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Sales, Business, Marketing and Personal Development back by 40 years of knowledge and experience

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About Coach Anthony Bartolo Sr

Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Anthony Bartolo Sr. I am celebrating my 40th year in my chosen profession of sales and business development. I was fortunate to have learned early on how to channel my highly competitive nature directly into my career. I am and always have been passionate and motivated about my profession in Sales and Business Development. As a result, I consistently achieved record performances, drove significant revenue, created new market share and profits for leading corporations in the services industry for over 25 years. Also, early in my career I also started, owned, operated, and sold a successful Office Supply business generating over 350 new clients within our first 2 years. This experience provided me with the foundation of business and finance knowledge. My sales achievements led to requests to train, develop and motivate others which enabled me to earn training certifications in Sales, Management, Recruiting, and Business Finance. All of which ignited and fueled my new passion for training, coaching, and motivating others. The combination of my sales and business successes, hands-on experiences, and training certifications led to several key upper management promotions all which directly contributed to my business and finance experience and branch management successes. I am an effective leader who truly understands sales and business growth. I have recruited and interviewed over 1,000+ and trained and coached over 5,000 Salespeople and Sales Managers. This experience enables me to know exactly what motivates and drives salespeople, sales teams, and Start-ups and business owners to achieve and full potential and peak productivity. In 2005, I made my best career decision, to pursue my passion for coaching, mentoring and training, along with the enjoyment of helping others develop. I left my corporate life to launch my own Sales Training, Coaching, and Consulting firm. Preferred Sales Consultants LLC. Now, every day, I get to do what I absolutely love and am so very passionate about, helping, coaching, motivating, and enabling Salespeople, Sales Teams, Start-Ups, Entrepreneurs, and Business owners to achieve their full potential and to reach their peak productivity and to reach and obtain their desired dreams and goals. I customize my services to meet the needs of my clients and make my services affordable and easily accessible by providing them with LIVE Skype Video Calls or LIVE Training Sessions My Personal Motto is "What You Believe, is What You Achieve" I look forward to meeting you and discussing how we can work together to enable you to achieve your dreams.


Backed by 40 Years of Sales and Business Development Experience I specialize in: + Sales & Business Training + Sales and Business Coaching + Sales and Business Consulting + StartUp Business Coaching + Time Management and Organizational Skills + Motivation and Empowerment Skills My knowledge, experience and background enables me to know exactly how to motivate, drive and push people to achieve the success they so desperately desire.

Licenses & Certifications

Certified SPIN Selling Master Trainer. Certified DiSC Profile assessment advisor. Certified Sales Skill Assessment Advisor Certified Recruiting and Interviewing Learning Institute

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Client Reviews for Anthony Bartolo Sr

• I have my online services system ready to offer to the public, and I am seeking advice how to proceed. Anthony had some excellent suggestions. He is, in fact, making me rethink an assumption I had made. This could open up a large market that I had not considered. I HIGHLY recommend Anthony's consultative services to anyone.
― Tom W.
I brought Anthony in to help improve my business and received online personalized coaching, and great advice on how to get myself moving, and how to better structure my plan, and product. Much appreciated and highly recommended! Nick
― Nick, I
This is a " Must Do" call. Anthony is very knowledgeable, helpful and can coach you in many areas to help you achieve your goals. I recommend to get any of his gigs so you can at least try it for your self. There is really no down side here and you"ll find guidance that will propel you to achieving your goals. Thank You, Oren
― Oren, H
Anthony is a true sales professional. He listened to my sales process and gave me actionable steps I can take to improve it immediately. I am excited and look forward to implementing these tweaks into my game. Highly recommend!
― Jay W.
After meeting with Anthony, I feel very upbeat about the future success of my business. I really look forward to working with him.
― Vince P.
Excellent, direct and got to the heart of the matter very quickly. he does exactly what he say, refocus and re energize. i feel a great weight has been lifted off my creative shoulders..thank you.
― UaBella H
I was looking for some help with pushing past adversity. He did a great job. Very helpful and I will be setting up another time to meet. The personal interaction via Skype was a big plus. Highly recommend Anthony and THANK YOU!!!
― Glen D
• Anthony is the kind of person that you want on your team. He understands sales, management, and can work with a variety of people. He is a great trainer, consultant, and manager. I don't think that there is a job that he cannot get done!
― Stephan Schiffman, Renowned Trainer and Author
• Anthony's rational approach to problem solving hit the mark with my sales team and my sales Managers. His assessments and program suggestions fortified the methodology we were using by paring his message in a no- nonsense manner. He sets high goals and always with a way to reach them. He is focused and systematic in his approach which made it well-structured and results driven. He has the tenacity and strength to make the project successful.
― Audrey H. Director of Training, Optimum LP
• Anthony is a great leader and team builder, evidenced in his taking a branch in turmoil and creating a sense of comradery and pride. Anthony effectively used his many years of sales management and sales training to put together a very capable sales team. Anthony's listening and problem-solving skills aided in bridging a long-standing gap between the management team and the technicians.
― Greg K. Broadview Security
My company's success was built on the advice and guidance provided by Anthony. He helped me establish effective sales processes and channels that have brought great sales results. He helped identify what wasn't working and made sure I spent my time effectively by getting sales appointments and ensuring I was always working towards the sale. Whether you work in a startup like I do or in an established compny, Anthony will help you reach your sales goals.
― Joe S., Litigation technology company founder

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