talking to him one on one. Great personality too. Highly recommend!
― Natousha R.


I helped a young Mother of 2 regain the joy of life again balancing her family and business. We first focused on slowing life down through short meditations and breathing exercises. She also had a business so we focused on getting control of her daily schedule and optimizing the time that she could work by having short and long term realistic and achievable goals. I taught both her and her husband to budget and do a 0 based balance sheet to get control of their spending while being able to save for the future. As a couple they learned how to treat each other like a treasure and not something common allowing their feelings of love for each other to romantically arise again. They learned not to just have a partnership but to be lovers once again. They both grew spiritually, giving them a clear purpose of life and excitement for each day.
I helped a single woman in her forties learn how to enjoy dating without the pressure and anxiety of expectations. She was able to break out of being isolated because of fear and become excited about the prospect of getting to know men without being self concious and awkward. She learned what real love and caring looks like and how to recognize it, receive it and share it. She also learned to enjoy the moments of life while waiting for the ONE.
I helped a married couple of 16 years save and keep their marriage and family of four after years of infidelity. I helped the wife or victim learn to cope, heal and be able to move forward in her marriage. I helped the husband see the devastation that he brought upon his wife and family and taught him how to love his wife and never desire to cheat again. They are still happily married!

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