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Life Coach Mike Almeyda - Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

Mike Almeyda

Charlotte  ·  North Carolina  ·  United States
Personal  ·  Health  ·  Relationships  ·  Career  ·  Business  ·  Finance  ·  Communication  ·  Spiritual

Leadership Development, Business Coaching, Executive Coaching, Life Coaching, Military to Civilian Transition, Group Coaching

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For me, coaching is a true calling from God. When I asked for a sign, He gave it to me as CLEAR as possible, so I obeyed. I grew up in a broken family. My mom raised me and my sister as a single parent. My dad left when I was four years old and never saw him again. Life was hard growing up. My mom worked two jobs and was on welfare just to make ends meet. I remember living in such fear of school classmates seeing us at the supermarket and my mom using food stamps to buy groceries. Despite all the odds stacked against us, my mom always taught us to NEVER GIVE UP. As I grew up, my mom introduced by to Boy Scouts and that helped develop leadership and discipline at a young age. I built those skills throughout high school and then received an appointment to attend the United States Military Academy at West Point. It was there that I began to internalize the true meaning of leadership and accountability. After graduation, I served five years Active Duty as an Army Ranger and then three additional years in the National Guard. There was nothing more rewarding than leading Soldiers into and out of combat without suffering any fatalities. Today, I take the same discipline and structure I've walked through in my experience and apply it to the coaching relationship. Your success is directly connected to following the Coaching Process. Most clients operate under the assumption that their current set of circumstances is their true reality. During the coaching process, we will dive deeper into reality, where you will discover self-limiting beliefs, eliminate self-sabotage, and ultimately brainstorm options that will lead you to a way forward. In our coaching relationship, you are the pilot and I'm your co-pilot. You will be 100% in charge of identifying the topic of each coaching session and I expect you to follow through on what you are asked to be held accountable to. Your best cheerleader and worst critic are the reflections in glass. First session is complimentary :)


Charlotte  ·  North Carolina  ·  United States


Former Military Officer Army Ranger Corporate Leadership Experience Mastermind Group Facilitator Debt Free Leadership & Cohesive Team Development

Licenses & Certifications

Executive Director & Certified Speaker, Trainer, and Coach with the John Maxwell Team BS, Computer Science MS, Management & Systems


Unlimited Messaging:   $29 / week
30-minute Phone/Video Consultation:   $100

Client Reviews

I was privileged to be selected into one of Mike’s “Real Man” mastermind groups. Frankly, no written recommendation can do justice to the actual experience of being mentored by such a leader and deeply insightful man as Mike! As a former Marine, special agent, and business owner, I can attest that Mike is LEGIT! If you’re looking to be held accountable, to grow personally / spiritually / relationally, and identify your developmental needs, please do not hesitate to go 100% “in” with Mike! I was blessed in countless ways (my relationship with God, my business, and my workplace, etc...) as a result of Mr Almeyda’s mentoring, consulting, and advocating.
― Maury A.
Mike takes time to know each person, for me I was 325 pounds and lost 34 pounds by myself. Mike introduced the Beachbody fitness routines and the Ultimate Reset. I have lost 40 pounds in the last year and just begin TurboFire. Mike has been an asset in my road to fitness and its so important to have such positive, supportive, trained people to help.
― Barbara D.
Mike is a great coach and a leader. He sets the bar high and leads by example always offering encouragement along the way. He is a great communicator and motivator so I can highly recommend him as a coach and friend.
― Michael H.
Mike is an exemplary coach and trainer that always seeks and achieves the best for whomever he is training. Mike goes beyond what most people would is leading individuals and groups in the achievement of their physical and mental goals in both wellness and physical perfection. A born and trained leader, Mike is an asset to any team or person looking to accomplish more than they ever dreamed of.
― James R.

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