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You're Here Reading This Because Youre Feeling Stuck, Hurt/Wounded/Betrayed Or Sick, Without Aim, Or Sufficent Support Required For You To Succeed-& Are Extremely Stuck, In Need Of A Good Dose Of Quality Encouragement, Unconditional Acceptance, & Understanding In A Safe And Supportive Way, Right? Well, I Was Once One Of Those People-Like You Are, Right Now! And Having The Right Support, Gave Me The Strength & Skills- To Carry On, In The Face Of Life's Hardest Adversities, & Seemingly Impossible Struggles & Emotional Weight Pulling Me Down- BUT I GOT THERE, AS I HAD THE RIGHT SUPPORT! Sometimes, We Spend Years Looking For Help And Emotional Support, Understanding & EMPATHY- From All The Wrong Places And People- We Think Theyre The Right Fit, But Then... We Find The TRUE Right Fit- And Everything Simply Falls Into Place- Sessions Are No Longer A Source Of Dread- You Now Crave Them! Let ME Be That Helping Hand In Your Life- For YOU. Let's Work Together, In Order To Reach Those Goals You Have! You OWE It To Yourself To Be Happy And Fullfilled! Sometimes, We Just Need A Solid, Steady Rock Behind Us To Keep Ourselves From Becoming Overwhelmed With Our Situation. No Problem Has EVER Been Too Big For Me. Let's DO This! ARRANGE WITH ME TODAY FOR THE FULL PACKAGE DEAL AND SAVE YOUR MONEY BETTER AND USE IT MORE EFFICIENTLY WITH ME! Anxiety -Depression -Drug/Substance Abuse -Complex Trauma -Communication -Abuse -Relationships -Careers -Mental Illness -Detox -Medication Management -Panic Attacks -No Motivation -Life Coaching -Counselling -Mentoring -Stress -Achieving Personal Goals -Romantic -Spiritual -Mental Health -Daily Functioning Limitation -Rehabilitation Back To A Life Worth Living -Eating Disorders, -Bipolar- -Body Insecurity/Dysmorphia- Poor Self Esteem, or Body Image Issues, Name it, Ill do it. -Sensory Processing Disorder Management And Relief- Products tailored to your processing difficulties and preferances, for tailored treatment managment product investment suggestions with oversight into your returns/echanges and refund policy smallprint for your peace of mind, and total protection from your chosen place of product/s obtained in your arsenal of tools to manage and RELIEVE your sensory processing requirements, as well as synergistic usgage of multiple separate assets for a situation or highly distressing situation where extreme potection management is required to maximise your sensory- and subsequent emotional management and rapid peace amongst severe triggers. If reassurance in quality between trigger netralising products or synergy strategeries is comforting for you, Im open and honest with my product testing, feedback, investment worthy sensory items that have been personally adopted for long term functioning,so we can strengthen our resourceful adaptability when our sensory trigger environments dont- we can have management power! -Any Life Crisis Affecting You, or A Loved One -Chronic illness and adapting to new norms- Therapy, Coaching, and Supportive management with any remaining rehabilitation and persitent feeling of lost functioning, goals-and how we can regain hope together as a team and utilise your positivity with a strengths based approach and compassion with natural feelings of loss, whilst regaining meaning and a new set of managable yet stimulating goals to keep you moving in a foward focused flow with mindfulness incorporation and base awareness and fundamental understanding that while unexpected, it happened, resistance against the inevitble in life increases all suffering in the human experience- and a realisation that every negative is a positive growth opportunity in disguse to bring you closer to self actualisation and deep peace, spiritual guidance and insight is offered at any time if that is a goal realised at any point in the journey. -Feeling Stuck in a phase of your life, or at loss of purpose, clarity of meaning in your life that you KNOW you need to find it- SO YOU CAN JUMP OUT BED EACH MORNING, ACTUALLY PUMPED UP, FOR YOUR PURPOSE,3P/TRIPPLE-PPACKED, WITH A PERSONALLY AND PEOPLE-POSITIVITY PRIMED, PRESENCE , POWERFULLY ENERGISED AND A PRACTICED POSITIVE, PEACE POSITIONED POWER OF PERSPECTIVE and YOUR SOUL POSITIONED PRIORITIES ALIGNED PROPERLY- A GUARANTED POTENTIAL AND PUMPED DAY AHEAD THAT EXCITES YOU LONG TERM, PACKED WITH BOTH PLEASURE AND PURPOSE, PERSONALISED RE-ENGAGEMENT WITH THE GIFT OF LIFE, *Patience with deep psychological tests in most enhanced prep study of your drivers, strengths, values, from ground up to get you to such an enhanced level, full commitment is necessary to get you repositioned in your life with such intense end results, so your level of cooperation and attitude will be reflected in ending results, so accountability for yourself is essential and reflected in the outcome of the ground up transformative process. Prior results with double blind controls demonstate comsitency in studied outcomes, so variables may be experienced but positively modified if attitude to measured outcome potential is taken into consideration. Your attitude is the factor that cultivates more or less grattitude in life, and is a guaranteed inner gift WITHIN YOUR FULL CONTROL! If you feel mercy to the Struggling with the Motivation And Accountability to Achieve Your Goals-Not Just Talk About Them, Taking ACTION, Measured Expectations and outcomes to have as tangible in your hand from professionally measured in tandem with your personal psychological, physical and personal variables provided with a strong handed emphasis in personal responsibility, you can end up surprising yourself in a mind blowing way, at how much you CAN succeed with intentional responsibility with repeated application, and genuine desire to start Enjoying Seeing Your Progression and ABILITY TO SUCCEED IF YOU WANT IT BAD ENOUGH! -Stuggling with Lack of Meaning/Purpose or progession in your Life Restoring overall Confidence and Identifying Potential where You May Not be Able to See It. Working Through The Things That Hold You Back In Life, self identified by you, and me depending on level of change or depth wanted to be achieved -Setting Boundaries And Consequences For How Others Treat You -Internal Peace, Management and bulding resilience to cope with things outside of our control- and the ability to recognise and have the WISDOM TO DISSERN- the difference between things in life than you CAN control and change for your prosperity or Growth, and the circumstances we cant- and finding the attitude I can teach you to be CONTENT with not being in control of things life throws our way all of the time, and being okay with it without unessessary suffering and ruininatiom which causes mote stress and self induced impronment of your own mind...and having the grattitude ATTITUDE that keeps you cool, calm, happy and AT PEACE 24/7 with those certain uncertainties that exist with this whole thing we call life. -Creating and Finding Solutions For A Life You Love and Cherish More Than The Past Focus Holds you in captivity when PTSD is not a diagnosis. -Forgiveness and Acceptance that frees YOU emotionally, UNTIES YOU of its imprisonment, letting intense unresolved anger issues resolve , express that stuff with me as your empathic supporter till nothings left of it and its dissolved of its invisible grip you let it have on you which is a powerful test this world will give you to GROW you- and the past baggage that is so heavy it holds you down, and holds you back, from the pep in your step, internal freedom to create new, light and tortures you with that secret solitary sustained suffering and staining your full present and future potential- BUT- by having a compassionate, empowering, validating and supporter of your journey on side with unpacking those unresolved layers of rage, resentment, and any rejection and unmet need related wounds from the recent, or distant past, that increase your burden from the restless rage box you may have been avoiding dealing with as it felt too overwhelming, and cleaning out the closet now- for your personal and powerful potential- padlocked and that has been unrecognised, unaware from your full awareness and access, roaming dormant with unclarity and cloudy thinking-until and space for that unresolved, unfinished resentment- and personalised ways to let those layers dissolve, so the internal unintentional self poisoning can cease, and be replaced, I can give you that safe, supportive emotional safe space to process which pdople find a huge comfort with me, with a Big Dose of LIGHT youve been misding all along after discarding all that has been holding you back and keeping you dark- that shadow, will dissappear, and you will feel a lightness youve never felt in your life and array of abunance of choices at your pick- with no past baggage, like a shadow- you cant run from your own darkness if you dont DEAL DIRECTLY with it with a professional who has had their own similar experience- and I seek to continually understand, including the desires and wishes expressed without much thout perhaps, amongst a tirade of muddy thinking with the skeletons we deal with in your closet that affect your present day by a sense of heaviness or limitation- which bares no resemblance to the life, love, and purposeful occupation you choose meaningfully for yourself lf course, but you can have an evalation with me if you would like a more accurate final goal to pursuit in your meaningful happiness. One life you have- so be intentional with how you go about it. Youve got a Psych and Coach and your service, its what youre in a package you choose with me for- Im quality and I feel like I know who Im already talking about as I type- and Ill feel it when you reach out, Im ready :) BUSINESS FINANCIAL COMMUNICATION, SALES -Managing A Self Run Business-Economic Coaching And Success Strategies That Work With Proven Scaled results and wide stakeholder interest, retention and satisfaction with their investment! -Returning and Loyalty from your happy cusomer base! -Communication And Relationship Restoration/Decescalation skills -People Skills -How To Be Happy in Hardshipdx and effort, motivation and creative solution based thinking and personal drivers to keep you going and finding your own definition of personal success! -Finding balance in your pursuits and work life balance to prevent premature self defeat/self sabotage and burnout in your career/sales/business goals to ensure energy balance and long term success in time managament and building your business/sales/career -aspirations and prime times to dedicate to certain aspects of the process without giving up! OTHER NOT MENTIONED; FOR PROVIDERS, AND STUDENTS OF INTEREST IN BEING A COACH OR MORE: ask for quotes for these optional extensions please. (Services for COACHES and OTHER WELLNESS PROFESSIONALS or those seeking interest in the field) ESTABLISHED PROVIDERS- Compassion Fatigue, Self Care and Boundaries/Supervision Services available to add to your own credits, or simply the Former! -PROVIDER Assistance To Help Your Practice Thrive and Be The Best For Your Clients Results, and Personal satisfaction levels linked to your definition of personal success in your life, and devotion to the life of Personal Service You are Currently in. CURIOUS ABOUT THIS FIELD? NOT A PROVIDER? -Are you interested or curious, in, but not qualified or an undergrad in a potentially (or not) related area, and seeking to know this field or if it is the right one- AND WHY (Your motivating factors/Drivers and Values behind your Wellness Career Curiosity, and if they are suited to a sometimes highly taxing and personally demanding field of expertise) -How far and willing are you to seek Professionally Regognised Qualifications- Global or State Restricted? -Standards, Ethics, Morals and unavoidable Personal Costs To Maintain your Professional Annual Right to practice, and Monthly Charges to Continually Better Yourself For those you Serve. -How long you are prepared to be in Education For, and Highest Enlightenment and Degree you are willing to go for-Financial Constraints, Sacrifice, and singular specialisation or Total Specialisation factors to consider) -Short Term or Lifelong Calling? How to tell the difference! -A day/week, or year in the life of a Coach/Regulated Specialist Psychiatric Practitioner/Psych Doctor with both provider accountability and personal accountability/way of life fit/ or,Being a Dual Provider- Coach AND Psychologist? -what it means for you as a human being, and a Public Figure of Authority. -Is it for Power/Status/Ego motives, or... extreme intrinsic calling? -Unsure? Exactly what you should do about it! ESTABLISHED PROVIDERS- Defining Your Strengths and Drivers to Determine the People you feel best to service with both your personal and professional resouces and Time -Work Life Balance VS over-underload. -Issues with investing time with those who dont recognise your worth and dont pay, or Underpay fixed fees. -Compromises that undermine your value and time? An ethical dilemma for all empaths in the field- what I disovered and would love for fellow empaths to acklowledge! Or those who feel misplaced guilt or dont recognise your own value- what to do in these situations and important life truths to consider- the salve mentality, and not being able to bill insurance due to the DSM limits that can put your people at financial refusal due to inability to bill insurance, depite ICD 11,2018 -clear cut solutions, and regognising your basic human needs for putting food on the table, before youre unable to practice from so many professional expenses, and clients who underpay, pay late-or not at all. ALSO: RELATIONSHIPS/ROMANTIC/FAMILY/COMMUNICATION -Identifying Toxic People-in all categories of relationships. -Relationship Breakups/Divorce Issues/Children -Training On Different Psychological Conditions that effect relationships, how to manage them, and Coaching/Therapy to see Clarity in Clouds -Creating A Better Social Circle For Your Life And Happiness -Sexual Abuse -Emotional Mental Abuse- The Invisible Wounds -Physical Abuse -Toxic Relationship wheel- unhealthy vs healthy -What your Exact Personality Subtype is, and why it matters! -Love Vs Lust -Communication Skills to Better your quality of relationships across every category! -Dating Coaching, Timing, and Why games are not okay to play in Relatiomships Despite Modern Conditioning -When Family is Abusive- Intergenerational Cycles, Invisible Wounds, Desensitisation to Exposure in Toxicity- and what it all means for future relationships. Involved and Serious Topic- -Empaths and why we must set boundaries- why its so darn hard, the double edged sword of this blessing-curse, and pain. How is it so intense, yet our resilience always surprises us-commonalities. -Self Love and Why its so important these days -Pacing Romance -The Blessing in Breakups. Its not what you may think, its better! -Honesty a miracle with the people right in your social circle- and the dangerous side . When and how to know -Toxicity and Forgiveness-its for you, not them! Its like drinking poison yourself, and expecting them to feel the effect and suffer for what they did, its not to get them off the hook straight away -Cheating, Betrayal of Trust, Infedelity -Marriage-The Second (Or First) most important decision you will ever make in your life -Fertility Issues and Other Illnesses Your Attachment Style- what it means for EVERY relationship despite category or relationship context- and why its so important to be aware of it Online dating- keeping yourself safe -All about consent Boundaies and how they prevent toxicity, plus other stategies A woman brain vs a Male brain About sexual/gender identity and how stategies about coming out to friends and family Human Connection and Meaning Hormones released in socialisation with another human, and how it can physically heal illness, regulate sleep patterns/natural circadian rhythm -Any other coaching questions needing to be explored, sign up, only 2 spaces left! Not just degree smarts- pain, experience, growth and subsequent wisdom smarts to provide you the full comprehensive human experience youve been seeking all this time, with me. I HAVE DIRECT EXPERIENCE WITH PAIN, TUMOIL AND ABUSE/NEGLECT AND THE CONSEQUENCES OF SUCH TORTURE,, SO I AM EXTREMELY EMPATHIC, WISDOM FILLED AND ON A CONSTSNT QUEST TO LEARN MORE WISDOM FOF LIFE IS A NEVER ENDING GROWTH OPPORTUNITY AT ALL AGES, along with a huge amount to offer you or a loved one, WHEN IT COMES TO OTHERS AND YOUR OWN PERSONAL/LOVED ONES DIFFICULTIES AND PAIN, HEALING, WISDOM, COMPASSION, CLOSURE, and ongoing spiritual connectedness for as long as you live. Yet Another Reason Why I Decided On This Career Path- Extensive Life Experience. Being Kicked While Youre Down, And Begging For Someone To Help Me To Safety, Support, Respect, and Rehabilitation. The Victim Of A Family Of Narcassistic Abusers, Bullied By My Peers, Teachers, HEALING Institutions- And Anyone I Came Into Contact With, Was Torturingly Brutal. I Looked To Myself With What I Could Be Doing Wrong.., There Was Nothing- I Was Experiencing This For An Important Reason- A Purpose- A Calling... So I Could Stand Up To The Worst Of Human Nature, And Support Those Who Have Been Beaten Down- As Well As Have an Iron Will From My Refusal To Let My Own Father Break Me- And Seeing How My Mother Replaced Me With Orher Adult Children Who Could Help Her With HouseWork- And I Was Strongly Encouraged To Move Out, When I Had Just Turned 20 Years Old, 19 A Mere Month Before. The Environment Was Too Volatile To Survive In. And I Have Learned A Lot About The Different Types Of Family Dynamics, How Abuse Starts, How It Can End For Good, And A Look Into These Peoples Minds...It Was Most Exhausting Yet Empowering- In Tandem. Learning How People Function Is A Topic Of Endless Fascination For Me- And Has Also Helped Me Support Victims Who Are Seeking My Assistance, Ways To Understand, Recognise And Outsmart Their Abusive Family Members- Their Partners, Most Notably. My Insight, Inutition & Empathy Are All Things That I Am Unable To Turn Off- It Is With Me Every Second, Of Every Day And Night. It Never Sleeps. Check my availability and if I reply with an acceptance invitation- please dont waste it as there are limited placements available as practice blooms, and Im dedicated to connecting meaningfully, insightfully and productively with you that aligns with your values, and goals! A verbal warning I shared with my peers-an empath, can never be too careful, but still it was hard to do. So Im sharing it here, incase you have been wounded malciously by those in the wellbeing profession before- I feel and share in that experience, and keep my eyes vigiliant for repeat offenders, since its a trend- and my accidental sucess was born from being as flawed, vulnerable, open to learning and human, as the people seeking my help- so it is always of geuine and meaningful exchange, closing the gap of authority as tight as possible, excercising it only in the case of conerns fod safety and mandated reporting/ wefare checks to ensure people in my care are safe...unlike some other wolves in sheeps clothing among the genuine of us providers- Ive been in the industry for a decade this year, and interactive engagement with you- rather than listening to you like a rock in silence- as good as a wall or inanimate, dead object who uses silence in sessions not only as an indictaor of being completely absent and unavailable in real time- from you voicing your thoughts- or as a method of covert power and intimidation over you to breed fear within you, wondering what theyre really thinking and processing by unessecary witholding engagement when youre with them in real time, and enforcing that harsh, inhumane power imbalance based on fear, passively indifferent and dead, impersonal engagement or shared experience and reflection for your self growth or role modelling neglecting to care in a compassionate and engaged, lively and manner is the cornerstone of how I became an international speaker for Wellbeing Practitioners who struggled to take their practice from the traditional office sitting in the chair uncomfortably, to lively and dynamic, idea provoking discovery that can be done in the online world where digital health is at a peak, yet Practioners who mean well, often dont know how to give a sustainable amount back to the client, as they are used to staring, and I conduct regular seminars for struggling or stagnant Practitioners who want to do their part, but struggle to type more than 1 or two shallow ended sentences, or speak in live off the cuff demand. Its an overnight accidental success and career highlight while working in a Therapy Patform Center Online- where I was asked by my boss to do a live seminar for the thousands of Therapists she was trying to manage- and 5 minutes into How do YOU do it CalmCoach/ Therapist Joy- turned into (unknowingly) a live broadcast which was kept for training and developmental purposes by this Hiring Manager/Director of Clinicians. I made the decision to resign my position there as the platform dipped in integity despite being the largest avilalable, and was asked to become the HOD in a smaller agency needing quality oversight, and have become a Provider of Mental Wellness and Life Direction as well as Psychologist in international, domestic, and private practice. I currently serve 9 smaller agencies that focus on quality and strict ethical and sensitive conduct that helps reflect our practioners personal and professional code of morals humanly possible, to our clients- and my daily reminder wherever I can to underpin the spirit of meaningful and human centered approaches where you dont feel threatened, or inferior to your provider- Neutralise your inevitable power balance within your exchanges- we are no better or worse than the people who come to us, remember the DELICACY in this field you chose, instead of your obession with the Power that draws as many hidden bullies- into the helping profession. Exploiting someones needs when they come to you, for toxic explotation of how much power you COULD potentially excercise, simply because you could,or simply for your Ego , and capitalising on your potential to bully those who are already relationally vulnerable or coming out of an abusive relationship just to sickly retraumtise them within their fresh and fragile state- results in automatic DISMISSAL from our tight and private group of independent practitioners. no attempt at justification or excuse will be tolerated. Recognising who is in the helping profession for perfect environmental conditions to carry out bullying- sickens me and Dr Simon to the core, and I develop daily wisdoms from dealing with mixed overt to covert bullies in this profession who have a twisted mindset upon preying on victims/survivors/and improvement seekers-vs who are the in this field for the RIGHT reasons. Nothing sickens me more than abuse of power! Neuralise the line! A degree means nothing when you do your best to insidiously retraumatise a traumatised individual who has all the fear, shock, terror and hypervigilance and fragile hope it wont happen if in your hands- if it does? Be prepred to part with your study, because you should be in custody like a racist police offer whos duty is to protect, not perpetuate the same violence of generations, that they made an oath to stop! If you engage in that behaviour, disnissal is immediate and invetigstions underway, youre even worse than the initial perpetator because you are in offical power and corrupt it- the survivors last hope could have been you, and if you crush that with such malcious intent, my eyes cannot even bare to look at you. An abuser and terrorist of the profession disgused as a healer. Nothing could be worse. From it happening to me and other victims I saw, it will always keep me eyes open for the ones of your kind, who are nothing like us. Thats the end of my warning, born out of knowledge that just because you have the degree, doesnt mean you have the spirit to match... My raw upfront speech with Simons gentle nod of wary passion against the people of the same profession. Character takes years to prove. You dont demand trust. Its earned. Its ab honour and a privialge if you have read this far, prospective partner in dscovery and goal reaching! Thank you so very much... Miss Joy- much love and praise for your courage in reaching out to us here, in the brave step of reaching out :) Which brings me to SPIRITUALITY The Holy Bible has been a source of inspiration to people throughout centuries. We all experience difficult times, harrowing moments when we feel lost and lonely. There are phases of sorrow, unhappiness or failure in life. There are times when you do not feel good and experience a feeling of lowness. At such times, if you are looking for inspiration, Bible verses will surely give you the necessary strength. The Holy Bible comprises many short but powerful verses. I would love to have the Holy Spirit speak and flow through me to speak to your unique situation, the honour is one of existences greatest pivilages! - a testimony I only have shared in full a few times to those who are aware truly aware and seeking of a higher power/ our heavenly father of us all, our God, The Holy Spirit, Simply put, I was raised from the dead. In suffering, I do not lean on my own spec of understanding, but place my entire faith in God, as well as my cares abd burdens- He who sees the entire universe unfolding to his plan as it should. If you are of belief and seek spiritual enlightnment- I wish to share a few wee Lyrics to a Spiritual Song With You just now, I have many, MANY powerful resources that have isnpired me to walk on legs of brokennes in a hospital, but this one is speaking to me right now for those needing a tiny sliver of God in your time of desperation, trials, hopelessness, confuson, or loss: Trials Of Your Faith (Joseph) By Andrew and Saskia Smith Some lyrics: -OMITTED- The trials of your faith, Will bring forth gold... I am shaping you, I am your maker, I have called you by name- me. When you have been tried and tested- You will come fourth- like gold. I have an absolute TREASURE TROVE of spirutual coaching gems I long to share with you, For they got me through The humanly impossible, Unsurvivable soul attacks that otherwise would have left me for dead to Satans Suicdal Ceasing of my Soul- But Our God is SO much bigger than those things, For in our weakness, He is strong. He lets us go through things as we rely too much on our own narrow, human, tiny understang, and pulls us back to where we should be- leaning on him, seeking to be closer to him, to have a personal relationship with Him, For he Created you- And knows everything About YOU! Where humans fail, God will never fail, Friends walks away, He always remains We stray, He waits. I need to focus more on His divine ways, I am certain about 2 things in this life- 1. The only certaintly in the world, Is uncertainty itself- 2. The only constant in life, is, And forever will be, Our faithful saviour, and loyal, all knowing, comforter- our Holy God. Worrds flow out of me that I do not pre think when the Holy Spirit speaks peace into someones soul and situation, For I cannot suddenly know, something seconds before, I had no understanding of, and that is how it works- despite the spiritual wisdom I have been blessed with across the years. A stutter healed-professionally the morning I spoke freely, 4 years old, inmocent and suffering, wishing I could take in such a miracle that took years of hsopital- and 40 second of prayer, none the wiser. I count my blessings one by one. I can encorage you thorough our spiritual healer in Christ Alone- My hope was found.


Advanced Psychopharmachology, Counselling, Medicine & Psychology, High Distinction. Seasoned Premium Life Coach, 10 years. Masters Degree in Psych This Experience Has Given Me In-Depth Knowledge Of The Brain, Body, and Science Behind Our Behaviour, Thoughts And Feelings- An Addition To A Huge And Exclusive Arsenal Of Tools To Get You To The Place You Fantasise/Visualise Yourself Being! I'm Your Accountability Partner/Motivator And Coach, PLUS Provider Of All Things Mental Health, Physical Health And Therapy/Psychiatric-For Your Needs, As So Requested By You! I Adjust My Approach To FIT YOU And Those Involved With Your Services Here- Because Everyone Is A Divine, Precious Individual- And... EVERYONE Is Capable Of Incredible Change... Take My Example Mentioned Earlier, For Instance! I Just Needed The Right People On My Team! Without Them, I Wouldnt Be Where I Am Today- Thats A Fact! I Have My Professional Supporters To Credit For My Recovery Out Of The Darkness... I Am Here Right Now, To Be That Crucial/Empowering Professional Support Supply Here For You To Use At Your Fingertips! It Really Is That Easy! LETS DO THIS- TOGETHER! ARRANGE WITH ME TODAY FOR THE FULL PACKAGE DEAL-SAVE YOUR MONEY BETTER AND USE IT MORE EFFICIENTLY WITH ME! I Look Foward To Hearing From You! Therapist Joy- LMHC, MCMA, LPC There Is Not 1 Single Person I Have Been Unable To Help, So Far- I Have A 100% Success Rate! If That Doesnt Give You A Reason To Try Me, I Dont Know What Does! LETS DO THIS, AS A TEAM! Satisfaction and measurable success is Guaranteed with my Services- you can ask for refunded services! Being so, if in the unlikely case you are dissatisfied with our exchanges, and can write to me in a separate formal letter (or message) that you are unsatisfied- and give legitimate reasoning for that, with proof of such grounds for dissatisfactio,, upon reasonable standing (and independent service quality inspection, you have a 50% refund entitlement if I have not performed to my utmost quality. The other 50% is non refundable for my time, which cannot be restored, and is an absolute non negotiable factor. With this confidence in quality of my service provision to you or a loved one, I offer you my valuable time and resources of utmost quality when you are a confirmed regular subscriber! What are you waiting for? Lets change your life in a way you can feel, think, and see! Positons do close quickly, so dont loose this opportunity! Accepted Client Spaces are subject to availability at this time! Dont be the one to miss out by someone before you! Places currently limited!

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Advanced Psychopharmacology, Practitioner Of Medicine, Counselling & Psychology, Attatined With Highest Distinction. Seasoned Premium Life Coach, 10 Years Practicing. MPsych (Masters Degree, Psych) Now a fully expressed Dr/Physician in the United States, after their THERAPIST JOY- LMHC, MCMA, LPC (Licensed Mental Health Clinician, Licensed Professional Counsellor, Full Practioner in Medicine & Seasoned, Experienced International Coach) * Member of the APA (American Psychological Association.) License Number: ****** *Member Of The CMA (Complimentary Medical Association) License Number: ********** *Executive Member and Therapist with the IICT (International Institute For Complimentary Therapists) License Number: ************ NOTE: License Numbers Have Been Ommitted By Staff Here Due To The Sites Regulations. Therefore, They Can Only Be Made Available Upon Individual Request On Public Directory Listing On A Site For Clients Looking For Clinical Assistance/ Therapy Services. Please Ask If In Doubt. I Also Volunteer As The Official Therapist For Young People At A Youth Aimed Site, Providing Professional Advisory Services If Indicated, Or If Time Permits. I Am Additionally: Listed In The Exclusive Therapist Directory, With Verified Credentials, Featured Page, & Reviews. The Official Link To My Professional Page Is Open To View If Requested- Upon Good Standing Circumstances/ Intentions! Private Services Also Available With My Own Therapeutic Business (RecoverLife) incorporated on the platform -Providing Services To You- Anywhere In The World, ON THE GO- Geographically Unrestricted With My Extra Education In Global Wellness Needs- State Licensure Not Required and Restrictions off, Internationally Recognised and Welcomed by the wonderful people across this world! I Possess Unlimited Licensure In ALL STATES & COUNTRIES! Bringing YOU- High Quality Wellbeing & Health Services, & To All Those Who Seek It- Without Borders!

Coaching Rates

Have a 30-minute phone or video call with your coach.

Have a 60-minute phone or video call with your coach.

By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

Get guidance from me EVERY DAY of the ENTIRE MONTH, for only $360 to cover the WHOLE ENTIRE MONTH! Value Pack Option! (1 average 50 minute Therapy Session would cost $360- but instead you’re getting this once per week traditional Therapist payment- -DAILY -COVERING THE MONTH $800 -“This is a seriously outrageous deal” (Mr Jack)

Client Reviews for Dr Joy

“Every time I finish an interaction with Joy..,it feels like, a weight has been lifted from my mind and heart! She gets it-she gets the lot! I had so many different areas to focus on- And yet Joy reads through the hazy dizziness of business, family, and personal/emotional turmoil so utterly eloquently. On numerous occasions, Joy has unblocked my creativity with a champagne bottle “POP” ,and helped me create well-thought out strategies that sit well with my intentions, and positively affect my salary, my security, my family, and personal ambitions and Mental Wellness! Dr Joy is the un-biased voice of guidance that you’re lucky if you can be working with, who will lead you to short-term solutions, with long-term gains—within your personal growth and external ambition in Harmoney! I have direction, purpose, and newfound freedom with her wonderful heart which sat with me in the darkness and guided me to the light- I now embrace an acceptance mindset of life events that I cannot control, AND have the energy and spark to change what I can! She doesn’t shy away from personal questions and her own rising from the ashes story inspired me to push for the same! She’s wonderful! Before you browse or waste any more time, see if you have a shot with Dr Joy/ Coach Joy. ITS WORTH IT! ~Thank you A.J, with words unexpressed and tears of gratitude I type this, your natural generosity inspires me to be more giving, less focused on meaningless things in life, and feel the rush of fulfilment and purpose in this life I’ve been gifted- your process and connection with me was an honour, unforgettable experience, and a rush of FRESH & CLEAN CLARITY I needed, the motivation, information, inspiration. realisation of the wind beneath my limitless wings that was there all along that I didn’t know how to properly apply, or realise existed within me! Thank you so much! Pick Joy, LiveCoachers! “Once, was lost- am now I’m found, was blind, but now- I SEE!” ~Selena! :D
― Selena ^-^
Go see Practitioner Joy before you give up on hope that you’ve lost your spouse, your passion, livelihood, and patience. Don’t make any extremist decisions before getting Miss Joy- You won’t be disappointed. Our relationship, connection, communication, and mutual zest for life have been REVIVED and are once again ALIVE! I was beginning to think he needed neurosurgery- but nope- JOY knows what’s up And down- And sideways, looping, she’s got things figured before you feel the need for lengthy explanations- You can bet she will do it for you, but once you see the light you can’t go back- You must ACT- And we are happier and healthier than I ever imagined a marriage could be! This immaculate, dedicated and thoughtful professional brought my husband back to his undepressed self, and got back into meaningful employment that he enjoys- AND supports our family! Plus, his creative pursuits are in the works! Exciting times! Thank you Dr Joy, you are a miracle worker- you have a depth about you and an unexplainable intuitive nature, that can both identify people’s hidden potential, tap into their motivational drive to be ALIVE, and I am confident in my husband and our future! This WOMAN is RIGHT ON THE BUTTON! If you are serious about changing your life, step by step, building the achievable and measurable milestones to getting past the slump or confusion that you’re in, and break free from THE INVISIBLE PRISONS OF THE MIND, or need a premium quality, and COMPASSIONATE, UNDERSTANDING AND STIMULATING GUIDE TO YOUR LIFE- or a loved ones life- or both (she does family therapy too, the woman’s a miracle worker!) Get in before she’s fully booked up and clogged with people! She takes on a certain caseload at any one time to ensure people get the quality instead of spreading herself too thin- which is why we paid her triple, for that sacrifice, and concentrated works. We were her last one, (just in time, thank the LORD) and the process has given LIFE and CLARITY and PURPOSE to someone as unwell and mentally and emotionally and spiritually “dead” as my husband was- Now, and I have such JOY in my heart as I feel I have met the man I married 20 years ago, BACK and THRIVING! (hehe Joy...sorry for the pun :D) which is to say the least, I’m at a loss for words here actually...some things are so phenomenal, you just can’t explain it and feel you’re doing it any justice, forgive me here :) She is so many wonderful things. Professional, inspiring, connected, knowledgeable, compassionate, wise, humble, astute, perceptive, and EFFECTIVE! You will forever be in our grattitude journals, Coach Joy- Thank you for your careful consideration, and the unexpected humility offered in the process, in sharing your own personal experiences, struggles, pain, and growth... and growth and glory with us, especially with my touched him deeply without a physical touch- it was a core transformation- and emotions I had never seen before, came to surface, and release themselves like releasing the pressure off agitated inflammation... What she does is unique for everyone’s needs- when it comes to the mind- Anything is possible, if we embrace the process...but it’s a team effort guys! Come on, you have to put in the other part, to make your outcome into a whole and completed picture! Although I didn’t need treatment and coaching myself, My Husband- being the target of transformative team effort...we BOTH were treated like royalty and benefited!. She’s so knowledgeable- yet so human that you forget you’re talking with a doctor of feel as if you’re talking with a soulmate of such- the individual personal touch, and contribution she makes-to each person and set of circumstances, is AUTHENTIC AND UNIQUELY FOR YOU. For someone of relative youth to us- she is astounding, almost as if she has lived as long enough to accumulate the wisdom of someone far older, FAR older- yet its all compact and concentrated-in a relatively young adult like this- so POTENT of a guide to your life, she will be! My husband even has a kickstarter campaign going, to help keep his motivation up and feel fulfilled, and able to express his gifts to the world. Solid results. Stable income. Happy healthy man! Appreciative family. New insights into life. New skills. Connected to purpose. Confidence, meaning, intention and renewal. HOPE RESTORED FOR A LIFE OF THRIVING AND AN ATTITUDE OF MINDFULLY ACCEPTING ALL EXPERIENCES AS GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES and WISER SOULS! Forever in our hearts, The Kenzingtons Xxx “ALIVE AGAIN!”
― Lisa Kenzington
If you have any illness- either physical, mental, chronic or acute- the whole spectrum, she is an ABSOLUTE GOD SEND! I was going mad with how I wasn’t coping. She messages me every day, like a personal encourager and motivator- even on the days I want to lay on the bed in fetal position and cry, and die, and ask the world why- to get the things I need done in a day, done with minimal discomfort and genuine support! She is a truly wonderful woman, with a heart of gold- and she understands, too. She doesn’t just intellectually get it. She gets it through her life experience, too. Thank you, dear Coach Joy!
― Chronic Survivor Sandara
Miss Joy is BRILLIANT! Please LiveCoach- you need to feature or interview this amazing woman ASAP! As a fellow health professional where I found myself struggling with addiction due to emotional issues that haven’t responded to other treatments, or coaches- she’s the absolute supreme. I cannot thank her enough for her dedication and high quality clinical excellence she provided me with- I’m grateful to be out of that place- she has a knack for life that others seem to miss...a magic difficult to put my finger on-perhaps that’s part of the intrigue of this lovely woman. NEVER DID SHE GIVE UP ON ME- SHE SAW WHO I WAS UNDER THE ADDICTION AND PAIN, and never let go of my hand. Give her a raise, or something She is the very definition of beautiful- in every way imaginable- Without her assistance, professionalism and unwavering compassion overflowing from her soul- I may not even be saying this. It would have killed me, had I not had her help in my life. I’m absolutely serious, my family, my patients, the community- would have read in the paper that I died of a battle with addiction. She treated the Emotional Triggers, Provided me with Coping Skills, Addressed The Addiction, And separately addressed that till I was in full remission. I have a wife and 3 children- all who would be without a father- had I not had this JOY of a Joy in my life at just the right time. Thank you... Therapist Joy, A Life Saver... And YOUR Next Saviour- to all those looking for the best Coach you’ll ever work with! PROMOTE THIS WONDERFUL WOMAN! DO SOMETHING, LIVECOACH! She deserves all the happiness and good fortune life has to offer LISTEN- coaches like her, are once in a lifetime. All my gratitude I can muster within, Dr Jason
― Dr Jason
I always look forward to my conversations with Counsellor/Therapist/Coach Joy! She is able to, (through her careful and skilled work as a Clinician in the Wellness Sector mixed with her thoughtful personality and Lived- In Life Experience ) strike a perfectly unique and precious balance of careful listening to me, AND sharing her wealth of her own personal and professional experience and ideas. She quickly pinpoints the core element of a situation and does not fail to leave me with helpful insights, ideas or questions to ponder- you can grow exponentially with this talented, fresh & vibrant (yet caring, calm, sensitive and mindblowingly wise) bundle of Joy- THANK YOU, JOY- 10/10 on the satisfaction scale, for me! *Oh, and she’s a true blue Empath, as well- it’s like, she can feel you-as you so feel, inside yourself too- she’s even predicted future earthquake activity- it’s like she has a 6th sense! Any person she speaks to, she knows how to best relate to them by picking up on their energy vibrations before they say a single word! She can click with everyone, making her a fabulous choice for family issues and group disputes as well as individual solution focused sessions!. She’s brilliant at what she does- So bypass her, and that’s YOUR mistake! She represents excellence at its finest! Thank you for everything you do for humanity! Xx
― Margaret D

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