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About Coach Robert McLean

Robert is a native New Yorker, born and raised in Brooklyn. While working at a financial firm in 2008, a co-worker was having a difficult time in his personal life. On the verge of a breakdown, Robert decided to begin consulting him through the tough transitional stage in his life. Roberts' step by step approach to consulting enabled his co-worker to gain new confidence through a healthier lifestyle, an improved sense of style and personal grooming savvy, and an understanding of the overall nature of dating. Today, his co-worker is in a happy relationship. Roberts success with his co-worker sparked a new business venture aimed at assisting any individual to enhance their lifestyle through Fitness, Image, and Dating guidance. R.M.M Lifestyle Consultants helps any individual change their lifestyle by building up their confidence on the inside so it can reflect on the outside. Robert graduated with a degree in Business Management and Finance and also holds a Lifestyle Coaching Certificate. With his knowledge and experience, he is dedicated to helping any individual improve their lifestyle.


-The Art of Interaction -Non Verbal Cues and Approaches -How to break the Ice -How to bounce back from a tough break up -Techniques on how to flirt on the dance floor -Relationship Guidance -Social Anxiety and Communication Styles

Licenses & Certifications

Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Finance Lifestyle Fitness Consultant Certificate

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By purchasing this option you get unlimited text messaging with your coach. You can send messages at any time and expect a reply within 24 hours.

Weekly talk sessions, Roleplaying sessions, and strategic guidance on your problematic areas.

Client Reviews for Robert McLean

Great coach with detailed responses catered to your individual situation. Takes his time to understand you and your circumstances.
This person is the real coach with his craft and mission. He worked on my basic flaws when we were on our outing and right away helped me to go from quirky to best version of myself. I will hire him again when it comes to modern day hitching!
― Towsif C, Concierge
I made progress at a faster rate than I initially expected, which I was pleasantly surprised about. My goals were actually really ambitious, it was to go from a state of neediness to a state of abundance with women and Robert fixed everything from the approach, to the fashion, to the conversation. We even went out shopping and although I had second thoughts about the outfits he selected, the results with women skyrocketed shortly afterwards so I can't really argue with results. He's also great at clarifying hard to explain concepts in easy to understand terms. Really fortunate to have found a coach like this. When I first started, I was chasing every girl like crazy, and getting little to no results. Now, there's 3-4 girls actively chasing me every day trying to get my time, and it's only been a little less than 2 months. I'm really excited to see where this will go and highly recommend his services for anyone with a modicum of ambition and motivation to improve themselves in the dating arena.
― William L, Real Estate Investor
Excellent at finding what obstacles holds you back from success and works with you to overcome them.
― Joseph T, Engineer
“An awesome experience overall. Robert really made it easy for me to step out of my comfort zone.”
― Eric F, Designer
It’s been a pleasure working with Robert throughout my journey into a new life. Months have passed and without a doubt, I can honestly say, I have seen a tremendous change in my life in its entirety. I’ve made a drastic change in my eating habits, my body is toner and leaner, and my stress level has decreased. I have always wanted a better lifestyle for myself, which I am happy that I took the extra step in achieving this with Rob’s help. Thanks to Robert, he has been helping me to stay on track and focus on my goals. He exceeds my expectations in every aspect when assisting me with my image, self-confidence, diet, and stress level. He is focused and disciplined when it comes to his job, also, he is very understanding and easy to communicate with no matter the situation or challenges we encounter during our sessions.
― Stacia F, Social Worker
I met Robert McLean at a previous job that we worked at during college. Right off the bat, I knew that this guy was someone who could potentially change my life, even before he was officially in the business of lifestyle coaching. Robert is a mastermind at what he does. As Robert began to learn more about my life, habits and general situation, he suggested small changes that he believed would benefit me. I was not in good shape. I did not know the first thing about style. My dating life was a mess, as I constantly lowered myself and settled for people that embarrass me to think about. Looking back now, I was pretty miserable. As his first client, I gave him total control and put my trust into him fully, which was a bit scary initially, but I felt I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. At the end of the day, he definitely delivered and I immediately saw results. His in depth knowledge and life experience helped to guide me through the process of Fitness, Image, and Dating. Throughout the process, he began to give me new hope for my future. His bubbly personality made this six month journey fun for me, but he also challenged me in ways that I did not expect. He is very reliable, trustworthy, and uses methods that will leave you with a new-found confidence. My life has changed drastically, as I now have a consistent gym routine, an excellent diet, as well as a stylish wardrobe that fits my personality and emphasizes my attributes. Because of this, my dating life has been superb, as I have met and dated a number of beautiful women and no longer have to lower my standards to find a date. If you are unhappy with your body, style, or dating life, I guarantee that you can turn things around. If I was able to, then I believe that anyone can with that extra push and extra motivation. I highly recommend Robert and his service. I know that he will build on his already great ideas and continue to change people’s lives.
― Richardo M, Senior Marketing
Robert is very good at what he does, I recently started going through a divorce and was married for 9 years.... I had no idea how to talk to start a conversation because I lost all my self-esteem and my ability to talk to women due to being comfortable with the one I was with for many years .. Robert was able to get me to have the confidence and the ability to talk again and get back to my old self and show me the ropes of finding a new women thanks for everything Robert.
― Eddie R, Business Owner
Robert is a very personal coach. He truly tries to understand customer’s needs to improve on. Robert starts by assessing current situation and provides good set of critical feedback. His sessions are intensive and interesting to participate in. Every time it’s like a small story where you are the main hero. I personally felt the boost in confidence and extra energy when I’m with him or his co-workers. He is very responsible about following up and setting up next sessions. It’s my pleasure to be part of R.M.M Lifestyle ;-)
― Gleb K, Engineer
“Ok so Robert is amazing. Within the first session, he woke up my awareness to my strengths. Then, on the first night out into the playing grounds, he and one of his consultants forged new distinctions that i wasn’t aware I was doing. Through those connections, in that same night, I spoke to a lot of women. And during the following week, I find myself grounded and clear in talking with women. To the point where I have made friends and gotten two dates. AND IT’S NOT EVEN THE 2ND SESSION YET. So if that’s not proof of Robert’s skills, then you need to see him for yourself. Now mind you, your results may not mine. And that’s not the point, but you WILL see results quickly if you put your effort into it. I give my full 5 stars to Robert and look forward to continuing learning how to be the 1%.”
― Brian E, Actor

Case Studies for Robert McLean

A single mother is her 30's needed an overall lifestyle change in her Image, Fitness and Dating needs. We started with personal training sessions to lose weight and increase muscle tone, while gaining insight into her past relationships, eating habits and style of choice. Once she shed 20 pounds, I provided personal shopping sessions to change her wardrobe. With a thorough assessment in helping her analyze what men look for in women, she was able to build a new foundation in her overall life.
I helped take a 24-year-old client break out his comfort zone. His passion is video games and he's experienced hardships when dating as women felt this is childish for a man to still play video games at this age. By combining his love for video games and specifying areas of the dating pool he can hone into, he was able to find a girl that appreciates his love for games and establish a career in that industry.
A 50-year-old male hired me after divorcing his wife of 23 years. He felt lost after being married for so long and thought that he lost his social skills. Through a series of coaching sessions, I helped him overcome his fears of " having a life after marriage" and owning up to his responsibilities that transpired through the course of his relationship. Through speed dating events, mixers, and matching him with appropriate dates, he was able to walk away with confidence knowing that he can find love in the second phase of his life.
"I helped a 32-year-old male introvert gain a new perspective of achieving the goal of finding love. First, I carefully assessed his situation by analyzing his method of approaching women in a social setting; then I dissected the positives from the negatives. We worked on various approach methods and communication styles. After working with this client for three months, I'm excited to say he has met the girl of his dreams and is currently shopping for a wedding ring.

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