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I mentor & coach individuals to find the answer to one question: How To Live, Love, Work & Be Happy? "Don't let who you are, stop you from who you could become." "Your life is an unfolding story about a hero or heroine who overcomes adversity to become something more than they were."

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About Coach Simon Matthews

Hi Some info about me at the bottom of this page...but first, this is about you, so... I want you to succeed. Whatever that means for you right now, it is my job to make sure you get clear on what it is you need to do to make that happen. I am committed to getting you to where you want to be. Together, we can help you to make huge changes in yourself and your life. So let's do this! ----------------------------------------- Do you feel something is holding you back from living the life that you want to live? Does it feel as if "others" are living the kind of life you wish you had? Do you feel free or trapped by fear and self-doubt? Do you crave to live a life that is driven by a sense of meaning and purpose? Are the important relationships in your life as good as they could be? Would you like to have more control over all areas of your life? Do you find yourself relating to one, two or more of these statements below? I sometimes feel lost, I don't know what my purpose is in life. I can't find any meaning in my life I procrastinate and am easily distracted I suffer anxiety and panic attacks I feel there is something missing from my life I find it hard to love and be loved I Self-sabotage my relationships I'm led by my emotions I'm scared of what people will think of me I 'm scared of failing I'm scared of succeeding I don't feel confident I lost someone I love and can't move on I feel so overwhelmed I don't know what to do with my life I feel my life is boring I lack direction in my career I want a better career How can I have better relationships at work? How can I find a career that suits me? How do I find meaningful work? How do I market myself to possible employers? How can I find out my purpose in life? How can I be a better leader? How can I create a better work/life balance? How can I organise my time better? I feel depressed If the answer is yes to any of these then you have something in common with millions of other people in the world. Many of us experience one or more of these thoughts more than once in our lives, and in my opinion, this is because we are constantly trying to find the answer to a few key existential questions that have haunted human beings since day one. They are: 1: Who am I? (Identity) 2: What should I do with my life? (purpose) 3: What is the meaning of my life? (meaning/purpose/Identity) These are questions that we are continually asking ourselves at every step of our existence, though for much of the time we seem unaware that these play a huge part in how we navigate through our lives. We actually use a simpler question to attempt to answer these existential dilemmas... How can I be happier? Let me help you to live, love, work and be happy. WHY WORK WITH ME? I have loved and lost. I have experienced the death of loved ones and friends. I have suffered severe anxiety and come through it, depression and come through it. I have had my own businesses, some more successful than others. I have had a reasonably varied life so far and intend for it to be even more so in the future. Before I became a Coach I was a Designer by trade and my coaching style uses design thinking to frame my coaching methods. Why not use the same skills that great designers have used to solve design problems to solve the ultimate to live, love, work and be happy? I now understand that for change to happen you have to not only be committed to it but you have to have a meaningful, compelling reason for the change. I am more ambitious now than at any time in my life; over the years I have run my own businesses, I have worked in some of the biggest advertising agencies and production houses in the world and have had the pleasure to work with some of the biggest brands in the world. I understand how frustrating it is to find something that fits what you want, your needs, desires and aspirations. To find work and a career that you feel has meaning for you. I understand what stops us from moving forward and how painful it is to know where you want to be but not know how to get there and how to break down the barriers that seem to be blocking you from becoming the person you want to be and living the life you want to live. I've been through it all so you don't have to. ( not on purpose of course!) Let me help you to design the life you want to live? But if you choose to work with me then you need to know I expect nothing but dedication and hard work. It is what I expect from myself so I expect nothing less from you. Give me that and I will change your life for the better. Whether you choose to work with me or not I wish you success, in life and in all your endeavors. Simon FAQS: Q: What is coaching? A: It is the job of a coach to help you (the client) to elicit personal/internal change/perception in order to affect external change relating to any desired outcome for the client, relating to personal and professional life challenges. Q: Will coaching work for me? A: Why would it not work for you? A coach is not a magician and it is as much down to your determination and desire to take action in affecting change on and in your life, as it is for the coach to guide you in altering your perspective on yourself and the life you are living in order to affect change for your future. Q: Why do you charge as much as you do? A: My charges cover my costs as a coach, they are very reasonable based on the results I get which is at this time 100% positive. I have never received a complaint or had anyone ask for their money back. In fact many of my clients believe I should be charging more, this may be true but I feel the current price point is one I am comfortable with. Q: When will I start seeing results? A: This is entirely up to you. But don't expect changes to happen in your life immediately, though this can happen, the change happens first internally and then externally. This is a life journey, a choice to embark on a way of thinking, about yourself and the world in a different way than before.


For me, my life is a journey, a quest to find out what is true about being and why we humans do the things we do and make the choices we make. Along this journey, if I can help others to find clarity and relief from their own personal suffering then that is a wonderful thing. My passion is in communication, visual, verbal and non-verbal language.

Licenses & Certifications

(A.I.P) Association of Integrated Psychology CC (Certified Life Coach) NLP Master Practitioner Hypnotherapy Practitioner. BA (Hons), MA, New Media

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

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Client Reviews for Simon Matthews

I highly recommend working with Simon. He loves what he does, and he genuinely cares about helping people. He uses methods that are backed by successful research and outcomes, and will work to push you to achieve your goals.
A while ago I found myself lost and lacking direction. I was struggling to understand and visualise what I wanted to achieve and outline my goals. I had researched self-help books and online blogs but was finding it challenging knowing exactly how to use the theories in my own circumstances. So I got in contact with Simon and he really helped me ask myself the right questions. Changing my habits and adopting daily practices that have helped move forward in work and life. I look forward to continuing the coaching with Simon using his theories and practices to keep improving myself.
― Steven Azencot - Business Owner
Simon has coached me in the past and helped me underpin my work goals, values and direction. Listening without passing judgement and picking up on areas I’ve unconsciously overlooked. Encouraging self-reflection to reassess and achieve underlying goals (not preconceived ones). Helping build confidence in my choices. I'd recommend Simon to anyone, whatever your aim, he can help you get there.
― Meghan Aylott - Innovator - Designer & Entrepreneur
With Simon as my coach, I was able to recognize how I had the power to change. In one of the sessions Simon managed to bring clarity to a situation I had been struggling with for over 2 months, I resolved it the very next day! I can highly recommend Simon as a Coach and Life Designer for anyone wanting to improve their personal and professional life."
― Melissa - Music Executive
" I have had the great pleasure of working with Simon as my Life Designer/Coach and he was fantastic, insightful and driven. He understood immediately what needed to be addressed. Simon is sympathetic, but also tough, in terms of getting me to answer some difficult questions. I would recommend Simon to anyone who wishes to bring about positive life change..."
― Ben - Business Owner
"If you want to improve your life then see Simon. Simon is patient, thoughtful and an incredible coach. He has been both supportive and professional in guiding me to focus on the issues I need to act on to be able to move forward with my development in both my personal life and career. Working with Simon is both fun and extremely helpful in building and designing my future. He is intuitive, perceptive, insightful, easy to build rapport with and a brilliant coach and life designer."
― Sharon - Business Owner & Entrepreneur

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