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Are you ready to change your life, to actually see and live your life without your current limitations? Are you ready to learn how to experience your business, family, friends and your personal life as a balanced individual, to understand that your moral courage is in direct proportion to your strength. Always living life peaceful, happy and harmoniously. Isn't it time to Wake-up? Realize that learning never ended when school was over, it had only just begun. It has evolved and includes our experiences, every thought we have, and every thought we've added with or without our own permission. The only subject and course study is now entitled "Life". Everything, every thought we each have directs every outcome and action we do, and not of just our own, but includes everyone around us. New knowledge learned & understood will change your life. How you see your family, your friends, your work, or your business is directly related to how your own thought process sees itself. Manifestation is your own choice. Everything in our life is always in our own control, we each have the choice, is it the right one? Success is new thought directed into new paths, which your own conscious history has never recorded. This is the definition of growth and it sustains our life. I look forward to speaking with you. Scott

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About Coach Scott Shakespeare

I have been a professional Businessman and Executive Adviser for many years now. Through all my own businesses I have learned that without a complete understanding, a balance of my own-self, I could not have accomplished all that I have done so far in my own life story. I consider myself still a beginner, with so much more ahead of me. Whether it's your business, your work, your relationship, your interaction with your kids, or your own daily life, understanding the principle of life, will help guide you through life. In order to build your own unique model of yourself, you must begin with identifying your current thought model. This should always be your primary self-check, identification of what you are thinking, continuously. Each of us are artists, with a talented and beautiful sculpture of our own-self within us, wanting to come out, to be active, to be seen, and to reflect and demonstrate who we each are. Whether you're looking for help for your business, your work, your education, your relationship of any kind, your life, learning is required. They all boil down to understanding the principle of your life, your thought process as one harmonized individual. In today's world our daily exposure of Technology and Business Responsibilities combined with our Personal and Social Lives, can make interaction and growth, confusing and challenging. Whichever questions you are asking yourself, are you getting the right answers? Because if you were, you wouldn't be reading my profile. If you still don't know why these things, these situations continue to repeat themselves in your life, in your own conscious history, your past, I would recommend we talk. Because at this point, your only questions should be, How do I fix this? What is this? Others seem to want to give these issues, these needs, or challenges, clinical names, or a neuroscience type or condition. But the simple fact is, that once you name something, you have made it, Something! And now, you have created another potential issue in your conscience thought, or as I call them, a new "box of limitations", just another thing that adds to your own list of self-corrections needing attention, and it happened by the simple act, the thought of a name, and its meaning. Your mind processes everything, is everything, and that thought has become this new self-identity you just named. When you realize, and understand that because you made it yourself, you can also unmake it, and discard it completely. It is always OK to ask for a little help. "THERE IS NOTHING EITHER GOOD OR BAD, BUT THINKING MAKES IT SO" This is my favorite quote by W. Shakespeare.


My Specialties have been realized and demonstrated by the life that I have lived, and loved. As a serial entrepreneur, I have enjoyed every minute of my journey so far. The good, and seeming bad, each in their own way were lessons to be understood, successfully demonstrated and proved by the actions they accomplished. I have been part of raising great kids, coached and mentored hundreds of kids in sports, academics and living. I've helped parents and couples in their relationships, taught individuals and top corporate executives how to develop and achieve their own strategic goals for both their personal and business needs. Helping individuals understand the principle which guides their lives, allows them to continually conquer and achieve new goals, this ultimately creates a healthy cycle of growth, always progressing passionately, no matter what the subject or issue seems to be. I have learned that in order to help others find their way I had to know and understand my own, and fortunately, I keep gaining and learning. When you read a book you only know what the book says, and everyone can read the same book. The real questions are, "how does it translate in my own thought? and how does that apply to my life?" The book can't tell you. YOU MUST BECOME THE AUTHOR OF YOUR OWN BOOK! When you experience life, and you live it to its fullest potential, with the morals and values we each should be great examples of, then you begin to understand what life is to you, you harmonize with it, because you've experienced the differences, listened, and then chosen the path that life properly presents at all the right times. My own specialty has truly become the ability to help others fully identify themselves and to uproot all things which don't belong to them. Every experience that I've had, brought new and exciting challenges into my own life, and its called growth. Solutions are always at hand, and success is understanding it. I've listed a few of my own life experiences below. BUSINESS AND LIFE EXPERIENCES President EM ADVISORY CORP. 2008 - Present Managing Partner Eppcott Energy, LLC 2008 - Present President Natural Energy Development, Inc, (NEDI) 2006 - Present Life & Business Advisor (The Coach) Independent & Individual Advisor and Mentor 2002 - Present President Shakespeare Cigar Company 2000 - 2006 CEO and Chairman Cyber Networks Inc. (CNI) 1993 - 2002 Founder & President RSV-Perspective, Inc. 1991 - 1993 Founder & President New England Education Associates, Inc. 1989 - 1991 Executive Advisor K-Star International 1987 - 1989 Greater Denver Area Executive Director The Advancement of Prosthetic Services (T. A. P. S) 1985 - 1989 Orange County, California President The Cookie King of Anaheim 1985 - 1986 President JAS Enterprises 1983 - 1985 Orange County, California Entrepreneurial Years of Growth and Experience 1979 - 1983 I Coached and Mentored kids from Elementary through High School age in Canton, MA. The Canton, MA School System 1986 - 1991

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I have learned one very important lesson, no two lives are the same, each of us are individuals with our own identities, unique to our own-self. By understanding the principle of life and our individuality within it, we begin to gain our own understanding of guidance, we expand our own thought models, and reflect our own unique identities. I have helped hundreds of individuals and companies over the past years through individual advisement. Success is always up to the individual, to make their time with me valuable to their own self. People cannot be put into boxes, they must be freed from their current seeming box's and shown how to build a better ideal model of themselves. My thought on Licenses and Certifications; "They are just more boxes..."

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

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Client Reviews for Scott Shakespeare

I feel relaxed because he understands the situation... and after telling him, I don't have the fear. Yes, fear is not real...! Yeah, he is disappointed with that guy, but not with me, he is actually proud of me for telling him. Hey Scott... you are right, because when I made the decision I was really feeling hesitate about it at first... but your wise words have made me think deeply. I feel that my biggest fear was to tell my parents about it, it clouded everything else, I didn’t realize I have not even been thinking... after I told my dad about it, I feel like the heaviness in my head has decreased a lot, just about to the point of not there. And yes, you are right again, I’m sleeping well, I feel so much lighter. This is a good day. because I'm in it! I want to be the girl who is tough mentally and physically. Do lots of adventure without fear.... please guide me so that I can be strong mentally. When shall we talk again?
― D.V.
I am sorry for reacting so poorly at your front door a couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t even hear you say to me, “that’s not me, that’s not my package”, as I was shoving it into to your face. But if that event didn’t happen, I really couldn’t imagine what might have been the result of my next delivery. I thank you, and my wife thanks you, she is the reason I’m writing you. When you opened your door to a complete stranger that day, and me acting like a lunatic, ranting and not realizing the things coming out of my mouth, I was so lost in my own stressful conditions. But you, you just smiled, sat me down with a glass of water, and said, so, what’s going on? After speaking with you the rest of my day went pretty well, and when I got home I shared with my wife the talk you and I had. Over these past couple of weeks, I have applied each day the knowledge you gave me, “my homework”, as you called it, I now understand a little more, but I now want more knowledge, as you say, more understanding. I would like to ask you if my wife and I together could schedule time with you, she tells me that I have become a different man, a better man. She wants to understand too, please. Jacob, UPS
― Jacob
What a roller-coaster ride we’ve had, thank you for staying by me during it, I honestly don’t think I’d be here today with my kids in the other room playing if you weren’t there. One day we have to meet in person, but for now your voice and words continue to ring true in my thought, and Monday I start my new job. I look forward to our next talk on Tuesday and can’t wait to tell you all the good that I know is there to share, thank you again, life is good!
― E. Davenport
“You are correct, everything is a negotiation. I am very glad that you sat on our side of the table with the quite expertise you demonstrated. This sale will allow myself and my family to choose again.”
― S.M.T.
“Until I saw the numbers with my own eyes, I did not, could not believe what you were telling me. But it is true, you saved me over $600,000 of unneeded advertising spend in the first 6 months of this year over last year. I was most impressed with the fact that we sustained the same revenue, thank you.”
― S.V.
“One month! You changed our direction in a month. I never realized that I was inadvertently forgetting about what has turned out to be a profitable division of the business, and that same division was our problem, to begin with. Your quick analysis gave us the step up we needed.”
― R.O.
“I never thought that the use of a separate website could benefit this section of my business. That thinking was just being out of touch with my own customer base. Our overall transactions have tripled over this last year. Our future continues to grow again.”
― P.T.B.
“The promotion was a complete success. The way you structured it allowed me to deduct the campaign and giveaway expenses from my taxes. The biggest benefit has been the permanent increase in my customer base. Thank you.”
― Y.B.P.
“One simple paragraph in our 98-page contract created a lifetime of residual payments back to the Partnership, thank you for seeing it. The statement you made is so true, “attorneys are not businessmen.” We will call you when we prepare for our next purchase.”
― H.T.
“I can’t deny that your services are invaluable. Not one person in my company was able to see our own mistakes. It does take a trusted advisor to look in from the outside and you have been that advisor. Thank you, for showing us a way to identify and correct these issues for the future.”
― W.T.H.
“I thought that putting your company on retainer was a waste of our resources, and time. I have never been so wrong, and so happy to be wrong at the same time. It would be my honor if you would consider a permanent position within our corporation.”
― Y.N.O.
“Your analysis of our current marketing efforts turned out to be spot on. Your suggested changes are already showing results over the last 60 days of running them, thank you, your services are under rated. We will be calling again.”
― V.B.
“I feel like a hero to my Board of Directors thanks to you. Your confidentiality is much appreciated and your suggested changes to our approach with the new structure to handle the referral pass-through have worked so well that we needed to put 5 new associates in place, thank you again.”
― I.E.W.
“I can only say one thing, “Call this man!” this is why. I was introduced to Scott some years ago when I had just graduated from college and woke up one morning in a very serious panic. You see, it dawned on me that the things I wanted when I chose my career path out of high school, was not what I wanted now. I was scared, I had thousands of dollars in student debt loans in front of me, I had a job, but I was not happy in it. My parents were a huge deciding factor of my career choice and now I found myself not at all happy with them. Basically, I was a mess. I asked Scott if we could talk together from time to time, and we did, but I lived on the other side of the country from him and I thought this would not be effective. But, I was wrong, he helped me first in learning to listen better so our conversations really took hold. Since our talks began, and still continue today, I am very happy to say that my little side business that Scott helped me start, is now my full-time job, my parents and family are all part of my business, my education is actually realized, I’m using it, but in a completely different way that I couldn’t see at the time, and I have just a couple of payments left on my debt. Thank you, I truly hope that this testimonial of how you changed my life can now help you in some small way. The gratitude and thanks can never express my feelings sufficiently, you changed my life.”
― Janet S.

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