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About Coach Psihoterapeut Mihaela Frunza

Do you want your life to change...?...In which direction? Want to be fulfilled, confident, loving... live your life to your full potential? Are you ready to commit your self for better life? I am here to support you , to become the best you want to be, in your relationships, career, health. I can help you manage your emotions that stops you living a full life. I am fully committed to your success!


I am a caring and empathetic person, real good listener, working in coaching for 9 years and as a psychotherapist since 2014. I am leading workshops and seminars about healthy parenting, relationships, have masterminds groups and one to one sessions. I have 30 years of marriage experience and 4 years as a divorced woman, race two kids, and a nephew.

Licenses & Certifications

Integrative Psychotherapy ,Romanian Integrative Psychotherapy School, Bucharest Romania 2014 NLP-Resonanz-Coach, 2011 Kutschera Institute NLP-Resonanz-Master, 2010 Kutschera institute NLP- Practitioner IANLP, 2008 Kutschera Institute School of Medicine in Cluj Napoca, 1985 Romania

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

Client Reviews for Psihoterapeut Mihaela Frunza

I participated in this mastermind group with absolutely no waiting, without knowing much about what a mastermind group means, with a sincere desire to overcome some bottlenecks that seemed to limit my options and actions at that time. The experience of participating in this group was more than I could have imagined. At first, I had the impression that it did not help me much, but I continued to come, just to get rid of my routine and daily capping and to do something for me and just for me. And, slowly, I began to put into practice, more and more consciously, in the everyday life, the laws we were talking about in the group. And to change ... and change my eye on personal life, on professional life, on business and personal relationships. I do not think I have become a better leader, but I think I'm on the right track, because at this moment, following the experience of the mastermind group, I look at things from a different perspective than I was doing so far and have more tools to manage their own professional and personal lives. . Self-esteem has grown ... much. I realize how many things I can accomplish. I realized that ... I have a leading cloth, that all my life I did and I thought reality as a leader (without false modesty :)). And I realized I was not alone, there were other good and beautiful people, both empathetic and enthusiastic, just like me, who do not judge and have the courage to believe in their dreams and in life as a gift. I feel like I have progressed, following this mastermind group I participated in, that I still sedate the shared information / emotions and that it slowly transforms me into the person I'm meant to be (the leader I still think is much said). I still dare to believe in my dreams, in myself, in everything I can build and appreciate more what I have and what I have achieved. Rejoined to be glad. And believe in me more than ever. Here's how many miracles brought to my life a mastermind group that started for me personally as an experiment.
― Raluca M, business owner Sibiu , Romania
Mihaela Frunza helped me find my inner balance and significantly improve my relationships with others at a time when I needed it most, a difficult, turning point in my life. Thank you Mihaela for being there, for meeting you and for sharing me not only with your knowledge, but also with your life experience, helping me become a better person. Mihaela, you're definitely the best coach I've ever met! Andreea Pirvu, Managing Partner, Effective Business
― Andreea P, Managing Partner, Effective Business, Sibiu ,Romania
Elena Marin, Director of Raiffeisen Bank Participating in the MasterMind Group of Leadership was an inspired choice, sparked by the desire to learn other persevective leadership, to see what they are doing right now and what I can improve, what other skills I need to develop my quality of life leader. The workshop gave me the opportunity to meet new people, attracted by the same developmental desire, and each one learned from the experiences shared by group colleagues. I have set new goals for personal development and development of my team, being in my turn the leader of a wonderful team. I highly recommend this course organized by Mihaela Frunza who is an excellent facilitator and coach and who, through the questions asked, helps you get to the essence of the problem, to realize what and especially how. Thank you Mihaela for the dedication and joy you accompanied us in our journey!
― Elena, Director of Raiffeisen Bank Sibiu , Romania
It helped me very hard to identify my level of leadership and where I had to work. Being able to realize what my strengths are and I have to work on has made me really happy! People in the team are beautiful people from whom I have what I learn. It's great when you feel like doing something for your soul! Thank you for this!
― Rafaela ,business owner , Sibiu , Romania

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