Life Coach Hélène Genillard - Carouge, Geneva, Switzerland

Coach Hélène Genillard

Carouge  ·  Geneva  ·  Switzerland
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Life coaching, work/life balance, time-management, goal management, self-confidence

About Coach Hélène Genillard

Helene is a female coach based in Carouge, Switzerland, with credentials from the international coaching federation (ACC). Helene specializes in Self Confidence, Strategic Thinking/Planning, Work-Life Balance, has experience working with clients in the following positions: Private clients, and speaks the following languages: English, French. Their business clients come from the following sectors: Small Business. Availabilities: Switzerland time Monday- Tuesday- Thursday- Friday: 9am to 3:30 pm Swiss time.
ICF Verified

Licenses & Certifications

- Bachelor of Science in Communications (summa cum laude) from Emerson College (Boston, USA) - Certified Professional Coach and accredited Coach (ACC) by the international coach federation (ICF) - Diploma in Journalism (with distinction) from the London School of Journalism - Certificate in Neuroscience from the University of Chicago

Coaching Rates

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3 sessions of 1 hour each

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Client Reviews for Hélène Genillard

"Helene is just an amazing coach, she has a natural coaching way about her. I should mention that I never felt that I was being judged or that I couldn't talk to her about a topic. Two things that I appreciate most about Helenes coaching style are: 1) She kept my 'big' goal in mind, she always checked in with me about the main topic that I came to her to be coached on. 2) She kept the sessions focused and productive with that natural coach way that I mentioned earlier. I couldn't imagine being coached by anyone else and having the same positive experience I had."
― Chris (USA)
Helene coached me on many different topics. The goal was to mainly discuss my business plans, but I found that if things came up in my personal life that took priority, Helene would take the time to address those concerns with me. It was a relief really because unfortunately in life, things can sometimes take you by surprise and having her to talk through those things with me, helped me tremendously to get back on track. I found Helene to be a great listener. She is compassionate and understanding. I always felt that I was heard and that she was there along my journey with me. As a Life Coach, I know the importance of having a coach that listens keenly and Helene did this very well. She was very good at pin pointing the "topics" I was dancing around. She is very good at providing feedback in a way that made me look at things from a different perspective, which opened my mind to other possibilities. I learned a lot while working with Helene. Through our work together, I was able to overcome some obstacles that were really holding me back. I am forever grateful to Helene and I highly recommend her.
― Natali (USA)
Hélène is very sensitive, but she doesn't give up, if you don't find an answer quickly or if you resist in going deeper. She leads you there thoroughly and pushes you a little bit further to new ideas and perspectives for your life. Hélène asked a lot of great questions and helped me develop and see new points of views. A lot of times I felt stuck with something when I started talking to her about it and in the end I would have a total different feel about it and see many options that where there all along but that I was blind for. Hélène is very caring and responsible when it comes to her clients. I love that and want to take that with me into my work. Anytime I felt stuck on one point I was able to find new solutions with her help and move a step further. I realized that I wasn't lost yet and that there is always a way (that doesn't necessarily need to be to challenging either)
― Uli (Germany)

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