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Coach George Profetis

Blagoevgrad  ·  Bulgaria
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Business Growth, Personal Organization, Confidence, Relationships, Stress Management.

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About Coach George Profetis

I am an experienced life & business coach with 20+ years of professional experience. I have worked with both companies and individuals, people from all walks of life, helping them improve both their personal & professional results. You can find in me a trusted ally in your efforts to turn your life / career / business around, go through transitional stages, and move forward towards the direction of your goals. Together we can discuss (in full confidentiality) and work on issues such as: - Positive thinking & confidence building - Setting goals and managing your time efficiently - Improving a relationship or finding the right partner - Starting a new career / growing your business - Managing stress / achieving a balanced lifestyle - Discovering meaning, purpose, and beauty in life

Licenses & Certifications

Advanced Diploma in Life Skills Coaching (with distinction, Level-4 NCFE) from Stonebridge Associated Colleges, U.K. MBA (Master in Business Administration), Middlesex University, Hendon campus, London, U.K. PhD (Doctorate in Organizational Behavior), Breyer State University, online

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

Client Reviews for George Profetis

I approached George to learn more about life coaching and also to get some help to clarify my career goals. Soon, I found out he could assist me to improve many different areas of my life! By carefully examining and discussing with him my patterns of reacting to situations, and also my assumptions, beliefs, and emotions, I was able to identify what I should change and how. Most of all, George is an excellent listener and has a passion to help people transform themselves. My discussions with George were always meaningful and in-depth, touching the root cause of things, while at the end of each session I had always a beautiful sense of self-discovery and a solution sparkling in my mind!
― George, K.
My name is Maria, and I used to have an issue with time management and procrastination. Also, I didn’t know how to combine my roles as a mother of two young daughters, a mature student at the open University and an entrepreneur in the food processing industry. George is a great coach; he helped me discover what was blocking me from success, inspired me to take action, and taught me practical tips to get motivated, organize my schedule and stay on track. I definitely witnessed remarkable outcomes as the result of our collaboration. Thanks George!
― Maria, B.
I am a mental health counsellor who knew nothing about marketing and sales; you see my job is to help people with their psychological difficulties and emotional issues, not to “sell”. George helped me to concentrate my efforts on what I am best at and set up an easy to apply marketing model that suits my personality and needs. He is an excellent coach, a patient listener, a good teacher, and also very experienced in what he is doing. As a result of our collaboration, I managed to significantly increase the number of my clients along with my personal satisfaction, as I can now see my dreams coming true…
― Magda, T.
I have attended a series of coaching sessions on sales and confidence topics with Dr Profetis. I am a sales representative in the dental equipment industry. I consider myself lucky as I had the opportunity to learn so much, a lot of concepts, techniques, and methodologies which made my work easier and myself more confident. We've discussed how to approach new prospects, how to understand customer's psychology, how to use the right words and phrases to make an enticing presentation, how to organize a daily schedule, and how to use body language to show confidence. In fact, I now realize I would need 5-10 years of experience to gain all this accumulated knowledge! Indeed, a very useful programme, which I recommend to any person involved in sales!
― Yiannis, X.
We hired George to help us improve our marketing strategy and enhance the performance of our people in various positions (mainly engineers and office staff). We are in the home renovation business and we were facing a major property market collapse during the last 5 years. George has helped us discover the opportunities within the economic crisis, develop our vision and set up effective strategies and policies at all levels: marketing, sales / pricing, customer service, processes reorganization, human resources development. He is a very knowledgeable and experienced business consultant & coach who contributed significantly to our efforts to dominate the market.
― Leonidas, T.
I didn’t know that life coaching could help me so much until I discovered George! I was facing significant challenges with my relationships, always being with the wrong guys, making choices which I knew wouldn’t work for long and so on. George as a coach has amazingly diverse talents and skills, he is very supportive and knowledgeable; he showed me how to honor my feminine gifts, see the blind spots in my behavior I couldn’t see, and understand the specific obstacles holding me back from having a happy relationship. In addition, he showed me how to assert my rights and believe in myself again. Our collaboration has made me feel so empowered, optimistic and peaceful now, while I learned a whole lot of new skills, which in fact have transformed both myself and my life. I am so grateful to George!..  
― Fotini X., 38 y.o. hair stylist

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