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About Coach Morgan Sheets

Through changing your relationship with yourself, I support you to create holistic success in your life. I support clients to transform the core issues (emotional, physical and mental) they are facing so they can reclaim their true nature, transform their life and wake up energetic, happy, at peace and confident. My coaching style is highly intuitive and my gift lies in creating a safe space for your challenges and core issues to rise up to be addressed and transformed. We will dive deep in our work together, if you're not willing to change the core of who you are and open to changing your thoughts, beliefs and actions then I'm not the right coach for you. I specialize in working with high achieving, well educated, successful professionals and entrepreneurs who despite having achieved external success are still seeking to feel good and feel successful from the inside out. And I work with a lot of intuitives, highly sensitive people, empaths and "feelers" or other healing professionals. I support business owners to run their business in alignment with who they are authentically and to capitalize on their strengths and unique assets. From a business perspective, I support you to work through marketing and sales blocks by helping remove inner challenges standing in your way to create your desired outcome. Common challenges I work with clients on are a sense of feeling empty, sad and disconnected inside, low energy, addictions, depression, anxiety, adrenal fatigue, feelings of existing and not truly living, PTSD, codependency, poor self-esteem and self-image, suicidal ideation and simply not feeling like themselves anymore and not feeling good in their bodies, finding clarity in their life purpose and business, increasing confidence, increasing self-love.


Quitting smoking (marijuana and nicotine), quitting alcohol, adopting a healthy diet that's right for YOUR body. Discovering your soul, personality, and physical strengths and assets. Creating a business around who you are and your life.

Licenses & Certifications

BFA from Butler University in Electronic Media Production with concentrations in Business and Sociology Certified Holistic Wellness Coach through the International Association of Wellness Professionals Completed Master Level Coaching Program in a 2 year supervised internship through the International Association of Wellness Professionals Certified Massage Therapist through the Indiana Therapeutic Massage School. Studied craniosacral therapy, biodynamic craniosacral therapy and advanced bodywork techniques which led to my development of a massage style called, "The Mindful Massage". I've received business and personal coaching myself from two 6 figure business coaches. I've studied holistic wellness - mind, body, spirit for the majority of my life. I actually started my personal development journey at 7 years old when I first read The Peaceful Warrior. As a child and teen I was taught to tune into my intuition, the spirit world and to heal my body naturally.

Coaching Rates

Have a 60-minute phone or video call with your coach.

During this 30 min. phone call we will discuss your challenges, how they are affecting your life and what you would like to be different and you can ask me any questions you'd like about working with me further. If you decide to move forward and work with me, your discovery call payment will be subtracted from the coaching package you choose to purchase. I support my clients to create deep, long lasting, sustainable transformation in their lives, this is not a quick fix, one size fits all solution and it takes time to complete this process. During our discovery call, you can share your challenges and I will let you know the estimated amount of time that I think realistically you can complete your transformation in. The package you purchase is an investment in achieving the results you desire, so we both need to be honest, transparent and realistic with one another to ensure that you get what you pay for. I will not promise you results that I know I cannot deliver. That being said, I also can't guarantee you results because this is a process that takes two to show up and participate.

Prior to your session you'll receive my extensive holistic intake questionnaire to help you dive deep and get clarity before our session together. During our session, we'll explore your primary challenges and work to uncover the root cause and set action steps for you to take to create the transformation you desire. To help you stay on track, take action and create the change you desire after our session, you'll receive one month of unlimited messaging support with your intensive.

During this 3 month journey we'll support you to discover what the core issues underlying your challenges are and we'll create and implement a specifically tailored plan to YOUR body, mind and spirit to create a strong foundation for you to build upon. Prior to your session, you'll receive my extensive holistic intake questionnaire to help you dive deep and get clarity prior to our work together. Package includes: - 4 x 45 min. bi-weekly phone coaching sessions - Unlimited messaging support - Summaries of results of your personal characteristics to save for your reference - Input on "homework" between sessions This package can also be purchased at a monthly rate of $1375 per month.

(Pay in Full Rate: $1875) During this 3 month journey we'll support you to discover what the core issues underlying your challenges are and we'll create and implement a specifically tailored plan to YOUR body, mind and spirit to create a strong foundation for you to build upon. Prior to your session, you'll receive my extensive holistic intake questionnaire to help you dive deep and get clarity prior to our work together. Package includes: - 2 x 45 min. bi-weekly phone coaching sessions - Unlimited messaging support - Summaries of results of your personal characteristics to save for your reference - Input on "homework" between sessions

If you're ready to completely change your thoughts, beliefs, patterns, and actions to create serious results in your life, this is the package for you. During our time together we'll get clear on what's keeping you stuck, develop an action plan that is perfectly tailored and curated for you to get you to where you want to be. This is for you if you're ready to once and for all change your health, your life, your relationships and your income and create sustainable, long-lasting change. Prior to your session, you'll receive my extensive holistic intake questionnaire to help you dive deep and get clarity prior to our work together. Package includes: - 4 x 45 min. weekly phone coaching sessions - unlimited messaging support - my input on all your "homework" and any action items we have you work on like budgets, business communication, copywriting, resume writing, life plan creating, etc. - Essentially, you have unlimited access to me for support between sessions to make sure you implement and take action. - If needed, 15 min. touch up calls between sessions can be scheduled to work through tough areas and stay on track. - Post-session notes - My goal as your coach is to be the full support that you need, so when you buy into a coaching package with me that's what you're getting. This package is also available at a monthly rate of $1375

Client Reviews for Morgan Sheets

"Thank you so much for all that you have helped me thru in my business. I had a real hard time with how to project who I am and exactly who I serve. You helped me find clarity and direction finally! I was able to get over 15 clients and really nail down my niche. You helped keep me focused (not an easy thing to do lol!) and it really helped me to move forward after 5 years of just floundering around. I have more confidence because of it today, so a BIG Thank You for all that you do!!"
― Steph
4 years ago, I started offering mind-blowing web design services to local business. My biggest struggle was probing why I was charging more than most cheap freelancers. While there were people in town doing it for $200-$600, I was charging $2000 - $4000. I knew I was no ordinary designer, I was a marketer doing a website for you. But I had no clue how to package it, offer it, and find the people I could really help explode. Back then my thought was that it was too competitive to go after the niche, so I stopped and started a different business. Little did I know I would run into one of the best coaches I've ever met: Morgan Sheets. Not only did she blow my mind of how to provide value instead of selling, she told me what my problem was AND she had the patience to help me overcome my pricing and value struggles ... in 1 FREAKING WEEK!! I'm super excited about how I literally 10x my income in 1 week by following her advice. I can't wait to see where I'll be before the end of 2017!!
― Christian A.
"Before working with Morgan I was struggling with how to network my personal training business to find clients and speaking to people to promote my business. Since working with her I have improved with speaking to random people to promote my business and I began networking with massage therapist, doctors and gyms to see how we can work together to promote each other. The breakthrough I think I experienced was becoming comfortable to speak to people instead of being shy like I was in the beginning. It helped improve my self-confidence and people around me began noticing how happy I was to share my business. Currently, I feel great about the progress I made and I am continuing to work on myself and my business. Morgan was always very understanding and gave me great ideas on how to promote my business and also on ways to deal with my shyness. I think I found that to be very helpful."
― Tanisha N., New York City
Thank you soooo much for our call this morning! My back doesn't hurt anymore and I feel alive inside! I am feeling motivated and excited.
― K.G.
Thank you Morgan! You have no idea how valuable our session was… I sincerely saw so many things much clearer and it gives me such assurance that I am on the right track!
― T.M.
"Before working with Morgan, I was struggling with eating healthy and a lack of energy. As a result of our sessions, I have continued to make healthy food choices, increased my water intake and increased my activity, which has resulted in having a fresh, new perspective and has increased my energy level. I realized during our sessions how much I self-sabotage myself and saw my situation as being out of control when in reality I have complete control and can chose to make different choices that will result in a different outcome. Getting control back and increasing my energy were big outcomes for me in working with Morgan. She is patient and really helped to guide me to the root of my issues and helped me find solutions that are realistic and doable. She also has a number of resources available to assist even after the session. I have appreciated working with Morgan and wish her and others a lifetime of health and wellness. Thank you Morgan!"
― Kimberly G., Los Angeles, CA, USA
???"Morgan is a good listener and offers practical/doable solutions to help you achieve your goals. If you are committed to improvement she is the lifeline you need to get you there. She is a positive influence in my well-being."
― Carole, Indiana, USA
?"Morgan is a very thoughtful and caring person. She explains options as well as assists in helping others feel and look better. She is a tremendous wealth of knowledge about the right things to do and the right way to nourish your body."
― Michele, Indiana, USA
"Prior to the coaching sessions I was experiencing a lot of anxiety and stress in my life due to the lack of communication and the frustrating relationship I was having with my 17 years old son. This challenging situation had a lot of impact on my health and well-being I felt overwhelmed by what is going on, very frustrated and helpless. The coaching sessions helped me learn how to make my son communicate with me again, how to share his feelings and frustrations and envision what he likes to do in the future. I learned from my coach how to ask open-ended questions that prompt a discussion and even sometimes an argument. Hence the relationship has improved. There was a shift from “no communication “ to “better communication” and today I feel much more at ease and there is more harmony in our household. I am so grateful for all the help I could get from my coach, and I think my biggest breakthrough was to be able to reach for my son again and reestablish the parent-son relationship that I felt I had lost at some point.The ongoing support and guidance helped me improve myself in ways I didn’t think of before and my biggest shift has been that I was able to change my perspectives and expectations to being more open and understanding . Thank you Morgan for everything you have done for me, it was a great pleasure knowing you and working with you."
― Rihab C., Dubai
?" Prior to working with Morgan, I was unable to sleep through most nights and my lack of energy and positive mindset was negatively impacting all other areas of my life. In just four sessions, I gained perspective and clarity around what was preventing or hindering my sleep and was able to start implementing some small changes right away that had a positive effect on my overall well-being. Although it's still a work in progress, I am now sleeping more soundly and have regained some balance in my life as a result. ?Morgan's holistic coaching approach allowed me to find my own solutions and her keen ability to ask the right questions helped me to gain some real insight around my health and wellness issues."
― Annick, Canada
"?I had the pleasure of working with Morgan during my education with the IAWP. Upon the first conversation, I found Morgan to be gentle, soft spoken, knowledgeable, confident and kind. ? I did not have the expectation of receiving too much from our conversations at first; however, quickly she began to help me see certain aspects of my life that could improve. I had been feeling sick for quite sometime and Morgan helped me identify certain foods and exercise routines that were causing me to experience flu-like symptoms. Prior to working with Morgan, I was struggling with allowing others to control my inner peace. Through our work, I have become more aware that every situation springs from myself and what others do is a reflection of myself. Morgan told me about a mantra: "Father, I'm sorry, please forgive me, I love you, Thank you." This has helped me forgive myself for reacting to other people, and in turn, forgives them for their perceived transgressions. As a result, I am more at peace within myself. Morgan is a light in this dark world; she helped me recognize that I'm creating any turmoil in my space. Morgan is a calm, gentle and loving woman of grace. She is a beautiful, caring person who has been gifted with the ability to serve wholly and compassionately. I plan on developing an even deeper relationship with her, as I feel she is meant to be part of my soul tribe."
― Sarah H., Indiana, USA
?"I have been struggling for many years with up and down energy. I wasn't aware that I had developed adrenal fatigue as a result of complex PTSD. This biochemical imbalance had meant that I would crash and burn periodically. I hadn't understood that consuming small quantities of caffeine and sugar (albeit fruit sugars) was how I kept myself going. There were times when I had questioned whether I was biopolar but in fact I was just chemically out of whack from exhausted adrenals and a diet that wasn't 100% suited to what I needed to enjoy life to the fullest. As a result of my coaching sessions with Morgan I am more calm, I am more in touch with my fatigue and while I am still re-building my adrenals through rest, good nutrition and mindfulness, I can definitely see that the ups and downs of the past are truly left in the past. Now, I am feeling better and my energy is gradually improving. This was the first time I had a coach who helped me to focus on what WAS possible not what had happened in my past or why I felt this way. I felt heard working with Morgan and I felt I was working with someone who was helping me to find workable solutions."
― Denise B., China
"Prior to working with Morgan I was really struggling with how to balance my life and my priorities. If I had a plan in my head, I would be overly driven to complete it. This led to a lot stress, due to the fact that I couldn’t always complete my tasks when I had planned to. As a result of our sessions, Morgan helped me to realistically schedule out my weeks. More importantly she helped me to work through how to handle it when I wasn’t able to complete scheduled tasks. It was a huge breakthrough for me to actually practice this, and experience the shift in my overall stress level. I am now still very driven to accomplish tasks and goals, but I can plan them out in a fashion that makes sense to my life. I am also able to readjust if life gets in the way, as it always does, and simply reevaluate my plan. It was really helpful to be able to work with Morgan! She is excellent at helping you to realize what issues you may be dealing with and helping you to discover your own solution!"
― Colleen C., New York, USA
"My challenge before my coaching sessions was managing stress related to many changes at work and my son's addiction. While working with Morgan, I mentioned that I had a history of daily headaches. Implementing tools Morgan suggested, I discovered the underlying cause and made some changes and the headache disappeared. My breakthrough came when I discovered if I live in the present, I was able to feel peace instead of stress and worry, which I felt when I thought about the future. ? I feel better since our sessions and feel less stressed now and have more days of feeling at peace. I found that having someone's undivided attention when I talked about my concerns and having Morgan's support in helping me solve my challenges was most helpful. I didn't like to talk about my challenges as I felt it sounded like I was complaining, but I've learned that I am sharing my challenges and not being a burden on anyone when I do that. I also learned that we all need support from friends, family, or coaches to achieve our goals. I also gained courage to walk into an Al-anon meeting, which will give me the support I need to deal with my son's addiction and to learn how to live my own life. I just had a call that my son is going to re-enter detox after being home only 2 months from his last. Instead of panic, I was able to calmly say this is good news. He hasn't given up!"
― Sandy S., Michigan, USA
“I want to thank Morgan for the wonderful coaching help she’s given me. When we first began our sessions together I was struggling under the weight of over-sensitivity to the moods and vibrational patterns of those around me. This was having an adverse effect on my ability to move through my days without experiencing persistent, sometimes debilitating, high and low energy fluctuations. Morgan assisted me in learning how to identify external energy patterns - those which are nourishing or depleting, and even those which might prove to be over-stimulating. This knowledge has allowed me to develop ways of deflecting, moderating, and developing path-through techniques which now afford me a greater sense of comfort and balance, regardless of who is around me at any given moment. Morgan is insightful, patient, a great listener, and has wonderful follow-through. Working with her has been a true pleasure and an amazing experience.”
― Vicki S., Minnesota, USA
"At the time we began I was struggling with acute stress from making some major life transitions. I found that Morgan really helped me get focused, grounded and task oriented. She helped me prioritize what was most important to me and helped with accountability as well. I got “grounded” again. Additionally, I started accomplishing prioritized tasks in a coherent, consecutive manner. Of significance, I felt empowered to raise my rates for my coaching practice. Right now I am feeling great. I feel excited, motivated and inspired. ?One of the single best things Morgan said to me early on in our coaching was this: "Instead of focusing on what it takes to get there...focus on how you will feel when you do". This has stuck with me in a profound way."
― Neshama M., Colorado, USA
"Prior to working with Morgan, I struggled with finding enough time in my schedule to live the life I desired and deserved. Meal prep, exercise, self-care: how could I do it all? Through working with her, I was able to dive deeper and understand that this was more deeply connected to a long-time lie of not being enough. In working with her, I was able to begin identifying ways to address and debunk this lie, starting with welcoming abundance into my life. This was pivotal. Morgan's weekly "homework assignments" propelled me further each week, but the week she urged me to take note of every instance of abundance in my life is the week my life changed. Time suddenly multiplied, allowing me time for meal prep, exercise, self-care, and even 8 hours of sleep! It was as if money was looking for me! My health-coaching business bloomed. Love, joy, and understanding seemed as if they were suddenly in abundance, but what Morgan helped me to see is that they were there all along."
― Danielle B., Chicago, IL
?"Morgan was my first contact with wellness coaching. I had never looked at my life or what I was doing in the way it’s presented in coaching. Prior to my sessions with Morgan I had some health issues together with the sensation of being stuck in a rut, yet desperately wanting to move forward yet not knowing how. We started by envisioning my goals, and I look back now and 90% of them have materialized! What a great sense of satisfaction, whereas the typical new years resolutions that I would make every year would seldom become alive and form part of my life. There is something truly magical about coaching and Morgan took me step by step, and each step I took I became more and more confident and proud of myself because of the achievements I have made. She listens attentively and helped me to become a far better version of myself; a version that together we created and she helped me get there. She was my springboard and released my wings so I could fly."
― Tania M., Malaga, Spain
"Before working with Morgan, I was very depressed and had many issues including anxiety, substance abuse, sleeping problems and could not cope with normal daily stresses. Working with Morgan changed me in so many ways that I will forever be grateful for. Not only did she help me work my way out of depression, she helped me to find ways of reducing anxiety and substance abuse, which also helped with my sleeping problems and normal daily stress. She is extremely non-judgemental and made me feel comfortable opening up to her about my struggles, and she is also more supportive than any other person I have worked with before. As a result of our sessions together, I can now proudly say that I am much happier and have learned to work with healthy ways to reduce anxiety. I am also proud to say that with Morgan’s help & support, I have been able to significantly reduce a substance abuse problem that I have struggled with for over a decade. Before working with Morgan, I truly believed that this addiction was going to be a part of my life forever, but Morgan taught me so graciously and supportively that I can choose other healthier options. Some of the breakthroughs I experienced while working with Morgan included identifying & coping with emotions I had been holding onto since my childhood & becoming empowered to make my own choices to reduce my substance abuse & not use at all. I also found that working with Morgan led me to really figuring out who I am, what personality I have and how to be happy & proud of the person I am. After working with Morgan, I really feel like I am a different person now. I am happy, confident, proud & empowered to conquer life now. The most helpful part of our work together was how extremely supportive Morgan was. She even reached out to me on days that I hadn’t responded to her, just to check in and see how I was doing. I found that very comforting and it really proved to me that Morgan cares so much about her clients. Working with Morgan was truly a life-changing experience for me and I will forever be grateful for her help."
― Leah L., Canada
"Thank you Morgan!! I can honestly say that I had no idea what was going to happen during our coaching sessions. Prior to our sessions I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue and was working too many hours and not spending enough time with family and friends let alone doing something for myself. I was in a hamster wheel and felt guilty to give less to work but felt bad for giving less everywhere else in my life. Our sessions helped me to make myself a priority, improve my adrenal fatigue by creating boundaries and not being addicted to drama, find ways to prioritize my life as well as how to be mindful of surrounding myself with people that are part of my tribe and not just trying to fit in anywhere because that was easy and what I always did. What a list! I didn't realize just how deep in the hamster wheel I was and now am enjoying more time with family and friends and feel better about my choices. I still sometimes feel guilty about saying 'no' but realize that I am eliminating old patterns and need to do what is best for me. I am happier. It is nice to have a third party give a different perspective. I am starting to have more energy and feel like me again! I haven't felt like 'me' in over a year. I know I have more layers of healing to do but this has been an incredible start. Thank you for being such a grounded loving soul. I admire your determination and grateful for your wisdom. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."
― Kim G., Virginia, USA
?"When I first spoke with Morgan, I was in a place with little self-love, self-compassion, or self-support. For years I did the same things over and over, each time hoping for a different result, and each time watching my hope dwindle and fade. After gaining newfound awareness through our coaching sessions, I was and still am amazed at how digging a bit deeper can lead to such profound transformation and transcendence. Probably the most helpful and empowering aspect of my work with Morgan was realizing through her guided questioning that the answers are truly within me, I need only open to them! ?To put it simply, I feel a new sense of freedom and empowerment, both of which can in large part be attributed to Morgan’s exceptional inquiry, intuition, and guidance!"
― Liz Herzl, Colorado, USA
?"My sessions with Morgan were transformational in unexpected ways. When I began my work with Morgan, I expressed concern for recent weight gain, lethargy, and sleep issues. I soon learned that those were only symptoms of a much deeper problem. Through Morgan's empathic listening and intuitive questioning, my core issues were quickly revealed. As we worked together, I was able to see that my lack of congruence and authenticity was impacting all areas of my life and manifesting in my body, mind, and soul. Morgan then helped me identify a variety of practices that would support me as I move toward congruency in my life. I now have targeted personal and professional goals that feel clean, positive, and authentic for me. It has been an honor and a great privilege to have Morgan as my coach. I truly believe that my work with her has changed the trajectory of my life."
― Kim G. , Texas, USA

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